Best Ankle Holster for Sig P365: Top 5 Picks and Guide 2023

One of the most popular platforms on the market and manufactured by SIG Sauer, the SIG Sauer P365 is a popular everyday carry pistol, which is a striker-fired and subcompact semi-auto pistol. It is an all-around and reliable concealed carry firearm that features excellent shootability, function, and ergonomics and that has superior modularity and capacity.

If you own this gun, using a good ankle holster will be essential to keep it secured and safe all the time. An ankle glove or ankle holster allows you to carry your Sig or any backup handgun on your lower leg.

The best ankle holster for Sig P365 hides your gun out of sight and makes it impossible for anyone to know you’re even carrying one. They’re also small and compact enough for all-day wear comfort.

However, we do recognize the availability of the many holsters for a compact handgun like the Sig P365., and choosing one can be time-consuming and challenging. So in today’s guide, we’re focusing on the top picks for the best ankle holsters to compare and discuss the features to look for.

Overview of the Sig P365 and its popularity

A semi-auto handgun for everyday carry, the SIG Sauer P365 is one of the most in-demand and popular platforms in the gun world today.

The pistol was chambered primarily in the 9 x 19mm Parabellum, is rated for high-pressure ammo, and is using offset double-stack magazines.

It’s a striker-fired and short recoiling gun that has a stainless steel slide, a stainless steel frame plus a polymer grip handle and is easy to manipulate for its slide that has serrations on both its front and back.

This handgun also has a polymer grip that can accept a double-stack magazine – in configurations 10-round, 12-round, and 15-round and is offered with sights, which are green tritium 3-dot steel night sights.

Much of its popularity can be credited to its features like offering a 10+1 or 12+1 capacity in a very small package. The platform is also shootable and highly reliable for most shooters who need a backup gun or one for personal defense.

Is P365 for me? If you’re looking for a highly concealable gun and you often wear fitting clothing, yes, this gun may be for you!

It’s about the same size as other popular pistols like the Glock 26 and 43 or Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and can hold many rounds.

And if you need a small and compact gun, then it’s perhaps one of the best choices out there for you.


It’s a compact everyday carry pistol, which is packed with 10+1 capacity, has a total length of only below six inches, and weighs below 18 ounces.

It first became popular in 2018 and since then a lot of gun owners have chosen it for daily carry. It is still popular today in that it accepts an abundance of aftermarket accessories as well.

Later, Sig offered the 12-round extended magazine to accommodate more shooters with larger hands so that they can shoot more comfortably and take advantage of the weapon’s ability to fire more rounds.

P365 SAS

The SIG Anti-Snag (SAS) is another variation of the P365, only it has an anti-snag design.  It’s a great concealed carry weapon that is more compact but it has the same size as the old P365. This pistol is known to avoid snags because of its flush design, and it allows you to put it inside your vest pocket or pants comfortably.


This gun features a 3.1-inch barrel and has a 12-round magazine, offering a different and better performance to everyday carry pistols. Still, it has a clean and crisp trigger pull like that of the P365X and has an X Series flat trigger.


This pistol is available in 15+1 or 12+1 capacity in a very concealable package. While small, it still retains excellent shootability and comfort and comes with an extended slide.

This model also keeps the Sig Sauer P365’s clean and crisp trigger pull, but it has an X signature flat trigger.

Shooters can also mix and match both the slides and frames from the original and XL P365 to come up with their preferred setup with ease.

Key features to consider in an ankle holster

A comfortable ankle holster, as its name says, is a holster that you wear on your ankle and is the most popular among gun owners whose circumstances require a backup gun or a secondary gun, which can be helpful when their primary weapon renders useless or is inaccessible.

An ankle carry holster lets you conceal carry your gun in your ankle when the other options are not suitable. For example, if you’re attending a business meeting or conference that requires a dress code, you can carry and conceal your gun with an ankle carry holster effecitively.

A hard ankle rig, for instance, also allows you to carry your gun anywhere with you even if you do a lot of sitting.

A good ankle holster can also be your solution if you need to carry and conceal a spare magazine, if the product you’re buying has it. But before buying a gun holster for the Sig Sauer, consider the following factors.

Quality of the material

I recommend opting for moisture-wicking and breathable material to offer all-day comfort. You might also want to pick one that has elastic straps and padding.

Leather is comfortable and durable to last you a lifetime with proper care.  It’s also non-irritating to the skin since it’s a natural material and looks classic.

There are leather gun holsters available in different colors, too, but some gun owners prefer suede leather or one with a smooth leather finish.

Kydex is scratch resistant and stable, can last a lifetime, and is easy to maintain and clean.

Nylon is a highly durable material and is commonly very cheap, too.  However, nylon isn’t the most comfortable option for a holster material.

