Best Appendix Carry Holster Reviews & Buying Guide

Also known as the one to two o’clock position or 10-11 o’clock for left-handed gun owners, appendix style carry refers to carrying a pistol on one’s dominant side between their belly button and hip  bone.

Appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) is a IWB carry style that places a holster in front of your body, covering the appendix, so its name. Appendix rigs allow for easy firearm concealment, perhaps more than other types of waist-sitting options.

Appendix carry is becoming popular among armed citizens that opt for the concealed carry style for their gun.

Carrying AIWB completely conceals it because there would be no side lumps compared to other concealed carry positions. Some holsters also tend to look bulky and make it hard to conceal carry a firearm.

Now if you’re searching for the best appendix carry holster, what features should you compare and look into? In today’s buying guide, let me introduce you to the world of appendix carry style holsters, the top picks, and important considerations.

Is appendix carry a good idea?

A lot of personal injuries happen due to accidental discharge or negligence when carrying an AIWB especially when re-holstering.

Many times, this happens if a user fails to clear their garment or does not hold their gun properly in that their clothing or finger may get caught on the gun’s trigger, leading to accidental firing.

When this happens with an AIWB holster, they might increase their risk of shooting their femoral artery.

So perhaps, you’ve heard that a concealed carry holster like an appendix holster is dangerous because it’s pointed at the crotch. But then, just like other types of holster, appendix carry has its pros and cons, but these will all depend upon your training level, skills, and what you’re carrying.

An appendix holster isn’t more dangerous than other holster types when you’re trained and equipped with a firearm that’s meant for this method of concealed carry. It is why you should get yourself informed and skilled.

So the answer if an appendix carry is a good idea, it depends. Accidents and injuries to yourself and other people would be minimized with proper education, training, and carrying and drawing techniques.

And again, appendix carry is no different with other carry positions when it comes to safety. Always practice safe habits and use the proper gun and holster that will prevent muzzle devices/muzzles from being pointed at your groin.

What to Look For in Appendix Carry Holsters?

If you’re looking for an appendix carry style for your holster and shopping around for a good appendix IWB holster, there are important factors to consider so that you can pick the right one with the features you’re looking for, like a sweat guard, ride height belt clips, and good retention. Here’s some help for you.

Complete trigger protection/fully covered trigger guard

A good appendix holster must be able to protect the gun’s trigger from being easily accessed by any other object, including one’s fingers. This will prevent unintentional discharge, which can lead to injuries and accidents.

As for example, an appendix carry style can orient your weapon’s muzzle towards your femoral artery. When this happens, it can be fatal due to massive blood loss.

Secure fasteners

Good appendix holsters can provide secure fastening of your gun, which can be moved out of place or pushed around from grappling, jumping, running, or bending over and other movements.

A good AIWB holster can keep your gun well secure in place. It is designed and made with secure fasteners or two belt clips, which can fasten it to your belt and do not require any more adjustments after moving around.

Aside from deep concealment, popular appendix carry holsters generally work to secure your gun for safe drawing and returning it in position. Some holsters with dual attachment points and soft loops can be a good idea.

Holster claw/wedge

Perhaps, this is one of the most overlooked features of good AIWB holsters. They work by extending from the grip side, and then forcing the gun’s grip into your body through pushing against the belt’s back portion.

This allows for easy and safe concealment because it can direct the muzzle of the gun away instead of close to the body.

You may or may not need a wedge depending on your body’s dimensions. There are some Kydex holsters that already come with built-in wedges, while the rest allow for holster personalization through add-ons or pads.

If you find the grip of the gun slipping out, you might need a wedge.

Claw is an accessory that can help for both comfort and concealment; it attaches to the holster, while pressing against your gun belt. It can keep both the holster and gun in place and more secure.

In addition, a claw or wing works by distributing your firearm’s weight, while drawing the gun’s grip closer to your body. This also reduces printing.


A gun can be difficult to conceal if your gun is sitting too high in the holster.

Appendix carry holsters should be adjusted so it perfectly sits in relation to your belt’s line. A comfortable appendix carry holster will offer some adjustments.

However, the slide of the gun and your body’s measurements have something to do with how high/low your gun would sit.


Whether you’re getting leather or a Kydex holster, put much thought into the durability of the holstering device for your gun. Durability has to do with the material in many cases; these include leather and Kydex.


It is a popular holster material for an appendix carry position holster because it is durable, versatile, and not as stiff as other materials.

A Kydex holster uses a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride.

