5 Best 1-6x LPVO Scope Reviews & Beginner’s Guide

The best 1-6x LPVO rifle scopes are popular among 3-gun competitors, hunters, sporting enthusiasts, and tactical operators. They choose it for its wide field of view, different reticle designs, and enough magnification ranges, which are highly functional for close to mid range shooting.

Most also opt for 1-6x scopes if they need a higher magnification for their intended application instead of traditional sighting devices. A tactical 1-6x scope isn’t only for tactical uses, though, but also for various hunting situations. It is also the go-to scope among users of AR 15 and other AR firearms.

The rising demand on these scopes has made the market dense for manufacturers making their version of a low power variable optic. However, the different options available have instead caused confusion for beginners looking to buy their first LPVO scope.

So in today’s guide, I am reviewing 1-6x rifle scopes to help you learn about their features and benefits as well as some drawbacks.

I’ve also featured info about what 1-6x scopes is good for and have answered common questions about 1-6x scopes. By the end of this article, I hope you’ll be able to find the most suitable rifle scope for your needs.

What Is A 1-6×24 LVPO Good For?

Before buying the best 1-6x LPVO, you might want to know what low power variable optics in the 1-6x range is good for.

At the very least, this scope with a limited aperture size and low magnification range is most suitable for close ranges. That’s why people in the tactical works use them.

Close range applications, which range from 0 to 200 yards, are the specialty of an LPVO for CQB. But then, such scope can also be used for mid range, competition, and hunting use.

Depending on the magnification or power of the LPVO you’ve chosen, it can also be used for 500 to 600 yards, as in the case of 1-6x, 1-4x, and 1-8x, while higher configurations up to 8x or 10x can possibly be used for long range applications.

While LPVOs can be available in various magnification ranges for close to long range shooting, your choice really depends on the application you intend to use the rifle scope for.

You must also consider comfort that relies on how comfortable you will be able to see and target using your 1-6x scope.

A low power variable optic is great for competitions and 3-gun uses, and it typically has an etched reticle that doesn’t need a battery to operate while also providing comfort for people with poor vision. And speaking of reticle, an LPVO scope has more reticle options for various distances.

The best 1-6x scopes are versatile, making them highly adaptable to different situations. For example, you can easily change from close quarter battle, medium range shooting, and to a long range shot easily while still getting a clear sight picture.

It is a compact and versatile package; thus, you don’t need to buy two scopes to cater to different needs like long range accuracy.

An LPVO is also efficient while easier to use because it is less complex than other scopes like a red dot sight. In addition, it is lighter and smaller than other scopes, while still giving a better reticle and more magnification.

Nevertheless, it is for people that want to use a more straightforward and sleek 1-6x scope for different applications.

There is no one scope that will have all the features in one unit, though, but it is nevertheless considered as a multipurpose rifle sighting device.

5 Best 1-6x LVPO Scopes: In-depth Reviews

1. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Rifle Scope

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Vortex Optics Strike Eagle has done yet another excellent job in this scope that has striking features while not breaking the bank.

Vortex Strike Eagle delivers maximum light transmission and razor sharp image quality, which is why it is one of the most popular LPVO for hunters and 3-gun competitors looking for an efficient scope.

First, this Strike Eagle 1-6×24 has a magnification between one and six power and a lightweight objective lens of 24mm. It is flexible and one of its biggest assets to make it to this list.

I noticed that the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle scope at its lowest setting works like holographic or red dot sights. It gives me that ability to aim accurately at my target in close ranges easily.

It also has an ideal design with this throw lever easily accessible on its bell, allowing me to adjust the power from minimum to maximum magnification without any hassle.

How about eye relief? The Strike Eagle 1-6×24mm can give you a generous eye relief that is average in low power variable optics.

The field of view of the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is just right for the size of this optic. I can’t say that it’s most stellar in that it works pretty much the same as other optics.

Its exterior tube is 30mm, which is common for LPVOs, versus the traditional one inch tube of other ordinary scopes. This sleek size gives me more options for mounting, including a cantilever mount or simply scope rings.

