6 Best 1-8 LPVO Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

The best 1-8 LPVO rifle optics are fast, versatile, and reliable rifle scopes that allow shooters and hunters to engage close range to long range targets from 0-800 yards. They’re also excellent scope optics for applications like competition and tactical shooting.

That’s why a lot of people in the hunting and shooting community look for a 1-8x scope that can offer them these great scope features.

While such 1-8x scopes started with low power variable optics systems in the range of 1-4x, you can now find LPVOs in the 1-8x up to 1-10x rifle optics ranges. These scopes work perfectly for rifles like the AR-10s and the AR-15s.

Such excellent scopes can offer you reliability for close quarter and long range target applications. But then, going about the selection process for an LPVO scope can be tricky without knowing what to look for.

Here’s help. Today, I’m featuring the top 6 LPVOs on the market, each with specific qualities and features that make them a part of this list. I’m also highlighting the most crucial features to check when comparing your 1-8 scope.

What Makes a Good 1-8x LPVO?  

A 1-8x scope has a superior glass quality in all magnification range settings, offering consistency in performance. It will have a superb image quality that aids your shooting eyes whether for close, mid range shooting, or long range targeting and will be able to help target leads effectively.

A 1-8x scope is a superb solution in a compact and sleek package, offering the convenience of a red dot or holographic sight in a true 1x power, while also delivering reliable performance for hundreds of yards.

A 1-8x scope can manage easy and quick modifications of the settings so that it can be used for all lighting conditions, even in low light. Such adjustments make it flexible for day or night time use.

You don’t need to exert much effort if you wish to shift from close to longer ranges when using a 1-8x scope. And when it comes to target acquisition, you’ll also save time because you don’t have to make the evaluations of the bullet impact in every power change.

A good scope will also have weather resistance for a waterproof and fog proof performance. Having this feature can ensure that you’ll be able to use the rifle optics in any weather condition. It’s also shockproof to withstand the pressure, bumps, and shocks for applications like competitive shooting.

When it comes to the lens system of the optics, a good one will also have fully multi coated lenses that will help maintain glass clarity throughout the magnification ranges.

We can also note that the a good 1-8 LPVO will deliver optimal performance even when shooting in farther remote distances. It will help you with crisp adjustments smoothly so that you can aim and shoot at your target without any obstructions.

Thing to consider when buying a 1-8x LPVO Scope

There are so many choices for LPVO rifle optics, including those featuring multi coatings ability, different brightness settings, fog proof performance, low light functionality, and versatility for close range targets and long range shots. But what really matters when buying this rifle scope?

First focal plane (FFP) or second focal plane (SFP)     

A low power variable optic can either have a first or second focal plane reticle, and there has been much debate going on whether to use a first focal plane scope or a second focal plane scope for an LPVO.

If you’ll buy an FFP scope, this means that your scope has a first focal plane reticle that is located in front of the lenses. In this position and with this feature, it means that your scope’s reticle size will change in size as you zoom in or out.

Meanwhile, an SFP scope will have its reticle right behind the lenses, appearing the same size no matter the magnification you’ve selected.

At the very least, long range shooters will pick FFP scopes. Therefore, an LPVO scope that doesn’t have as high of magnification ranges found in higher powered scope don’t really need the first focal plane.

This means that a first focal plane reticle in the scope is not that necessary, although it can be helpful under the right conditions.

Tube construction and strength

When choosing a tactical scope in the 1-8x category, it’ll also be wise to check on the tube material.

A quality rifle optics is expected to deal with the harsh outdoor conditions and elements in remote areas, in the wild, at the range, and other places where varying factors, such as the weather, can affect its function, performance, and of course integrity.

This is why you have to look into a solid one-piece construction in its tube, which must be made from aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized finishing. These features in the components will have to do with the durability of the good scope that can deal with the heavy abuse and use.

For added protection, the rifle scope will also have o-ring sealing and gas purging, ensuring its long lasting performance and internal component protection from moisture and fogging. Of course, the least we’d want is a blurry image in the scope, so look for how the scope brand has made their optics durable to deal with the harsh conditions.


How much are you willing to spend on your scope? Prices of these scopes vary, and you can find affordable to higher end, expensive ones. I suggest that you avoid the bargain ones because more likely they don’t have clear glass and their components are cheap, too.