Some cited benefits of holsters made of this material are washable, waterproof, and sweat resistant.  Kydex will not also rot.

The material of Kydex holsters is also ideal for custom molding for a specific type of gun, like those with optics.

And when compared to leather, it is more durable and easier to clean. It doesn’t also need maintenance.

On the downside, know that it can scratch the surface of your gun and isn’t as comfortable as leather holsters.


This material used in AIWB holsters has been around for many years, and it remains as one of the top choices of pistol owners.

A leather holster can offer both comfort and durability, and a well-made one remains tough for many years being still soft to wear down one’s pants.

There is also no shortage when it comes to the sizes and shapes of these holsters.

AIWB deep carry holsters made of leather also offer a more silent draw and they can break in faster than a hand molded Kydex holster.

However, this comfortable holster, which remains aesthetically pleasing for years, requires some care and maintenance using some leather care lotions and creams.

These products can help avoid degrading the material of a leather type holster.

On another possible downside, leather holsters can feel sticky in warm and humid climates.


Popular concealed carry position holsters, like an inside waistband holster, should have some form of retention.

Holster’s retention pertains to the holster’s ability to hold and keep your pistol tightly in place, ensuring it stays put.

Active retention makes use of an active mechanism, such as thumb breaks on a leather holster or a strap to secure your pistol tightly.

This type of retention can be safer than a passive retention system, even though they tend to be slower. It can also be inconvenient for some because the straps still need to be unbuttoned before retrieving their gun.

Meanwhile, there is the passive retention in concealed carry holsters. This pertains to a type of retention that depends on friction to keep your gun in place tightly.

It offers a faster draw speed than an active retention system, but it tends to loosen up, depending if yours is a leather or Kydex appendix carry holster. They are also made with retention adjustment screws or adjustable retention.


AIWB carry has its risks, so safety, like having a trigger guard in the holster, should be one of the priorities when buying an appendix carry style holster.

A covered trigger guard will help to prevent negligent discharges that sometimes happen when your finger or clothing comes into contact with the gun’s trigger.

An adjustable retention is also important for safety because it lets you adjust the level of tightness that your holster will hold on to your pistol and ease of drawing.

It is critical that you adjust this retention properly to prevent your gun from slipping out of it while allowing you to draw from the holster with ease.

Other useful features of an appendix carry holster

Aside from considering durable appendix carry holsters, think about the fit of the holster for your handgun. Or else, the AIWB holster can rub its finish and scratch it.

You might also want to check the sweat guard. It’s the part of a holstering device that can form a barrier between your body and the gun’s rear part closest to the rear sights. Options for a sweat guard are low, medium, or high.

Deep concealment in an appendix position holster is also good to have because it offers additional concealment.

It allows carrying your firearm on your body in a location that is other than your waistband, especially if you give more importance to safety over the draw speed.

When shopping around for the best appendix carry holster, you’ll also find different adjustable options especially for Kydex holsters, ensuring you’ll find the right holster fit for concealment and comfort to work with your clothing and body.

For an appendix carry position holster, check for an adjustable ride height and cant.

An adjustable cant is very important for both concealment and comfort, like finding one with a reverse cant that can let you position the muzzle where you want it to be, while also keeping the gun’s grip where you want it.

However, not all appendix carry position holsters with a forward and reverse cant. When comparing your options, check out this feature.  For example, some good appendix holsters will have 30-degree cant in either direction.

An adjustable ride height has also something to do with how easy and comfortable it will be to conceal your pistol or gun. This feature gives you the chance to adjust the concealment level.

For example, you can choose to have your gun riding higher on your waistband or in deep concealment.

Another useful feature of a holster is an audible click, which lets you know when the gun is seated fully within it.

A posi-click or positive click retention is the locking or clicking sound in many holsters. This is also usually a friction-based retention system.

9 Best Best Appendix Carry Holster: In-depth reviews

1. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

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Appendix style carrying requires a good holster that can conceal your weapon right, while offering you comfort and convenience.

But while most holsters can promise the same thing, I find that not all of them keep up. Lately, I bought this Concealment Express holster, and I’ve never been this impressed that a lot of useful features are in it.

The left hand orientation appendix concealed carry holsters from Concealment Express like this are made of quality materials like Kydex.

Particularly, I’ve discovered that this model is made of a .08-inch Kydex material that is both durable and lightweight. It doesn’t cause a burden in terms of bulk, and that’s something to give us comfort when carrying a gun in the appendix style all day.

