Best Ankle Holster: Buying Guide & Reviews 2023

Ankle carry is another popular method of concealed carry aside from outside the waistband carry. However, it’s not the most popular concealed carry method because people carrying this way are typically those in the military and law enforcement.

It is because many of them carry a backup gun, making the best ankle holster perfect for them. Meanwhile, civilians also carry in their ankle for a deep concealment or when carrying a backup firearm as well.

Although drawing a gun from an ankle can be more difficult than from other parts of the body like from the hip, it’s still a good idea to use an ankle gun holster especially in situations when a primary weapon malfunctions. With a quality ankle holster, you know that you still have another option.

Some situations may also make an outside the waistband or IWB holster difficult to wear, like when you need to wear a formal suit but a 1.5” belt cannot be worn with it or when you’re in a restaurant in which an ankle holster is more convenient to wear  than one on a waistband.

Type of Ankle Holsters

Before looking for features like an adjustable thumb break, a hook and loop fastener, wide nylon strap, leather construction, or neoprene strap, or any other features in the design and construction of your holstering device, know which type you’ll be getting. If you’re planning to use an ankle holster, there are two types of ankle holsters, namely slip on ankle holsters and strap on holsters.

Slip-on holsters

Typically, they’re made of breathable neoprene, which is the primary base where the holstering device is attached. However, a slip-on holster requires a calf strap that holds the flexible holster in place.

The main function of a calf strap is to hold your holster at a certain height on your leg.

What makes a good slip-on holstering device? It uses breathable neoprene material, which is suitable for people wearing their molded holster for hours on duty and concealment. It is also a favorite among people who want a holster that combines both compression and flexibility.

This holster type is also perfect for users with a limited budget because they’re inexpensive to manufacture. However, as most ankle holsters under this category are made of neoprene, they can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. It’s a good thing that many brands are now manufacturing slip-on holsters made of breathable neoprene material or a moisture-wicking liner.

Strap-on holsters

The strap-on ankle holster for concealed carry is for people looking for an easy to use and secure holster that can offer their gun with the perfect concealment. A nylon ankle holster or leather holster that falls into this category is designed with either a single or multiple straps to keep a gun in place.

If you’re wearing boots, you don’t need to take them off to put on or remove this holster. Most ankle holsters in this category are designed with a hook and loop strap for added  user convenience and ease of use.

Having such a compact holster, you’ll have better control over its fit than any other ankle holster. This makes it perfect to meet the right concealment and comfort for you.

Things to Consider When Buying an Ankle Holster

Self-defense is one of the primary reasons for buying a concealed carry holster in the United States. Today, gun owners aren’t only sticking with a primary holster like an IWB or OWB holster, but alternatives like an ankle holster especially among those carrying a backup firearm.

But whether you want a Shapeshift ankle holster or Comforttac ankle holster, or any other ankle holsters, there are certain considerations to ensure getting the right one for you.

Effective concealment

Concealment is the point why people are using a concealed carry holster for their firearm. This is the main reason we’re buying a concealed carry holster. It should be concealing the gun totally out of sight underneath clothing for the safety of the owner and the people around him.

When choosing among ankle holsters, check not only for a loop fastener, wide nylon strap, or any other feature you’re looking for but also its concealability. Look for an excellently designed and positioned padding or foam on the body to prevent printing issues.

Avoid bulky holsters that also tend to press tight against your pants leg, revealing your firearm to a possible attacker or assailant. Look for a slim profile holster, which can invisibly be fit under the pant leg.

Custom Fit

Whether you’re buying a Bugbite ankle holster or Comforttac ultimate ankle holster, or  from any other ankle holster brands, custom fit is an important consideration. This will prevent the unnecessary movement of your gun; in turn, it will be safer in that your firearm will not slip out your holster especially if you’re moving all day.

So before buying an ankle holster, check for compatibility. The holster you’ll be getting should be compatible with your firearm model. If not, you’ll have a problem with fitting issues.

I suggest getting a custom fit holster for your firearm. This type takes your gun’s frame and outline in the design, ensuring it will fit inside the holster. Going this route can be better than buying universal holsters.

Wardrobe friendly

An ankle rig should also match the type of clothing you usually wear. Do you always wear uniforms like coveralls, scrubs, or flight suits?

If you’re wearing uniforms all that time and other common holsters will simply not work, consider a wardrobe-friendly ankle holster. This can be your perfect solution for a concealed carry issue with other body-on holsters, like shoulder holsters.