When comparing your choices for a 1-8x LPVO scope, look not only into the price but also the glass quality, scope brand, like a Leupold mark, and reticle designs. There are high quality scopes that will not break your bank and can offer you clear and crisp images. Check out my reviews of the best 1-8x LPVO for top choices based on price.

Lens coatings

Aside from checking the focal plane reticle design and minimum/maximum magnification, check the lens coating, which is essential in light transmission. We all want a clear scope that lets us see the brightest and clearest images.

Quality optics will have equally quality coatings, which can help in minimizing glare and optimizing light.

The more coatings there are, the better light transmission will be. When it comes to rifle scopes, there are four different classifications, and they are coated, multicoated, fully multicoated, and fully coated.

Take note that you’ll have to pay higher for superior quality lenses with quality coatings. But then, getting scopes with this feature will improve your shooting ability and precision in the field or at the range.

Windage and elevation adjustment

Both the windage and elevation turrets are needed to help you change the impact position of your bullet.

For instance, the windage adjustments will aid in shifting the point of impact of the bullet to the left or right in relation to the scope’s reticle.

The elevation adjustments are important in shifting the impact point, too, in the up or down position. Such adjustments are vital especially for strategic shooters who want to make longer range shots.

Reticle design

Aside from light transmission and different brightness settings, it pays off to check the reticle design and option. Sometimes, choice of reticle depends on personal preference and level of comfort that varies from one shooter to another.

Common options are mil dot or MOA reticle styles, which can perform similar functions; however, they are using different measurements. But again, it all boils down to personal preference.

Either for target shooting, competitions, hunting, or tactical operations, you’ll also find different reticle options that also include an illuminated reticle, like an illuminated BDC reticle, which can prove useful to extend shooting or hunting, especially in low lighting situations.

And if they can be available in the choices, you might as well opt for one that has illumination for different brightness intensities that work based on the level of brightness you need for the application or situation.

Magnification range

Aside from clarity in all edges, it is also important to check on the magnification ranges of the scope you’re eyeing on. For a 1-8x scope, this means that the power range is from one to eight power levels, one being the minimum and eight being the maximum.

The objective lens, on the other hand, for an LPVO with 8x settings typically will be 24mm or 28mm. I’d like to note that the larger the objective lens means that there will be better field of vision. However, this will also mean that the scope will be heftier or bulkier than one with a smaller objective lens.

Eye relief

In addition to the magnification lens coatings and reticle options, eye relief is also important, which offers a space or separation between the scope and your eye. This will help you prevent bruises from a scope hitting you after recoil. A good, long eye relief is one that can give your eyes a safe distance and at the same time give you comfort to see through your scope without straining in the process.


When stalking your prey for hours on end, it would be really inconvenient to carry with you a scope that is heavy and bulky. It might also cause imbalance to your firearm, which is one of the least we want to happen.

Choose a scope that is both sturdy and lightweight to keep up and not cause any burden when hunting or shooting either short or long ranges. It is also why a lot of LPVOs are made of aluminum, which is a lightweight but durable material. You must also consider the size of the objective lens. As said, the larger objective lens will add more to the weight of the scope.

Ease of operation

A good scope will not only offer you with quality lenses and clarity of images but also operation ease. Especially if you’re a beginner, it will help to find an optics system that you can operate without any struggle.

It is one that allows you to make adjustments quickly. One thing to do with this is the positioning of the scope adjustments. They must be accessible enough for quick modifications.

Scope brand

Another thing to consider when buying a 1-8x scope is the brand. You might want to compare the LPVOs considering the reputation of the brand. Read reviews and ask scope users.

6 Best 1-8 LPVO: In-depth reviews

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Rifle Scopes

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If you’re looking for a good scope for your rifle, then there is no doubt that the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane rifle scope must be one excellent choice for its superb features.

The scope with the BDC3 style allows shooters and hunters to get on their target faster because it can significantly improve precision. The reticle doesn’t only help you aim and target in a cinch but also permits immediate usage for its holdovers, allowing for targeting out to 650 yards and beyond for different targets.

The Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm Second Focal Plane riflescope, which is also known for its dependability, function, and speed, is a variable magnification scope that offers beginner to seasoned shooters the ability to engage with their targets from zero to 600 yards. Shooters can simply use the reticle’s ranging feature to range a specific target.