This Kydex holster, which is compatible with the non-rail 1911 3.5 inch Officer Model, is made with an adjustable retention pressure that helps in keeping the gun securely in place.

I also liked that the Kydex appendix IWB holster is compatible with the brand’s manufactured accessories, belt clips, and claws, so buying any of these won’t be hard at all, knowing that they’re available easily from the manufacturer.

This holster that offers me effective protection and concealment gives me the confidence that my pistol will stay in place securely no matter how much I move a lot.

Bending and sitting down doesn’t feel much uncomfortable using this holster that fits well and holds my gun firmly.  It also has a positive click retention that indicates that the gun is already securely in place.

This Concealment Express Kydex holster comes with a stealth belt clip and a full length sweat guard. This helps especially in the sweltering weather. It also has an undercut trigger guard, allowing for fast and easy drawing.

The AIWB carry angle of the Kydex appendix carry holsters is also adjustable, so positioning it based on personal preference will be a cinch. Its AIWB carry angle or cant is between zero and 15 degrees. And to do that, I don’t need to use any special tool, just a Philips Screwdriver.

This AIWB holster is also only 2.5 ounces, which makes it lightweight and comfortable for wearing for hours, something helpful for police officers and tactical workers.

A little downside is its belt clip might feel flimsy.  But overall, this is a good holster with a secure positive grip that offers longevity, draw speed, and comfort. Check it out for yourself.


  • Waterproof material
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable retention pressure
  • Full length sweat guard
  • Posi-click retention


  • Plastic belt clip feels flimsy

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2. CYA Supply IWB Holster

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This CYA Supply AIWB holster is another option for a great appendix carry holster.

It is a right hand AIWB holster that is comfortable to use and wear especially among police officers who are on duty all day and move a lot. Even while driving, the holster is not bulky at all.

When it comes to material, this product uses .08-inch Boltaron, which is becoming one of the go-to options of top quality manufacturers. It is also not brittle nor will curl in many conditions.

This material can offer excellent impact resistance that can deal with all types of weather and temperatures, ensuring your holster will last for many years.

The maintenance free holster is one of the top considerations of sporting enthusiasts and hobbyists that don’t want the maintenance of leather holsters.

This appendix carry holster doesn’t only offer superior impact strength but also resistance to abrasion and chemicals, adding to its durability to last for a long time.

This right-hand orientation holster, which has a lock closure type, can fit a Mossberg MC1sc; however, it’s not optic compatible. Take note of this if your gun uses an optic device or a laser or light attachment.

I also liked that this CYA Supply holster has an adjustable carrying angle from zero to 15 degrees, which is just enough for a lot of appendix AIWB carry holster users. The retention is also adjustable for this IWB holster, ensuring I can perfectly fit my gun and secure it well in place.

In addition, I find that the sweat guard of the CYA supply AIWB holster really useful, especially when out there for hours and the weather is warm. The sweat guard also covers the full length of the slide.

This model is also designed and made with a 1.5-inch wide belt clip for added convenience.

Although there were isolated quality issues, the overall verdict for this holster is excellent. It is also good to know that the quality IWB holster comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind.


  • Adjustable carry angle to 15 degrees
  • Impact resistance
  • Adjustable retention pressure
  • Excellent safety design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Quality control issues

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3. TENICOR CERTUM3 AIWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster

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The Tenicor conceal carry gun holster has been another favorite among gun owners for its solid features. First off, let me tell you that this holster is for the SIG SAUER 365-365XL, so take note of that when looking to get this appendix style holster for you.

The right-handed holster clip system holster is a good holster for its slim and classic design. It is flexible and adaptable in that it allows users for a hip carry or an appendix carry based on personal preference.

In addition, it has a generous carry angle or cant up to 30 degrees, allowing for adjustments based on what is comfortable for one. Not to forget is the ride height adjustment that lets you choose how high it would sit your waistband. Nevertheless, the holster is impressive for its flexibility to provide what a user wants for his appendix style holster.

When it comes to secure concealment, the Tenicor holster comes with a rugged and strong belt clip designed with different adjustment slots. This can give you peace of mind that your holster will stay in place no matter how much you’ll move.

Moreover, the US-made holster comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. If it fails working, the company will replace it without any questions asked. That’s one of the things to consider when buying an appendix carry holster.

This inside-the-waistband holster is good looking as it is functional. It offers precise performance that is what I exactly need. It has personalization features that allow for adjusting the ride height up to 0.8 inch.