Cloth is the least popular material of all, but you will find some holster manufacturers using it in their holsters. Many of these holstering devices are designed with an interior frame to give them a pocket-like shape.


Just like buying an IWB holster or OWB holster, you should compare the prices of the ankle holsters available.

However, don’t settle for the cheapest ones, or you might end up with a low-quality holster that has poor features like bad firearm retention or thumb break, for instance.

Instead, look for a high-quality option, like leather, if you have the budget for it.

Comfort features

Before buying ankle holsters, IWB or OWB holsters, or other types of holsters, think about comfort.

If you’re working on duty and you’ll be wearing the holstering device for hours, pick one that can fit comfortably around your ankle to ensure the right fit and comfort at the same time.

And if you’re living in places where the weather can be really hot, you must check for breathable material, such as polyester nylon fabric for a better wearing experience.

You should also be checking for low-profile stitching to increase not just comfort but also concealment. If possible, look for ankle holsters that have good padding in them to help reduce the feel of the weapon’s sharp edges as well as offer breathability and cushioning for added comfort.

Sheepskin padding is excellent for that because it doesn’t only improve breathability, but it can also resist bacteria and absorb sweat.


Not all firearms will fit most ankle holsters. When it comes to these types of holstering devices, small is important.

Small revolvers, sub-compact pistols, or micro guns are what you should fit into this holster because they have a small size. Otherwise, larger guns are hard to conceal because they tend to print and be bulky.  Also, it will be uncomfortable to ankle wear a larger gun for hours.

Concealment features

When looking for a backup gun holster like an ankle holster, it is important to check for concealment features like having a thin and low profile so that you can fit it well under the pant’s leg.

Avoid bulky holsters that can make printing an issue. Aside from that, bulky holsters are not comfortable to wear for a long time. Also, they can make it easy for people to detect you’re carrying a secondary firearm.


This feature in the holster pertains to the amount of forward tilting of the holster from a vertical position that your P365 sits in. You will find different cant levels of holsters, with some having up to at least 30 degrees of cant.

The cant that the holster provides will have a direct impact on the kind of firearms that it can conceal and the speed you can draw from it.

Fitment and custom molding

You might want to avoid a universal type of holster. Opt for a specifically molded holster for your P365 for a custom fit to ensure that the holster will have a nice grip on your pistol.

This is not the case with a cheap and universal holster, which might not be able to provide a tight and secure grip on your weapon.

Materials like polymer and leather are excellent for custom molding. But if you’re looking for a comfortable ankle holster, you might as well go for leather holsters for that.

Firearm retention

When selecting any kind of holster, check for its retention system.  There is the passive retention that is already in the holster’s construction material as well as design. These two factors play an important role in the holster’s ability to hold the gun in place.

The other is active retention, which means that a retention device should be engaged for the retention system to work.

However, some holsters have multiple retention systems, which can offer more security and better retention for your firearm than others. You’ll also find many ankle holsters to have a thumb break on the strap. Both offer accessibility and security.

Calf strap

Choose an ankle rig that comes with it or one that you can use with it especially if you’re wearing your holster for a long time.

It’s an excellent addition to an ankle glove because it offers more stability and comfort for wearing your ankle holster.  Having it will also allow for a better draw stroke and give you peace of mind that your holster will stay in place the entire day.

Having your ankle holster set up with this strap can also help you develop a predictable draw stroke than without it.

5 Best Ankle Holster for Sig P365: in-depth reviews

1. DeSantis DIE Hard Ankle RIG

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This DeSantis ankle rig is a right-hand orientation holster that is made of quality leather and with a strap closure type.  It offers many features that can improve comfort and user experience and keeps a firearm well secure in place.

For comfort, it is made of soft leather material and has a leather lining, which protects the finish of your P365 and improves draw speed.

It has a padded leg band, which further improves comfort even when wearing the ankle rig for many hours and has sheepskin lining in it. Such features are something to look for in the most comfortable holster.

The outside of the best ankle holster from DeSantis is finished with a durable PU coating.

Another element in the great design is a thumb break, which has been positioned in the neoprene leg band.

I find the ankle rig comfortable because it doesn’t irritate the skin, and I could also wear low-cut socks without a problem. I believe that sheepskin works well in giving a pleasant user experience.

This DeSantis holster’s material combination improves its performance and longevity.

It is also compatible with other P365 pistols, like the Sig P365 SAS and Sig P365 with a manual safety.

You can also choose to wear this with a calf strap and extender, but they are optional. In my case, I don’t need to wear one because the holster can stay in place even with my frequent movement.

You can wear your dress shoes and sweat socks and the holster will stay over the top of your socks. But wearing a calf strap is your preference. If you find this holster sliding down a little, you could use one with it.