I also noticed that this one has an illuminated reticle, which aids the shooting eye especially in low lighting conditions. Thus, one can extend their hunting or shooting activity with this low power variable optic system.

So with that, I can rely on its performance no matter the time of the day, especially when I need to be in the field or range for hours. I don’t have to worry that the scope will not perform in low light. Thanks to its brightness settings, I can quickly adjust the illumination. I’d also like to commend the side illumination control, which is easy to access and operate. The illumination intensities are available in 11 different brightness settings.

In addition, I’ve observed that the Vortex Strike Eagle Scope is designed with a fast focus eyepiece. This kind of design allows me to focus the reticle on my target faster without any hassle.

To reduce glare, the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle optics 1-8x is made with anti-reflective coatings on the surfaces of the scope.

I can say that it does its job well when it comes to increasing light transmission. Because of this, I can see well even when the sun is shining too bright. This Vortex Strike Eagle is perfect for low light performance and excellent visual clarity.

Without coming off the Vortex Strike Eagle rifle scope, I can quickly see the different magnification indicators without any problems. This scope also has an updated magnification ring that already comes with a thread-in throw lever.

You might be asking about its performance on rainy, foggy, or snowy days. I’d tried this scope during a rainy day when I was hunting, and impressively, it kept up with the rain and stayed fog proof and waterproof. Thus, I can still see clearly through the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x scope, and that’s because of its o-ring sealing and nitrogen purging.

Moreover, the 1-8x scope is rugged and tough to withstand recoil, impacts, bumps, drops, and shocks. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum in its 30mm tube. This means that you can rely on the rifle scope for long lasting performance. It also translates to more savings because you don’t need to replace your rifle scope sooner.

One thing, I wish the glass could be improved to keep it clear throughout the magnification ranges. Overall, this 1-8x rifle scope will not disappoint when it comes to performance and consistency. The all-weather scope aids in quick target acquisition and helps users of all levels improve shooting accuracy.


  • Quality glass
  • BDC3 style reticle
  •  Low light performance
  • All weather reliable scope
  • Clear and crisp images


  • Clarity is a bit grainy at higher power

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2. Bushnell 1-8x24mm AR Optics riflescope

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Bushnell 1-8x24mm LPVO scope, which has a cantilever mount style, offers shooters with ammo specific hold points for long range shooting applications and fast target acquisition, which are both qualities we’re looking for in low power variable optics.

I liked the versatility of this sporting scope in that I can switch or change the settings for close, mid, and long range all in a sleek and compact package. From the minimum 1x to the maximum 8x, there is no hassle at all to choose what I need for the application. It is quick to get on target while also allowing me to use it for farther distances.

The versatile 1-8x LPVO with cantilever mount style also offers bright, clear, and crisp images for its quality glass and fully multi coated optics. This means that we can see our target clearly when using this scope in any weather and lighting condition.

This high quality scope also has multi coatings ability that greatly improves light transmission for a clear sight picture. I noticed the superb image brightness with edge to edge clarity. This helps a lot especially when shooting in places with low light.

And out there, we can never really tell what to expect when doing tactical work. It helps to have a high quality scope that doesn’t fail to perform no matter the condition.

In addition, the scope has a BTR1 reticle, which easily shows the holdover marks that are well tuned and calibrated to the .223/5.56 cartridge with 55-62-grain bullets. This scope also offers 100-degree maximum view field, which can aid perfectly especially when used in target shooting.

And there needs to zoom in and use the scope for longer range shots, you can always modify the windage and elevation adjustments in order to compensate for cross winds and bullet drop.

This scope also comes with complete accessories upon purchase. It includes a short throw lever, scope covers, long throw lever, multi tool, Quick Start Guide, and lens cloth.

Aside from the remarkable and excellent glass quality and shooting accuracy, the Bushnell scope is made of a durable aluminum body of 30mm tube diameter. It can withstand and deal with shocks and harsh conditions and can keep up with bumps and drops without being damaged. It also has capped turrets that can protect the scope further especially for heavy abuse and use.

For waterproof and fog proof performance, this model is also o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, translating to its adaptability for use in any weather. This means that it can consistently do its job even on a snowy, rainy, or foggy day. I also liked that it is IPX7 waterproof rated, further enhancing its ability to deal with water submersion. But of course, we wouldn’t want it to happen.