In addition, this holster includes three camming bars that can help in maximizing concealment. There are three sizes to these camming bars, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. They allow for quick adjustments, resulting in the right fitting holster. And in order to ensure optimal contact with the belt, the camming bar offers ride height adjustment.

For the material, the Certum3 is made from 0.093” thermoplastic material, ensuring long-lasting performance.

For stability, this holster comes with dual screws as well. I also noticed that there are staggered height slots, which can keep the length of the holster trim. By the way, this appendix carry style holster is compatible with 1.5-inch belts.

Finally, it’s compatible to work with many slide-mounted red dots and has a good sight channel meant for backup suppressor height sights.


  • Staggered height slots
  • Compatible with slide-mounted red dots
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Secure concealment
  • Durable and lightweight design


  • Quite stiff

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4. Alien Gear ShapeShift Appendix Holster for Concealed Carry

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This made in the USA appendix carry holster is packed with useful features that make it one of the top options of users looking for durability and quality in their holstering devices.

For one, this lefty oriented Alien Gear holster is custom molded for the right fit, while offering precise performance and secure carry. I can wear it comfortably and conveniently while training, working, or driving.

Particularly, I’ve discovered that it is compatible and perfectly fit for the Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9/40 3. I also liked that I can easily shift or change how I carry because I can easily integrate it into any of the Alien Gear ShapeShift holsters.

In this way, I can simply expand how many times this holstering device allows me to carry, either concealed, open, or shoulder.

More so, I’d like to note that this holster comes with a complete shell that allows its use with any holsters in the ShapeShift line, and it comes with an IWB appendix option.

These are not all because this AIWB holster allows for concealed carry in comfort because it has a slim profile with a reduced footprint.

Its backing is made of soft neoprene, allowing more flexibility. This is especially useful when moving all day and any day whether at the range or in the field. Neoprene is a moisture-wicking material, adding to the comfort of wearing this holster.

Before I forgot, the Alien Gear IWB conceal carry holster is also breathable, which makes it ideal for users in warm and hot climates. It can help in eliminating any irritation when they need to wear it for hours.

In addition, the appendix IWB holsters are easy to adjust without any special tools required. You can quickly adjust the retention to ensure you’ll get the right draw most comfortable for you.

The ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster is an excellent modular holster system. It is also durable and made of quality materials to stand the test of time and deal with heavy abuse and use.

However, its cant is not adjustable, but it is definitely one of the best in performance and quality . It also features a fully covered trigger guard protection for total security and has a comfortable holster base, which lets your skin breathe, and has a base reinforcement for its spring steel core.


  • Breathable and lightweight design
  • Modular holster system
  • Made of quality materials
  • No special tools to adjust
  • Reputable brand


  • Cant not adjustable

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5. BLACKHAWK Appendix Reversible Carry IWB Holster

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I understand why many gun owners consider this the best appendix carry holster. With an ambidextrous design, you can tuck it inside your waistband.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. Drawing your firearm like the Cowboys of the Wild West should be a cinch, although you’ll be gunslinging from the front, not the side.

Although my personal preference has always been the right side, I could tuck this holster in my left to train my left hand to perform a quick draw. I’ve always dreamed of putting both hands to good use. And I can master the right-left pull and reholster with this reversible holster.

I appreciate the reversible design of this concealed carry holster. I also like its ability to accommodate red dot sight-mounted handguns.

Law enforcers and military personnel can improve their CQB tactics by setting their sighting devices straight into their side arms and never worrying about a difficult draw.

It has adjustable retention and cant. This feature is crucial because I want to modify the holster’s position to optimize draws, reholstering, and comfort with ease.]

Surprisingly, this holster is smooth enough on the skin. Its construction eliminates unnecessary rough surfaces and other pointy edges that could be uncomfortable when tucked inside the waistband.

The trigger guard also offers confidence in securing any firearm that fits into this holster.

I wish the belt clip featured a more robust material, like stainless steel or a similar form. This holster has a flimsy-looking belt clip that I hope will last. But then again, it is an affordable holster.

Gun owners would understand that some elements are less-than-spectacular than high-end holsters.

Although I have seen better holsters, this product makes its case as the best concealed carry holster for gun owners who want their firearms closer up front. It has drawbacks, of course. But for its price, which most folks consider a steal, it’s an excellent buy.