I’d like to note that the bell of the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle LPVO scope will not have much space for a backup sight. You must remember this when choosing the mounting type you want to use for it.

The best 1-6x rifle scope has capped turrets, keeping any debris and dust away from the important components of the scope.

For windage and elevation adjustments, you’ll get a maximum of 140 MOA from this variable magnification scope. I’d agree with other shooters in that for them this is enough to get them on target with their rifle.

Regarding the size and weight, this Strike Eagle is considerably lightweight and sleek, weighing only 1.2 lbs and measuring 10.5 inches long.

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x scope has a good weight to keep my rifle balanced and not become a burden for hours of being out there in the field or range. I felt that the variable magnification rifle scope is solid enough but without the bulk and heft of other scopes.

The Vortex Strike Eagle second focal plane scope is complete with accessories in every box, including a user manual, protective flip caps, lens cloth, and two pieces of batteries. It also comes with a literature explaining stuff like using BDC3 reticle that is designed for the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle.

This Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x LPVO scope is made from durable aircraft grade aluminum material that offers excellent strength. And for corrosion and wear resistance, you got the matte anodized finish covering that for you.

It also has a nitrogen purged tube that makes it an all weather rifle scope. The gas purging and o ring sealing can protect the working parts of the sighting device from the elements.

More so, it is rated at IPX7 standards, meaning it is waterproof for all types of weather. I also liked that it has the famous ArmorTek coating that makes it resistant from scratches, dirt, and oil.

This is a second focal plane scope that is more common in LPVOs. The reticle stays the same no matter the magnification setting.

Overall, I find this Strike Eagle 1-6× low powered variable optic is useful and functional in that it works perfectly fine for short to medium range applications, although there could be slight color discolorations at long ranges. Definitely, it deserves to be one o the best 1-6x scopes.


  • Customizable for intended use
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Budget-friendly scope
  • ArmorTek coating resists scratch, oil, and dirt


  • Slight color distortion in higher magnification at a longer distance

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2. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 SFP Gen III Rifle Scope

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Featuring the brand’s signature advanced combined sighting system (ACSS), the Primary Arms SLX 1 is jam-packed with useful features that a serious shooter would like to get from an LPVO scope.

First, this Primary Arms 1-6× Gen III rifle scope is in the second focal plane, meaning its reticle stays the same size regardless of the zooming used unlike a first focal plane reticle that changes in size as you zoom in and zoom out.

This Primary Arms SLX 1-6x Gen III scope is an improvement from the Gen II 1-6x24mm rifle scope in that this model is 18 mm shorter and weighs less by 1.88 ounces. In addition, this unit is designed with 10 MOA compared to the older SLX model.

Topping all the added improvements, this scope also features a chevron type of center aiming point instead of a dot.

The hunting and tactical scope also makes everything easy including range estimation, wind holds, bullet drop compensation, and moving target leads. I liked its ACSS reticle that is so fast and accurate, either at short to long ranges.

Primary Arms also did an excellent job for designing this with a second focal plane of this 1-6× scope. At low power, I liked that it helps with target acquisition, and then the maximum magnification for advanced functions of the reticle.

I find it extra useful that it aids in quick target acquisition from zero to 300 yards. And even if I use it out to 800 yards, I find it also precise. This scope is one of the most versatile of all that I have tested.

The scope reticle is partially illuminated by the included CR2032 battery. If you run out of power, you can easily find the spare battery just inside the windage turret cap.

Speaking of illumination, there are a total of 11 brightness settings to choose from and use depending on the illumination intensity you need.

Enhancing the light transmission is the quality glass that is fully multi coated, which also works well even in a low lighting situation. And as it improves the transmission of light, I can see my target clearly in this fog proof scope.

This matte black 1-6x scope is also durable in that its body is made of 6063 aluminum with hard anodized finishing.

Shooters can depend on it for long term use and best value for their money.