However, there were isolated issues about loosening screws when shooting. Overall, it is one of the best 1-8x LPVO scopes for clarity and superior quality images with edge to edge clarity. It is the heavy-duty scope for the serious hunter or shooter. Check it out if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable scope.


  • BTR-1 reticle for quick target acquisition
  • 2 throw down power change levers
  • Complete accessories
  • Illumination ready for low light
  • IPX7 waterproof rating


  • Issues about the screws loosening

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3. Swampfox Tomahawk LPVO 1-8×24 Guerilla Cross MOA Riflescope

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I am unfamiliar with Swampfox, but its Tomahawk LPVO with Guerilla Cross MOA assuredly captured my fascination like a wide-eyed kid gifted with the latest toy or gadget. And I am confident other hunters and tactical shooters will find it mesmerizing, too.

This riflescope should sit nicely on my AR and give it a menacing look, enough to scare would-be attackers from a distance. Although it only has a maximum 8x magnification, this scope features an ingenious long range shooting precision crank system that extends shots beyond the range of similar riflescopes. I could place a shot next to a target to spook them or land the bullet in the bull’s eye.

I am impressed with this riflescope’s zero “fisheye” edge to edge clarity, especially at true 1x magnification. Even when zooming, distortions are barely noticeable, if any at all. This attribute is significant for me because I want to retain as much view of the target area as when tracking a target up close or several hundred yards away.

The sight picture is flat, allowing me to scan the area like looking through crystal clear glass. Unsurprisingly, this scope’s glass clarity is as superb as leading LVPO riflescopes. Illumination is spot-on, a big deal for me because I love hunting at dusk.

This scope’s best-selling asset is its Guerilla Cross MOA reticle. It’s an innovative sighting system that guarantees quick target acquisition. The large red-colored center crosshair helps in ensuring pinpoint accuracy. Its vertical and horizontal hash marks also guarantee effortless elevation and windage adjustments. Interestingly, this scope should be a perfect fit for a crossbow, allowing archers to land precision shots after accurate shots across the field.

Some folks might find the red crosshairs awash in light. That’s not an issue for me because this scope has an etched reticle. Compensating for wind deflection and gravitational effects is also a cinch. The turrets emit a music-to-my-ears-type sound, boosting my confidence in making a kill shot or landing the winning round.

The throw lever is surprisingly crisp, allowing me to adjust the magnification with absolute confidence.

The Hostile Engagement Rings’ build quality is as impeccable as this scope’s sighting system. Its corrosion and scratch resistance is surprisingly robust, thanks to a hard-coat oxidized system. I could mount this on any rifle because its centerline is high enough to accommodate most riflescope rail systems.

Although I am deeply impressed with this scope’s advanced combat sighting system (ACSS reticle) I am worried that beginner hunters will find it too complicated. I recommend giving it a try. You might only need a few practice sessions with this scope before you can ace its reticle system.

This riflescope with ACSS reticle is perfect for tactical shooters, hunters, and participants in 3-gun competitions. With its reliable targeting system, I don’t doubt this scope’s versatility. Add its aggressive looks, and you have a high-performance riflescope worth every penny.


  • Excellent optics
  • Reliable magnification
  • Speedy target acquisition
  • Impressive build quality
  • Snappy adjustment knobs


  • Reticle system can be confusing for beginners

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4. Athlon Optics Argos 1-8×24 Riflescope

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This riflescope is undoubtedly one of the best 1-8 LPVO scopes, like a good Primary Arms scope, on the market, delivering rapid targeting and ensuring precision shots at close range and medium distances.

I have several things to say about this 1-8x scope. First, the scope’s construction is solid. Build quality is one of the first things I assess in any riflescope, and this product can melt any worries about a mediocre assembly.

Its single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum 1-8x scope tube construction lends this riflescope impeccable all-terrain performance. I could go hunting in the arid African plains or the forever-drenched forests of the Amazon or Borneo, and this scope will never fail. It has an argon-purged cylinder that  aids its multi coated lens in keeping moisture at bay.

Drop this riflescope from a significant height, and it will not shatter into smithereens. Its go-anywhere design is something seasoned hunters will appreciate.

Second, solid build quality means nothing if the scope doesn’t have an equally exceptional quality of the images. Several elements work to give this riflescope crisp and clear views.