  • Reversible design
  • Fully adjustable cant and retention
  • Comfortable inside the waistband
  • Accommodates handguns with red dot sights
  • Great value for the price


  • Belt clip could be more robust

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6. Bravo IWB Holster for Glock 17/22/31

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Here’s a holster for gun owners who love appendix carry systems. It might not have the BLACKHAWK’s number of followers, but I can assure you this holster is worth it.

Like other IWB holsters, the Bravo is perfect for securing handguns inside the waistband, hidden from the suspicious and malicious eyes of folks who don’t appreciate gun ownership.

I like its sweat guard, allowing me to move about without feeling the pinch on my skin or tarnishing my gun’s finish with my oily perspiration. Although I wear an undershirt, it helps that I can tuck this holster safely without worries. It’s a comfortable appendix carry holster, that’s for sure.

I am surprised to see some innovations in this holster. For instance, it can accommodate threaded barrels up to 0.632 inches in diameter.

Its design also secures handguns with select red dot systems, including the Trijicon RMR, Vortex Venom and Viper, Leupold Delta Point Pro, and Burris Fastfire III.

It’s like the BLACKHAWK, only better. Handguns with tall sights will also sit nicely and securely in this holster. It has a 0.355-inch clearance for the front sight. Some people might question this space, but I can assure you its retention is spot-on.

I was also surprised at how lightweight this holster is. This holster is a featherweight 0.4 ounces or ten times lighter than the BLACKHAWK. It has a fully adjustable belt gun holster clip allowing for personalized cant and ride height.

I would give this holster a huge thumbs up if not for its non-ambidextrous design. Although I am right-handed, I also like to hone my left-sided gun drawing and reholstering skills. Besides, it would surprise my friends to see my slinging from the left. But of course, that is only me.

I couldn’t fault this holster. To say it’s a good holster is an understatement. This holster’s one of the best, and I encourage you to buy it for your Glock.


  • Exceptional sweat guard
  • Excellent handgun retention
  • Recommended for threaded barrels, red dot systems, and tall sights
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable ride height, cant, and retention


  • Not for lefties

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7. We The People Holsters Carbon Fiber IWB Kydex Holster

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I have friends who own a Colt Defender, and this holster is their favorite. I even know why they call this the best appendix carry gun holster for the 1911 pistol.

Unlike most holsters with a universal design, this product is specific for the railless 1911 3.25-inch Colt Defender. The handgun slips into the holster in a perfect fit. I commend We The People for a glove-like mold.

Perfect for deep concealment, I could tuck my Defender under my belt and arouse no suspicion from others. Gun owners can adjust the holster’s position by modifying the angle, ride, and retention.

However, altering the latter is unnecessary because this holster fits the Defender like Pooh hugging his honey pot. That’s how impressive this holster’s handgun retention capabilities are.

Holster craftsmanship is spot-on. Although I am unsure if they make these holsters by hand, I am happy they look and feel robust as any good handgun holster should.

The attention to detail is awe-inspiring, making me feel sorry for other brands delivering cheap products that compromise quality and comfort.

I like the Kydex construction, ensuring seamless drawing and reholstering of the Defender. It retains its rigid form, making it effortless to sling the handgun back into its garage without snagging into other elements.

Interestingly, this Colt Defender holster feels comfortable as a hip carry as it does behind the waistband. Such versatility is unheard of in some brands, making you feel like a hostage for limiting your handgun-carrying options.

I agree with some gun owners that this appendix carry holster is a bit pricey, and I hope it’s not because of the Kydex material. But for what it’s worth, I would still say it’s a good buy. It might be pricey, but how this holster safeguards the 1911 Colt Defender is priceless. I would not want other Kydex holsters to keep my pistol. That is if I have a railless Defender.


  • Recommended for the 1911 3.25-inch Colt zero-rail Defender
  • Fully adjustable cant and ride positions
  • Excellent retention
  • Fine craftsmanship with high-quality materials
  • Exceptional rigidity without undermining comfort


  • A bit pricey

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8. Tulster IWB Profile Holster

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Of the many appendix holsters I’ve reviewed, I find this one intriguing. I’ll tell you about it in a bit.

Unlike other holsters that slip and secure inside the waistband, I’m astonished by this product’s low-profile design. Folks will never know you have a firearm tucked in your waist. You won’t see bulges or any of the characteristic silhouette that gives away the presence of a handgun.

I like this waistband holster because it ensures a snug fit on my pistol. Drawing the firearm as quickly as possible is essential in life-and-death situations. And this holster gives me the confidence to whip my gun straight from the front and point at the target.