Of course, the least we want is a 1-6x scope that doesn’t withstand bumps, drops, and shocks. This is a shockproof rifle scope, too.

So if you want a solid and rugged rifle scope to deal with the harsh outdoor conditions, abuse, and pressure, you should get yourself a 1-6x scope that is made of only heavy-duty materials and fully multi coated lenses like the Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24.

Every purchase of this rifle scope comes with complete accessories, such as a lithium coin battery, cleaning cloth, flip up lens cover, and a user manual.

The ACSS reticle of this low power variable optics combines bullet drop compensation (BDC), range estimation, moving target leads, and wind holds, but without the bulk of common rifle scope on the market.

I am also glad that Primary Arms scopes like this one come with a lifetime warranty for things like normal wear and tear, workmanship and materials, and manufacturer defects.

However, I think that the illuminated reticle needs some improvement. I noticed that it tends to dim or fade in five or ten minutes. In this case, I needed to use a higher illumination setting during daytime. And especially when shooting a dark or black target, I recommend using the illumination.

Nevertheless, the Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 is one of the best picks for an LPVO in the 1-6x power range. It is highly dependable and easy to operate without breaking the bank. I recommend it for target shooting and 3-gun competition and shooting in close, mid, and long range applications.


  • Good reticle appearance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fully multi coated lenses
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile for different applications


  • Illumination needs some work

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3. Primary Arms 1-6×24 ACSS 300BLK/7.62×39 scope

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This Primary Arms 1-6×24 SFP scope belongs to the signature SLx optics line, which scopes are designed with value, reliability, and reputation that shooters and 3-gun competitors appreciate in their LPVOs.

I liked that each of the SLx scopes had undergone testing to ensure that it would work in every shooting environment.

The LPVO for CQB as well as medium range shooting is used by tactical operators, competitors, and different types of shooters for its ease of use and convenience.

For example, one can easily adjust the brightness settings of the design of its reticle via the knob located to the tube’s left side without any hassle.

There are more brightness settings to choose from and use depending on the situation. But just like the other illuminated reticle, this one is powered by the CR2032 battery included.

The best LPVO scopes are versatile enough for close quarter battles and mid to long range shots. This unit features the ACSS reticle that can give us more confidence in taking a shot because it removes any guesswork from the optics.

This design allows the Primary Arms scope to be more effective than a traditional red optic that can start showing limitations when used at more than 100 yards distance, even if it is dependable in close quarters for rapid target acquisition. This is especially true if the user has poor eyesight or astigmatism.

That’s why this rifle scope is preferred by a lot of shooters like me. Not only that it is a versatile reticle design but also we want a lightweight and small size of a red dot to use when we want to engage game or targets at a longer distance.

This LPVO scope can offer that benefit without switching to a higher powered and heavier scope. And as we also would like to keep their ability to shoot at CQBs, we can still rely on this sighting device especially in situations when making a decision would be harder, like if an angry game suddenly charges.

This Primary Arms scope with the Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle is a great innovation that combines both rapid target acquisition at close range and accuracy at medium range.

I find that the ACSS reticle can offer a lot in a compact package, delivering quick wind holds, ranging, and moving target leads for loads like 300 AAC supersonic and subsonic. It is well-designed for both .300 BLK and 7.62×39, too.

It also has an accurate bullet drop compensator at its highest magnification setting.

How about its ruggedness you may be asking? LPVO scopes are made of standard materials like aircraft grade aluminum.

This one is made of tough 6063 aircraft grade aluminum that is also lightweight. It will not cause imbalance in your rifle or make mounting challenging. Not to forget, this rifle scope is also weatherproof that it can function as it does in all types of weather, including a foggy or rainy day.

I also like to mention that this scope is covered by a lifetime warranty, something to give us peace of mind that there can be help when the low power variable optic malfunctions due to wear and tear or manufacturer defect.

The Primary Arms SLX 1-6x24mm is not a first focal plane reticle scope. It means that the second focal plane reticle stays in the same size regardless if you use the maximum or minimum magnification setting.