At the forefront of this scope’s unimaginable optical clarity is the Advanced Fully Multi-coated (AFMC) lens technology. This system allows more light to enter the tube and illuminate its reticle while reducing reflected light. I have used scopes with multiple lens coatings before, but few can outclass this scope’s light transmissibility.

The lens also has an XPL coating, ensuring shooters and hunters will not leave fingerprints, oil smudges, scratches, and dirt on the optics. As mentioned, I could go hunting anywhere and never worry about objects blocking my view.

Third, this scope’s excellent glass quality allows its unique ATSR5 reticle targeting system to stand out. It’s an innovative technology that combines the unquestionable performance of a classic BDC reticle with industry-leading crosshairs and targeting marks.

In the center is a 1.4 MOA dot. Arching over the center dot is a 19 MOA horseshoe that provides rapid target acquisition. I only need to place the target within the arc, squeeze the trigger, and I can bag the prize.

There are bullet drop compensation marks below the lower vertical crosshair, allowing me to adjust my aim to where I want the bullet to land.

Although this scope’s center dot and horseshoe guarantees rapid targeting, the hash marks for elevation and windage can be challenging for first-time hunters and shooters. I consider the learning curve of the Tomahawk riflescope as more forgiving than this system.

Still, novice hunters should give this riflescope a chance because its targeting accuracy is superb once you master the ATSR5 technology. This 1-8x scope never falters from sun up to sun down. It’s an all-weather, all-terrain shooter’s partner for bagging the prized catch or bringing home the trophy. That is if you don’t mind learning its reticle.


  • Impressive dawn-to-dusk optical brightness
  • Advanced reticle targeting system for short-range shooting and hunting
  • Zero fogging and go-anywhere design
  • Cutting-edge XPL and AFMC coating on lenses
  • Robust one-piece scope tube

Cons: Targeting system requires a bit of a learning curve

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5. Prazen Optics ABO Alpha Series LPVO 1-8×24 SFP Riflescope

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Here’s another low power variable optic worth considering, especially if you’re like me, who loves hunting with the sun low in the sky. I rarely see Prazen Optics scopes at our local gun store.

To see this on e-commerce platforms makes me wonder if shop owners also prefer leading brands. I must admit that this is my first time reviewing such an optic from a company with small-town roots but with big ambitions in the already-congested and competitive riflescope market.

This riflescope’s craftsmanship epitomizes the brand’s single-minded goal of producing best-in-class optics for shooters at every skill level.  That’s comforting to learn because I don’t want to put anything on my rifle that cannot stand up to abuse.

I am impressed with this second focal plane scope’s simple yet thoughtfully-crafted design. Its optical quality is nearly similar to high-end units, giving me an excellent view of the target and its immediate surroundings. I don’t notice any chromatic aberrations or image distortions, making me believe the engineers did a fine job putting together this riflescope’s glass quality.

Compensating for wind and gravity effects is surprisingly easy. The turrets provide ample feedback, even with eyes on the target. I could hear the sharp click with each turn, allowing me to position my aim where I wanted the round to drop. The scope holds its zero exceptionally well and returns to the zero with ease.

Light transmissability is also spot-on. It has 11 brightness settings to assist hunters and shooters in spotting, tracking, and aiming at targets across varying light conditions. Surprisingly, the crosshairs don’t get washed out with intense daylight.

I must also commend the designers for its user-friendly firedot illuminated reticle. It might not be as complicated as the Guerilla Cross MOA and ATSR5 systems, but that’s just it. First-time shooters can unpack this scope, mount it in their rifles, and start targeting right away.

I don’t see this very often, but this riflescope banners its IPX7 rating like a hard-earned badge. It’s a big deal for seasoned hunters because they would want their scopes not to fog up when hunting in humid environments.

Dropping this 1-8x scope is not a problem unless you purposely smash it with Thor’s Mjolnir. Its 30-day money-back is welcome news, while its lifetime warranty makes this riflescope at par with leading brands.

My only comment about this riflescope is its less-than-forgiving three-inch eye relief. Although some folks might consider it adequate, I still prefer somewhere in the vicinity of four inches.

Again, it’s a personal preference and should not dissuade you from getting this scope. The Alpha Series optics are some of the best 1-8x scopes, capable of going head-to-head with the industry’s bullish brands. Its light transmissibility, crisp turrets, rugged build, and rapid targeting make this riflescope a hunter’s favorite.