Support Straps

The design of the support straps vary per holster. These straps can help in keeping the position of the holster and prevent its unnecessary movement. Thus, it’ll help to also consider the strap material. Nylon strap material tends to dig into the skin, which can make them uncomfortable to wear.


Material has something to do with the level of comfort you’ll be getting from a holster. Nylon and leather are the two common materials for an ankle worn holster.

Nylon holsters are the popular choice among budget-conscious gun owners. This is also the reason that a lot of manufacturers offer holsters made of this material that is known for its durability, although sometimes lesser in quality.

There are also elastic materials used in manufacturing holsters; however, this isn’t resistant to wear and tear when compared to nylon or leather. In addition, elastic holsters may pose an issue in terms of slipping risk. Thus, I don’t recommend using an elastic holster if you intend to wear one daily.

If available, you might want to get holstering devices made with neoprene support or Velcro straps, which allow for easier and faster drawing speed and more comfort.

Overall, choose an ankle holster to fit around the ankle comfortably, especially if you’re going to use it regularly and for hours.

Firearm choice

A lot of people have their preference on the firearm they would use for their holster.  However, an ankle holster is more suitable for small or micro guns and sub compact pistols.  They have firepower, but they are sleek and small.

In addition, they can be concealed easily. Small revolvers are also the popular choice for an ankle holster. Bigger guns won’t be ideal because they can lead to printing and cause discomfort.

Moisture barrier

When looking for a flexible ankle holster, check for those that have a moisture barrier. As you’ll perspire while wearing a holster, depending on the weather in your area, a holster with a moisture barrier will prevent your firearm’s handle from being sticky or being damaged. A moisture barrier will keep both the gun and holster dry.


An ankle holster is close to your foot, and this makes an accidental slip likely because of your movement and the holster’s position. Choose an ankle holster that is designed and made with a reliable and tough firearm retention.

It will also help if the holstering device has a melded thumb break, which can keep your firearm well in place. On the other hand, there are also holsters that have a non-stretchable retention strap that will remain sturdy even with prolonged use.

Left or right hand

Hand orientation is another consideration when buying ankle holsters. An ankle holster is positioned low in the body, so it doesn’t offer the easiest and fastest drawing when compared to mainstream holsters.

So when comparing your options, read the specifications and be sure you’re aware of the dominant hand orientation of the holster. Alternatively, you’ll find holsters that can be used by either the left or right hand – the ambidextrous holsters.

8 Best Ankle Holster: in-depth reviews

1. Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster: TOP Choice

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The Uncle Mike Off-Duty concealment carry ankle holster is one of the best holsters that money can buy. It is available for either the left or right handed gun owners. For this particular model, I am reviewing the Right Hand and Left leg Ankle Placement ankle holster.

The Off-Duty holster got everyone covered when it comes to quality concealment holsters, especially if they have a backup weapon that needs concealment. As you see, the point of an ankle holster is typically for concealing a secondary firearm among law enforcement, military, and even civilian users.

This Kodra nylon ankle holster has a cinch-down design with a hook and loop adjustment. It is quite unique and very innovative for me.  It also has an adjustable strap, which makes it ideal for all ankle circumferences. I don’t doubt why a lot of users opt for this one for an ankle holster.

The wrap around design can make sure that it is not too tight or too loose for any user. I also appreciate that the nylon ankle holster has closed cell foam that works in two ways and offers benefits like a support padding and moisture barrier.

Adding to that, it features a lightweight material that offers more convenience even if I move or run a lot. The primary material of this holster is Kodra nylon, and this model has a soft and comfortable knit finish, which feels nice to the skin.

This ankle holster is comfortable to wear even on a bare ankle. I find it really convenient to have this strapped around even for hours.  Kodra nylon is also a durable material, which also makes it the practical choice that I don’t have to buy a new holster soon.

I also liked the versatility of the ankle holster in that it can accommodate small and medium pistols and some large-frame autos without any inconvenience. It also features an optional calf strap that you can easily remove in a cinch.

This model comes with a one-year limited warranty on the workmanship and materials.

Overall, this is our favorite ankle holster for it delivers and has the features that make a good holster. It is also affordable, durable, and super easy to use.