In addition, this scope comes with complete accessories, including a user manual, and CR2032 lithium coin battery.

However, the second focal plane reticle design may take some time to get used to for beginners. Overall, the Primary Arms LPVO scope is a reliable and efficient sighting device in a compact package. Whether for close quarter battles or mid range shots, it is highly dependable.


  • ACSS reticle

  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum material
  • Rugged to deal with all shooting conditions
  • Tough to last for years
  • Comes with complete accessories


  • Reticle may be confusing to use initially for beginners

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4. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 Second Focal Plane Scopes

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If you’re looking for a well matching LPVO for your rifle, you might want to consider this Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II-E scope.

It is a premium quality low power variable optic that sporting enthusiasts and shooters want for their rifle. This quality scope is designed for mounting on platforms, including AR 15 rifles.

I am impressed with the Razor second focal plane scopes because they are flexible for both close to medium range shooting. I feel like I am using a combination of a scope and a red dot in one unit that enables quick target acquisition and precision at longer ranges.

This enhanced model in the Razor HD line is lighter than other scopes belonging to the same series, allowing me to switch between targets quickly without experiencing any arm tiredness, especially for longer hours of use.

The Gen II-E rifle scope with 1-6x power range offers an excellent solution for a more versatile scope, while also delivering superior color contrast and accuracy, resolution, clarity, sharpness, and optimal light transmission.

This fog proof rifle scope, which delivers very minimal side distortion, is one of the best I have used and impressively it is a true 1x on its low end. I appreciate how Vortex has given much thought on this.

Adding to this superior feature is the forgiving eye box together with a generous eye relief for a clear sight picture. And when I need to use it for close quarters, I can highly depend on it for super fast target acquisition, and that’s thanks to the daylight bright illuminated reticle’s center dot.

Sufficient travel is also superior for its zero resettable turrets that have up to 50 MOA adjustments with just one turn.

When it comes to the design, Vortex Razor HD Gen II is lightweight and sleek while being solid like a tank. It has everything I need in a low power variable optics system because of its well planned and executed design, allowing it to perform as needed.

The fog proof and waterproof scope can deliver not just optimal performance but also offer durability.

It is made of a one-piece tube that can ensure its strength and ruggedness to work in any condition. The tube is also designed in a way that it can ensure alignment while also enhancing accuracy in performance.

Undoubtedly, it is the scope with 1-6x magnification range and 24mm objective lens diameter LPVO for its full packed features that also includes an APO system lens that can correct the image’s color throughout the visual spectrum.

The lenses also work perfectly when it comes to optimizing the brightness and sharpness of the image from edge to edge.

Another premium feature of the Vortex Razor HD rifle scope is its HD lens elements in its super low dispersion glass for unmatched color fidelity and resolution for quality images.

In addition, I liked that it has this XR plus anti-reflective coatings that can further enhance light transmission, resulting in unbeatable low light performance while delivering superb image clarity.

I’ve learned that Vortex Optics utilized plasma technology in the application of the coating, improving its overall performance and durability.

This model also has an illuminated reticle, allowing for accurate aiming even when it’s used in a low lighting situation. It also has an illuminated center dot daylight bright center dot for accurate aiming.

For its focal plane, it is a second focal plane reticle, meaning it stays the same size no matter the chosen magnification. The subtensions listed in the reticle are easy to use for holdover, estimating range, and correcting wind drift at its maximum magnification.

The Vortex Razor 1-6x scope also uses argon purging for preventing fogging regardless of the environmental temperature. Moreover, it offers a shockproof and tough construction for dealing with impact and recoil.

Its reticle is the JM-1 BDC style, which is easy to use, making it the go to set up for many people. It is also compatible with different barrel lengths and caliber. Finally, it is for zeroing at 200 yards.

But then, it is a high end and expensive scope that not a lot may be able to afford. Nevertheless, this Razor HD rifle scope is best in class, and there is no doubt that it’s used by more people looking for ease of use and compatibility with different calibers and barrel lengths.