Overall, this ankle carry holster is one of the most classic-looking and comfortable holsters in the category. However, its leather strap is a little stiff and can cause rubbing on the skin and cause a little discomfort.

But even though it’s not as affordable as other options, it can deliver the performance of a comfortable holstering device for the shooter that wants to invest in a quality holster.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Custom molding for the P365
  • Made of quality leather material
  • Durable PU coating for the outside finishing
  • Comfortable to wear even for hours


  • A stiff leather strap rubbing the skin may cause a bit of discomfort

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2. Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster

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Alien Gear holsters are popular in the gun world among shooters and personal preservationists because they can conceal the P365 well while offering user comfort and preventing the gun from slipping or falling.

This Alien Gear Shapeshift ankle holster is a feature-packed model, and one of the things I liked about it is its custom molding for my gun, ensuring it can keep the P365 secure well in place. In addition, this holstering device is compatible with Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9/40 3”.

Compared to other ankle holsters, these Alien Gear holsters allow for changing how you’ll carry by just integrating it with any of the holsters from the ShapeShift line of the brand, allowing you to shift from open to concealed carry and even to shoulder carry.

These Alien Gear holsters that are made with top quality materials can also offer retention without requiring any special tools. Adjusting its retention is easy and keeping it the same is possible even when you try to swap shells through its ShapeShift system.

All the features of this ankle carry holster make it one of the top picks in the category, and in addition to those is the perfect concealability for its slim profile that reduces footprint.

For added comfort and flexibility, the Alien Gear Shapeshift holster is made with a soft neoprene band, which also functions well to reduce excessive sweating.

Neoprene is a sweat-absorbing and breathable material that also helps in eliminating any chances for irritation, especially among users that wear this holster for many hours.

For ankle sizes, the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster can fit users with up to six inches of ankle height.

The base of the Alien Gear Shapeshift holster is made more durable with reinforced layers of ballistic nylon and spring steel, ensuring it would be firm to keep your firearm secure. This flexible spine in the holster also allows for quick draw and easy re-holstering.

Overall, the left-handed and made-in-the-USA ankle holster, which is made of high-quality materials, is a holster to consider for people looking for more flexibility and adjustments. It’s for those looking for a reliable Alien Gear holster for training or at the range.


  • Fully adjustable retention system
  • Fits ankle sizes up to six inches in height
  • Made with sweat-wicking neoprene strap material
  • High-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Easy maintenance


  • Can be bulky to wear inside the boots

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3. AIKATE Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

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This AIKATE ankle holster is versatile and functional in that it comes with an extra magazine pocket for guns like Sig Sauer, P365, P320, and P938, as well as Glocks 19 and 23, Bodyguard 380, and more.

The holster is also compatible with other small guns that have an overall length of fewer than 6.5 inches.

Its magazine pouch can also be used for carrying a taser, pepper spray, or knife.

Unlike other ankle holsters, this one will not be causing discomfort because it is made of soft backing of quality neoprene, which is designed with holes. This is remarkable in terms of reducing excessive sweating, and also thanks to the breathability that neoprene can offer.

Duty officers and those on their feet the whole day can rely on it for all-day comfort.

In addition, the concealed carry holster is made for a right or left-hand draw, so it won’t be a problem whether your dominant hand is your left or right.

Moreover, I liked that this ankle holster is easy to wear and can offer nice concealment.  No one will ever detect that you’re carrying a gun with you, keeping you and the people around you safe.

When it comes to ankle sizes, this holster with a loop design is fully adjustable for users with an ankle circumference from eight to 14 inches, while also offering up to 17.5 inches max adjustment for calf circumference. However, be sure to measure your ankle size before buying. It will not fit users with an ankle circumference size of fewer than eight inches.

AIKATE also offers a no-risk purchase with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Users who are not satisfied with it can request a replacement or refund. Every purchase of this product also comes with a dust bag.

How about staying in place? This concealed carry holster has a no-slip design for its adjustable upper and lower straps. There is no worry about it falling and slipping when you’re moving.

Plus, this model is double-layered, offering ankle protection against any pressure points. There will be no digging in your skin or rub burns.

Overall, the AIKATE Concealed Ankle Holster is one of the best ankle holsters for its performance and comfort. This ambidextrous holster is well-designed to stay in place and to last long with its quality materials. It will not disappoint you.


  • Adjustable upper and lower straps keep it in place
  • Double-layered holster to protect from pressure points
  • Suitable for left- or right-hand users
  • Fits ankle sizes up to 14 inches
  • Compatible with many types of small guns


  • Not for shooters with ankle circumference below eight inches

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4. Bear Armz Tactical Ankle Holster

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This Bear Armz Tactical holster is ambidextrous, so it can be used by left or right-handed users. It has a Velcro retention closure type and is made with neoprene material.