  • Hook and loop adjustment
  • Can conceal small and medium firearms
  • Comfortable and durable Kodra nylon
  • Soft knit fabric
  • Nylon retention strap with reinforced thumb break


  • Velcro strap has some uncomfortable rough edges

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2. DeSantis RH Black Apache Ankle Holster: Runner up

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The best ankle holsters shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and uneasy when worn.  This DeSantis ankle rig holster allows gun owners to carry in their ankle and conceal their gun all without any rocking motion when they’re moving, compared to other ankle holsters that can make you feel uneasy as you move with one.

For an overview, this DeSantis Apache ankle rig with an adjustable strap to fit most ankles comes with an elasticated leg band. This can minimize, if not eliminate, any rocking that is associated with other holsters.  You’ll find comfort wearing it especially when you move a lot.

I also discovered that this good ankle holster is flexible enough, being compatible with small, medium, and even large-frame semi-automatic. In addition, gun owners who have a small frame revolver might also find their perfect holster in this one.

Some models this DeSantis Apache ankle rig fit include the Makarov, Beretta, and different Sig models like P230/P232, P938, and P365, and so many more.

The thumb break is made of an adjustable strap material. It is easy to adjust to ensure the perfect fit and that the gun will not be drawn accidentally. This safety device snap thumb break is a great feature to look for in an ankle holster or just any other holsters.

For added comfort, I find the genuine sheepskin really helpful. This holster has this material for its padded lining, something I didn’t find in most holsters. It can also protect the gun perfectly.

There are several models to choose from. The holsters for semi-auto models have an adjustable thumb break. On the other hand, those for revolvers have an adjustable thumb strap with a hook and loop closure type.

Overall, it is an excellent holster that provides the perfect concealment, while offering much convenience for carrying a backup pistol.  It keeps my gun well secure in place, and I don’t have to worry about any rocking motion at all.


  • Versatile for different gun sizes and small frame revolvers
  • Secures and fits gun well
  • Elasticized leg band
  • Enough concealment
  • No gun rocking


  • Fitting issues if chosen for an incompatible gun

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3. Best Ankle Holster for Revolver: Pro-Tech Outdoors Comfortable Ankle Holster

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Pro-Tech Outdoors is one of the most reliable brands for different types of ankle holsters. This particular holster for the S&W Bodyguard 38 revolver is a comfortable ankle holster to check out if you have a revolver style gun and you don’t want shoulder holsters for it.

These ankle holsters for duty and concealment hold a revolver securely and tightly to prevent it from slipping out. It is also designed with an elastic leg band, which can ensure the perfect fit for legs of different circumferences.

For its outer layer, it is made of ballistic nylon, which is known for its long-lasting durability and abrasion resistance.  That said, you can expect your ankle holster to last longer because it can resist tear and abrasion more than any other material.

The concealed carry ankle holster is also with a vinyl vapor barrier that can help prevent the buildup of moisture in the gun, effectively protecting it from any damage.

I also noticed that this Pro-Tech Outdoors ankle holster has a foam padding, which for me adds to the comfort that the holster can offer.

It also has a nylon lining that adds to its durability. Speaking of that, the holster is also stitched using durable bonded nylon for extended integrity. For its edges, they’re turned, preventing wear and tear and frying.

Overall, the ankle holster is a reliable and durable holstering device to check out if you’re looking for a revolver holster. It doesn’t also bounce around or rock with movement, like running or walking.

I feel as if there is nothing at all because this ankle holster is just comfortable to wear. It doesn’t only look and work perfectly, but it’s also durable enough to last long.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hardly feels there
  • Perfect for concealed ankle carry
  • Durable construction materials
  • Foam padding adds comfort


  • Shorter warranty

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4. Best Ankle Holster for Sig P365: Desantis Gunhide Holster

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The comfortable ankle holster for duty and concealment is another that deserves to be a part of these ankle holster reviews.  It is one of the best holsters, and this time for Sig P365. This quality ankle holster is made in the USA and is constructed by hand.

This DeSantis Gunhide is also one of the best leather holsters that money can buy because it uses only quality leather material. It looks classic, has a sleek and compact design, and is with tough leather. This holstering device for your gun is also made with rugged stitching, ensuring it can last for years.

But while it looks aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t lack the ability to conceal a firearm effectively. The leather holster can secure your gun well in place and can minimize any rocking when moving.

This holster is also versatile because it is ambidextrous, meaning both left hand and right hand users can consider getting it for their gun.