  • Superior image clarity
  • Ultra forgiving eye box and long eye relief
  • Waterproof performance
  • Versatile scope up to 6x magnification range
  • Compatibility with different calibers


  • Expensive

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5. Kahles K 1-6×24 illuminated SI1 Reticle 10517

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First, I must say that this is an advanced and expensive scope, which is not an entry level scope or for people with a limited budget. But with all its features and superior function, it may be worth its price tag.

That’s why professional shooters and 3-gun enthusiasts and even military men use it for its efficiency that delivers as the situation calls for it.

The fog proof 1-6x scope with an objective lens diameter of 24mm objective lens diameter is made by one of the oldest manufacturers of scopes, Kahles, which started back in 1898. The Austria-based company is one of the first ones to manufacture variable power scopes, which contributed to innovation in the rifle scope industry.

For visual clarity, superb light transmission, and fast target acquisition, you should not miss the light Kahles K 1 rifle scope that also has reticle illumination like the others we’ve reviewed earlier. It works optimally even when used in low lighting conditions.

This is especially helpful for tactical guys who may be having their close quarter battles in the dark when they need a dependable reticle that gives them the function of a red dot sight for quick targeting while also improving their shot precision when used at a higher magnification in mid range applications.

The LPVO rifle scope is a part of the K series, with each scope known for its premium class. The scopes in it are loaded with advanced features not found in ordinary units.They are made with high quality optics and durable components unlike no other.

This scope is impressive for its durability in that it can be mounted on any caliber, even high recoiling ones.

It can deliver unbeatable optical performance for its excellent visual clarity and innovative reticle options aside from its ruggedness.

It is made of a solid one-piece 30mm tube and has 24mm objective lens diameter, which is just enough for light gathering abilities.

This rifle scope is also an excellent 1-6x scope for a lot of reasons. One of them is its astounding glass clarity edge to edge.

I liked that the image it produces is high resolution, allowing me to see through the scope easily even at 500 yards and more. The glass makes it easy for me to pick out the target because the image also has great color rendition and contrast.

I also noticed that the S1 reticle is very fast, allowing me to get on the target in seconds. In addition, I find it so easy to transition between targets from mid to long range.

Overall, this Kahles K rifle scope deserves to be a part of the list of the best 1-6×24 LPVO scopes because of its unmatched razor sharp image clarity. This is definitely something that we should be looking for in a sighting device.

While it is very expensive, it surely deserves to be a consideration for those serious shooters that want nothing but the very best.


  • Unmatched image clarity
  • Versatile LPVO for close to mid range
  • Excellent design for ease of operation
  • Reputable brand since 1898
  • Solid performance and durability


  • Expensive

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What is the range for 1-6×24 scope?

An LPVO rifle scope has a fast focus eyepiece that makes it useful for target acquisition from zero out to 600 yards. Either with first or second focal plane features, a low power variable optic is versatile to do almost anything, including long range shooting.

At 1x or close up shots, the best LPVO scopes can be as fast as red dot sights. And when used in maximum magnification at 6x, you can hit your target easily, too. It can also be used for plinking and competitions.

When hunting, the rifle scope can also be used for improved visibility at 1x close range shooting and a clear shot to 250 yards at 6x.

Is 6x scope too much for hunting?

No, the best 1-6x scopes are not too much for hunting. In fact, I find them sufficient for this purpose. But then, you can always go for a higher powered rifle scope if you also plan to do a lot of long range shooting.

Final Thoughts

A 1-6 scope for hunting can give you more magnification and a wider field of view but in a compact and sleek package. It is versatile enough for different uses, including tactical operations, 3-gun competitions, and hunting. One can also be used for close quarter battles, mid range shooting, and long range shooting.

But the key is to find the best 1-6x 24 LPVO that works according to your preferences, budget, and intended applications. LPVO scopes are very efficient, flexible, and useful, and I find them easy to mount and operate. As you’re comparing options, refer to the reviews above for help. This guide should be able to assist in helping you shop around for the right low power variable optics for you.

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