The holster has a secure positive grip, regardless of how I angle it from 0 to 30 degrees. I am also impressed with its sweat shield. Unlike Bravo’s design, this holster’s perspiration barrier offers full coverage.

This IWB holster also has me thinking about the company’s focus on high-quality craftsmanship. The edges never fray and are as smooth as “silk” (pun intended). My point here is this holster is the perfect system for handgun owners who don’t want to scratch their skins.

Putting on the clip is a cinch. I don’t have to fumble, slipping and securing it in my belt. The cant and ride adjustments are also a breeze, and I love the click the holster makes when I slide my handgun to the hilt. Some holsters don’t have this simple yet very reassuring feature.

I am unsure if this appendix holster comes in other colors or the more common gunmetal theme because I don’t feel at home with its “blood red” carbon fiber color scheme. It’s only me, and you’re welcome to rebuke me anytime.

A good AIWB holster isn’t easy to come by. And despite my misgivings about its color, I would still recommend this holster to anyone who wants a perfect fit for their pistols without undermining safety and gun drawing performance.


  • Remarkable handgun retention capabilities
  • 0-30-degree adjustable cant
  • Impressive sweat shield
  • Quick-click system
  • Hand-buffed edges


  • Blood red color

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9. Vedder LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

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Vedder holsters are some of the best in the market. And if you’re a proud Glock owner, I’m sure you’ll want the best-fitting system to carry your favorite handgun.

This holster looks like the Concealment Express Kydex holster I once had. The way it hugs the pistol is incredible. And although it might seem the holster won’t let go of my handgun, drawing the firearm from its nifty casing is a cinch.

It’s the kind of holster I want to use in CQB and tactical situations, where a lighting-quick draw guarantees attacker neutralization. Many appendix carry holsters promise effortless handgun drawing and reholstering, but always fall short of expectations. This holster doesn’t.

The retention adjustment screws are easy to loosen and re-tighten, allowing you to modify its handgun fit according to preference. I love that this holster can ride deep, mid, or high on my waistband, ensuring I have the best access to my firearm without undermining comfort.

I commend the company for its choice of holster material. Some brands say they use only the finest raw materials for their holsters, but Vedder follows through. It’s one of the most comfortable AIWB holster systems I have reviewed.

Here’s the thing about this holster. It’s Glock-specific. You cannot buy just any model without knowing your handgun’s specifics. For instance, there’s a holster for the G17 (Gens 3, 4, and 5) with Surefire X300U-A. There’s also a system for the G19, 23, and 32 (Gens 3, 4, and 5) with LG-436) and 85 other options.

I share other users’ concerns about this holster’s clip. Although it’s not plastic, the connection between the holster and the clasp is a bit flimsy. But that’s just my observation and is not a bother to most Glock owners who use this holster.

No holster is perfect, just as no product is without flaws. This holster’s performance, adjustability, and handgun-specificity are hallmarks of a reliable system that will never fail you.


  • Reliable build quality
  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable ride height, retention, and cant
  • Effortless to draw and reholster
  • Glock-specific


  • A few issues with the clip attachment

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Can you sit down with an appendix holster?

A lot of people would cite that one of the disadvantages of an appendix carry style holster is that it jabs into their body as they bend or sit.

We understand that this is uncomfortable. And to prevent this, adjust the height of your pants for an appendix position.

Adjust it higher up on the waist. This will keep your pants and gun higher, especially when driving, and will allow the holster to bend with you.

Doing this can prevent injury because of your gun. But then, look for pants that fit you well and that which can be worn around the hip bone.

But overall, you should get used to that little discomfort when wearing an appendix IWB holster when you’re sitting or bending. There is no magic that’ll make you feel as if you’re not wearing anything.

What holster does John Wick use?

John Wick doesn’t only like dogs but also guns. His preference is the H&K P30L. And throughout his movies, he used an outside the waistband holster or OWB holster.

Final Thoughts

Being a responsible gun owner, you must consider the safety of others and yourself when wearing a concealed carry firearm. That’s why using an appendix IWB holsters that fit right, secure and keep your gun in place, and allow for quick and easy drawing when the situation arises matters.

Luckily, finding the right holster with a good holster material, quality construction, and safety features will be easy if you know what to look for. Hopefully, this buying guide and reviews have helped with the comparison of concealed carrying appendix position holsters for you. Weigh your options well and take your time so that you can finally make the right decision for the best appendix carry holster for you.

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