It also has a clip closure type that can ensure your gun won’t slip out of place even if you move a lot. This hoster is also lightweight, adding to the comfort and convenience of using it for hours on duty or in the field. The item weighs only three ounces, so you can barely feel it’s there.

Overall, the ankle holster will not disappoint you.  It is reliable and tough and can offer effective concealment. This holster is also for the guys that want a classic leather holster for their gun. However, take note that Pro Stealth varieties that can accommodate a red dot sight don’t include a magazine pouch.


  • Made of high-quality and tough leather material
  • Durable stitching
  • Comfortable to wear even for hours
  • Classic design and modern feel
  • Made in the USA and reputable brand


  • Specific varieties don’t include a spare magazine pouch

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5. Best Ankle Holster for Shield 9mm: Pro-Tech Outdoors Ankle Holster for Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9MM

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Are you looking for an ankle holster for your Shield 9mm? Search no more! This is one of the best ankle holsters for this gun. It is by Pro-Tech Outdoors, one of the most reliable holster brands that a lot of gun owners pick when buying a holster.

The right hand Pro-Tech Outdoors ankle holster has an adjustable style, ensuring I can always get the perfect fit for my gun. I don’t need to worry about any unnecessary rocking that can feel extremely uncomfortable, especially that I move a lot. It is also comfortable to wear because it is not bulky; thus, printing won’t be an issue.

You can also have peace of mind that there will be less or minimal rocking even with a lot of movement, like walking or running. The secure Velcro strap will keep your gun from making unnecessary movements.

This is also a beautiful holster that is designed with elastic and Velcro enclosure type, ensuring your gun will stay in place.

Now, you can have confidence that your holster will not only hold your firearm in place but also keep it out of sight. No one would even know that you’re carrying a gun.

The great ankle holster is incomparable with most other ankle holsters when it comes to comfort. And even wearing it for hours, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. The gun is also protected from sweat and that’ thanks to the vinyl vapor barrier of this holster. It works perfectly in keeping the moisture off the gun.

Moreover, the holster for Shield 9mm is made with nylon lining for extended lifespan and foam padding for enhanced comfort. But that’s not all because it is also durable that its outer layer is made of Cordura ballistic nylon, which is known for its toughness to deal with anything.

It can also prevent fraying because the edges are turned under, and it is double stitched at its pressure points for ruggedness..


  • Double stitched at pressure points
  • Made of durable materials
  • Effective concealment
  • Adjustable style for custom fit
  • Comfortable even wearing for hours


  • Not for left-handed users 

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6. Best Ankle Holster For Glock 26, 27, 33: Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster

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The Galco ankle glove is a left-oriented holster that is a solid choice for gun owners that want durable and classic leather holsters for their holstering device. I still prefer a leather holster like it for my gun because it is durable and tough to last for many years, although it needs some breaking in and a little maintenance.

It is not a nylon holster that lacks breathability, but it is premium leather for a Glock 26, 27 and 33. If you have more room in your budget to spend for a leather holster, then I would recommend this holster with a smooth leather lining for you.

The Galco ankle glove is a custom-molded holster that offers perfect comfort and firearm retention like no other. I liked that wide neoprene ankle band that can offer me with sure comfort even for extended hours. There is also the hook and loop closure, which can ensure total security for my gun.

In addition, this ankle glove for a Glock gun can also offer me more comfort because it is designed and made with authentic sheepskin padding, enhancing comfort and convenience.

This Galco ankle glove can also fit most ankles measuring up to 13 inches in circumference for its neoprene band, which is also breathable. I’d also like to note that this holster works perfectly well for securing my firearm because of its reinforced thumb break strap. In addition, it has a detailed molding that allows quick drawing while also ensuring secure firearm retention.

Overall, this Galco ankle glove or holster is one of the finest leather an holsters around for its quality leather and innovative design. It is made in the USA and can offer a custom fit for your Glock 16, 27, and 33. This holster is functional, beautiful, and high-quality. Surely, it deserves to be a consideration when buying an ankle holster.


  • Quality leather material
  • Durable to last for many years
  • Elegant design and functional
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made in the USA


  • A bit heavier than other holsters

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7. Best Ankle Holster For Springfield Hellcat: Concealment Express KYDEX Holster

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Responsible gun owners wear an ankle holster, either one of the leather or nylon holsters, which can keep their gun secure in place and prevent unnecessary movement of their firearm.