  • High-end scope-like optical quality
  • 11 brightness settings for uncompromising low-light shooting
  • Responsive adjustment knobs with excellent zero holding and retention
  • Robust build with IPX8 rating
  • Lifetime guarantee with 30-day money-back provision


  • Eye box could be more forgiving

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6. Accufire Prospectis ATRO-8 1-8x FFP LPVO Riflescope

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This unassuming first focal plane riflescope has a gem hidden inside its robustly crafted tube body. It’s not really hidden because you’ll see the difference from other riflescopes when you peer through the glass.

The scope’s 8x maximum optical power extends a rifle’s range accuracy to 700 yards, making it perfect for mid range shooting. Taking down hostage-takers and other criminals in dense urban environments should be a breeze with this scope’s true 1x to 8x magnification. Body shots and immobilizing rounds are easy to land.

The turret settings are crisp, and so is the magnification ring. You can hear the click every time you twist the knobs to account for drops and crosswinds. The numberings on the turrets are heaven-sent for newbies, allowing them to dial in their adjustments without wondering if the corrections are spot-on. I don’t mind that the elevation and windage knobs don’t have caps.

The objective lens looks tough, with several layers of proprietary lens coating technologies. Glare is never an issue, and neither is light transmissibility. I can hunt at daybreak and never worry about the reticle not being visible through the glass. And when the sun is above my head, the light the scope allows in the tube is just right to help me land an accurate shot.

ATRO-8’s reticle is something else. The red bull’s eye fixes the focal point for accurate target shooting. It has an illuminated red circle enveloping the red dot, allowing precision shot placements from a distance.

The lower horizontal crosshairs can help you bag the prize if you’re into precision shooting. But if you’re into CQB, the circle-on-circle reticle design is priceless. It’s like having the holographic targeting system in your sights, ensuring fast target acquisition and enemy neutralization.

Surprisingly, this scope’s eye box is more generous than other riflescopes with this magnification range. It’s the perfect parameter for switching between close-range and distant targets without taking the eyes off the lens.

At 1.2 pounds, I will not have issues bringing this anywhere. After all, a BMG is already hefty enough, and the last thing I need is a device that puts more weight on my rifle than I need.

Like the Tomahawk’s Guerrilla Cross and Argos BTR GEN2’s ATSR5 system, newbies might need some time to get acquainted with this scope’s reticle system. Don’t get me wrong. This targeting system guarantees shooting accuracy, but only if beginners can master the adjustment graduations in the glass.

Get it right, and this scope could be the last sighting and targeting device you’ll ever mount on your .50 cal or high-recoil rifle.

Designed for the pros and undoubtedly one of the best 1-8x scopes, the Prospectis ATRO-8 builds on the high-performance  characteristics of the equally-revered ATRO-6. It’s a sighting and targeting device that never compromises its ballistic performance, image quality, and go-anywhere attitude.


  • Ultra-fast targeting system
  • Crystal-clear optics with exceptional image clarity
  • Crisp and responsive mag ring and turrets
  • Generous eye box
  • Lightweight yet robust, go-anywhere build


  • Takes time to familiarize with the reticle system

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What range is a 1-8 scope good for?

While a 1-8 scope can help in distances out to 800 yards and more, it’s most effective would be between 300 and 500 yards, which is good for short to mid range shooting and hunting, as they’re the ideal range for many people to shoot and hunt.

Is FFP or SFP better for LPVO?

I recommend an SFP for the best 1-8x scopes because it works for different shooting situations, although FFP is a good one for longer ranges. A first focal plane will work if you plan on using your scope mostly for longer ranges and multiple distances, something ideal for the military and competition shooters.

Final Thoughts

The best 1-8x scopes can give you the best of both worlds for short and long range shots. It has just sufficient magnification power at true 1x at the lowest setting and eight times the magnification range at the highest.

One is versatile enough for different applications, like competitive shooting, tactical operations, target practice, and hunting. It is made of durable, tough components to deal with all types of weather and shooting environments and can work in low lighting situations. It has a good objective lens diameter and is o-ring sealed and gas purged and made of fully multi coated lenses.

Nevertheless, it is a high quality 1-8x LPVO for your shooting needs. To find the right one for you, refer to the reviews and buying guide above. Good luck!

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