It’s made to be compatible with different small handguns, such as Glock 30, 27, 42, and 43, Ruger LCP, Bodyguard .380, and other Sig models like the P238.

I also liked the versatility of this concealed carry holster that can fit a lot of guns from subcompact up to full-size gun frames. It can also perfectly conceal revolvers and semi-autos. But to avoid printing, you should use a smaller gun.

The deep concealment holster is so easy to conceal anytime that you can wear it under clothing or your pants comfortably without any issues.

Speaking of concealment, you can rely on its slim profile, which can effectively reduce printing. This can give you more confidence in wearing your gun all day without anyone knowing.

When it comes to comfort, this ankle holster is made of breathable and soft neoprene material, allowing shooters to wear and carry it all day without feeling uncomfortable and worrying about sweating. It’s also a good thing that neoprene is breathable, so it can wick moisture away and help prevent skin irritation.

The heavy-duty Bear Armz Tactical concealed carry holster is also made of high-quality materials, giving you peace of mind that you don’t need to replace it soon.

Depending on your user level, different retention options are available in this ankle holster.

Overall, the concealed carry one-size fits all holster made of high-quality materials is one of the best in its class. You also have different options on retention and closure type. This one is also perfect for those looking for an ankle holster that has an extra magazine pouch.


  • Universal, one-size fits all holsters
  • Heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Soft backing material and slim profile
  • Breathable and comfortable holster
  • Different options for retention depending on your level


  • Could be better with thicker padding

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5. Galco Ankle Glove Holster for SIG P365XL

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Last but not least, we have the Galco ankle glove holster with a right-hand orientation. It is made of leather material and designed with a Velcro closure type to stay in place even when wearing it for many hours.

That’s not all because the leather ankle holster offers more useful features that every pistol owner would appreciate. For one, this black Galco ankle glove holster for the SIG P365XL offers excellent concealment, keeping your weapon out of sight and improving your safety.

The ankle holster is also lightweight in that it barely weighs 0.52 pounds and measures 11.5 by 5.9 by 2.8 inches, making it comfortable and easy to wear for many hours. This ankle holster is perfect for duty officers looking to carry a backup weapon and personal preservationists that need to carry one for protection.

This model is made with a neoprene band and Velcro closure, which adds to the comfort of wearing it for a long time, while also offering security. Plus, it is designed with sheepskin padding for further comfort.

How about drawing speed? This Galco ankle holster is made with a reinforced thumb break for quick access to your gun during emergencies.

Moreover, the best ankle holster offers secure and stable firearm retention for its custom molding for the Sig P365XL.

Like most models of ankle holsters, you can wear this ankle holster with an adjustable calf strap as an option if you worry that the holster will slip out of place.


  • Can be worn with an adjustable calf strap
  • Reinforced thumb breaks for quick draw
  • Stable and secure retention system
  • Offers deep concealment
  • Padding adds comfort


  • Not the most comfortable holster around

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How do I ensure the right fit for an ankle holster for my Sig P365?

To ensure the right fit for your Sig Sauer p365, check that the conceal carry ankle holster you’re eyeing for is compatible with it by reading the product description about its custom molding for the Sig P365. Finding a compatible and custom-fitting holster for your Sig P365, the holster will be able to carry your firearm in the ankle position securely, while keeping you comfortable.

Is it challenging to draw my Sig P365 quickly from an ankle holster?

If you’re a gun owner who will be using a backup weapon for the first time and carrying it in your ankle, the short answer to this is YES.

It can be challenging to draw your weapon quickly from the ankle holster if you don’t have enough practice in your drawing technique.

It can also be hard to draw your concealed carry Sig Sauer P365 when standing especially if you have flexibility or balancing issues.

It will be easier to achieve a smooth draw from an ankle gun holster when you’re sitting. And still, you need to practice for at least 15 minutes several times a week until you become familiar with the best holster worn in the ankle position. Keep in mind to practice with an unloaded firearm, though.

Final Thoughts

The best holsters for a P365 worn in the ankle position can be the carry method for shooters who want better concealment and make it hard for people to detect that they’re wearing a firearm.

Most ankle holsters are also comfortable and lightweight to wear for long hours, so they can be the best option for duty officers and firearm owners who are on the move the entire day.

And while ankle holsters aren’t the most accessible when compared to other holsters, they are quite reliable in providing you with good access to your firearm during emergencies and self-defense situations.

When choosing among the best ankle holsters on the market, consider the above factors that we’ve highlighted, including gun sizes (for this one, we have the P365), material, concealability, comfort, and cost, to name some. Nevertheless, take your time and compare the different options above to come up with an informed decision on the right ankle holster for you.