Both features can give us the peace of mind that we can carry a backup firearm and conceal our gun with a reliable ankle holster like a Bulldog ankle holster or a Die Hard ankle rig.  They also choose this holster type if they don’t want a shoulder holster or any other mainstream holster.

One of the best ankle holstering devices that I can recommend is this KYDEX holster. It is claw compatible, has an adjustable cant, and offers a positive click firearm retention style as an overview of its top features.

This model is a sleek and minimalist holster, which is one of my favorites for its durability and lightweight. It is made of Kydex material that is known for its reliability and toughness to deal with all the elements, including water, dust, and dirt. It is not also high maintenance like a leather holster, ensuring you’ll get a dependable everyday carry holster that will work perfectly on any given day.

I also want to mention that this holster is a quality holster that doesn’t make any printing because it is not bulky. I think it has to do with the material that can easily fit with the contour of my gun.

So no matter how I dress up, I can always have peace of mind that my firearm remains hidden from anyone, like a potential attacker. This can also ensure that I can protect not only myself but also the people around me.

I can also set up my holster perfectly because it has an adjustable cant up to 20 degrees, which is just enough for most holster users and a positive click retention that lets me know that I already secure my gun in place. In addition, this model features an undercut trigger guard that adds to security and offers quick draw.

And for comfort, I love that it has a full length sweat guard, especially when wearing it on days when the weather is extremely hot. Overall, this Concealment Express holster is one of the finest ankle holsters around that you must check out for its dependability and performance.


  • Durable KYDEX material
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • No printing issues
  • Quick draw and security
  • Perfect concealment


  • Not for right hand users

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8. Best Ankle Holster For Ruger LCP Max: Pro Tech Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, .380 Kel-Tec P-32, P3AT

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This Pro-Tech holster is another great ankle holster that you can buy for its durability and solid features to give you the most out of your spending.

One of its qualities that I appreciate is its ability of providing utmost comfort even for extended hours in the field or outdoors. It doesn’t only keep the gun totally out of sight, but it doesn’t feel bulky, too, unlike other holsters.

This model has an elastic Velcro enclosure type. I can easily adjust the nylon Velcro retention strap to my liking so that it can fit my ankle perfectly well and prevent it from slipping down.

The construction is strong bonded nylon that ensures it keeps its integrity, while the double stitching in the pressure points adds to its durability. I also noticed that it has a moisture barrier, which can protect my gun from wetness and sweat. Its edges are also turned, which can prevent fraying, while the foam padding can enhance comfort.

This one can also ensure a perfect fit because it is easily adjustable to fit most ankle sizes. You’ll not have to worry about it slipping down especially if you walk or run a lot. No matter how you dress up, you can also have the confidence that this will not lead to printing issues because it is not bulky at all.

This model also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from the brand.

Overall, I recommend this for users of a Ruger LCP Max and want a rugged and dependable holster made of top quality materials and that has a lightweight. If you have this backup gun, this holster can be for you.


  • Lightweight nylon material
  • Secure Velcro retention strap
  • Reputable holster brand
  • Vinyl moisture barrier
  • Durable outer Cordura ballistic nylon


  • Drawing issues

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What is the point of an ankle holster?

An ankle holster is the solution for people that own a backup pistol, revolver, or weapon.   It can offer the perfect concealment, comfort, and convenience, too. Also, it can be an effective way to conceal a gun in certain situations and places.

What size gun fits an ankle holster?

It fits subcompact, compact, middle sized guns as well as small revolvers. Some examples are Walther PPS M2, Ruger LC9s, Sig P365, Glock 43, and those I previously mentioned above. However, an ankle holster is not ideal for full size weapons because of their size that can be an issue for concealment and movement.

What holster does the FBI use?

The FBI’s been known for using canted holsters, and the others use Blackhawk Serpa holster for its ability of accommodating a gun-mounted light that aids in target identification and giving them the ability to draw their firearm easily, especially beneficial in potentially deadly situations.

Final Thoughts

While the best ankle holster isn’t a mainstream holster, like other IWB holsters, it is surely a beneficial holster to have if you own a backup weapon that you want to conceal in your lower right or left leg.

This can offer you not just an effective concealment but also comfort because it is not bulky or heavy like other types of holsters. You can wear it perfectly underneath clothing for its custom fit because most have adjustable straps and offer ease without any printing issues.

But to find quality ankle holsters, take your time to compare your options. Use these reviews to help you select a good ankle holster that matches your preferences and meets your needs.

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