Best Bore Sight in 2022:  Buying Guide and Top 10 Picks for You

The best bore sight must be in any shooter’s range bag, but there are a lot of inaccurate ones out there to fit and work well for a caliber rifle or pistol. And if you would rely on common visual aiming or a traditional bore sighting device or an outdated, inaccurate same bore sight you possess, you’ll not even get on paper and more so not hit the bull’s eye.

In this buying guide, we’ll cover different bore sight kits with different laser specs, features, and characteristics. By the end, we’re hoping you do find an accurate laser bore sighter that works for your needs.

We’ll also cover why you might need a professional laser bore sighter and answer the most frequently asked questions about these bore sight kits. Before we do so, let’s define what a bore sighting tool is to avoid any confusion before buying a bore sight especially if installing a new sight on the handgun.

A bore sight is a sighting device that works to help you align your firearm’s sight with your gun’s point of impact or at least close to aligning them. And once you bore sighted with an in-chamber bore sight or in muzzle bore sighting device, you can check the accuracy you came up with through a firing test, while also minimizing any needed adjustments.

What is the best type of bore sight?

Now for the question on what the best bore sight is, know that there are two types of bore sight. The optical collimators and laser bore sights. They are the primary categories of bore sights though are different classifications – magnetically mounted, chambered gadgets, and arbor mounted types.

The collimator bore sight is the complex type. It is made of a lens, which is perpendicularly aligned to the bore in front of the optic of the rifle. And every lens contains a printed reticle grid, with a size identified to that of the firearm optic’s size. To keep such bore sight accurate, the gun owner should keep the lens perpendicular to the bore.

A laser bore sight is much simpler. It has a laser beam that can point directly at the target. It is also cheaper than the collimators. But to make it really accurate, one has to perfectly align the laser to the bore or magnet’s plane.

Accuracy wise, both types are satisfying to use, but collimators are more expensive. Factor that when deciding which to get. Nevertheless, using a bore sight can give you more accurate results than only counting on your eyes.

Why should I use a laser borescope?

Gun and rifle owners use the Bushnell bore sighter or another bore sight to get on paper and of course hit the bull’s eye. Using one is also saving time and money, and it makes your job simpler especially if you’re a first time shooter. A laser bore sight, for instance, should also be able to make your shooting life more enjoyable than without. Laser bore sights are also easier to use than common methods of achieving zero.

What to look for in a Laser Bore Sighter?

There are several factors to consider when choosing bore sights, like Wheeler professional bore sight, whether they’re green or red lasers. One is the material, which is typically aluminum, brass, or bronze. Commercial sights use aluminum commonly because it’s lightweight and durable.
You’ll also need to decide between an in-chamber or end-of-the-barrel sight. An in-chamber bore sight can be caliber specific. An in-chamber bore sight can also save you time because it’s easy to use.

Next is the color of the laser beam, either a green laser or a red laser. Greens are more expensive than the red ones, but more visible up to at least 100 yards versus reds that can be just visible to only 30 yards. But if you’re choosing a green laser light, consider battery life because it tends to consume more power.

The brightness level of the laser sight should also be considered. One thing that contributes to this is the laser class, Class IIIA laser is the most common. It will be wiser to get a brighter laser bore sight to zero the rifle no matter the time of the day.

You must also check the hold. Bore adapters or bore arbors are commonly used because they’re more affordable than other alignment methods. They’re mounted at the bore’s end through an expanding collar made of metal or polymer. On the other hand, some laser bore sighting devices are with magnetic connection, which sticks to the muzzle of the firearm.

Cost: Cheaper types may only be useful for a limited number of calibers and might not be compatible with all rifles. But then, there are many bore sights that come with many adapters, allowing one for use with all types of calibers.

Middle-priced laser sights come with safe laser modules and have a longer battery life. There are single-caliber or multiple caliber bore sights that you can choose though. Then, there are the green laser bore sights, which are more expensive, but offer more visibility and accuracy, too. Most of them also come with innovative magnetic systems, so using them is pretty easy.

10 Best Laser Bore Sights

1. EZShoot BoreSighter Bore Sight Kit

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The EZShoot laser sighter is for every hunter who is looking for top performance and quality in their bore sight. One of the first things I noticed in this bore sighter is its compatibility with different rifles and handguns, so it is basically universal.

The lightweight bore sight that weighs 1.33 ounces offers enhanced accuracy for its red laser beam. This provides an accurate reference point when it comes to zeroing my target, which must be the primary concern when looking for a bore sight. After all, it’s why we’re buying a device like it in the first place.

Going back to my point about universality, this device comes with nine different adapters in a kit. It can be used to bore sight many .177-.54 caliber rifles and pistols.

Operation ease is another remarkable feature of this tool. It comes with a push button switch, providing easy access to the controls for improved performance.

The Class IIIA Laser device offers sufficient brightness with a maximum power output of <5mW that also enhances user safety though wearing eye protection is always recommended.

In addition, the EZShoot laser sight is easy to use and it lets me select the right caliber adapter before I place it in the muzzle. The Red Laser Bore Sight for hunting and competitive shooting will definitely get you on paper easily.

On the downside, the batteries are not long-lasting. But overall, the laser bore sight kit makes a great bore sighting device for a lot of caliber rifles and pistols.


  • Compatible with multiple calibers
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Sufficient brightness
  • Ease of operation and accessible controls

Cons: Batteries included aren’t long lasting

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2. Xaegistac Rifle Scope Boresighter Kit

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When searching for the best laser bore sight, include this Xaegistac boresighter kit to your list of options. It is a universal bore sight that works compatible with a wide range of calibers because it comes with arbors for each one of them, including .177, 6.5mm, or 50. This Xaegis bore sighting kit also works well for shotguns, handguns, and rifles.

This hunting bore sighter is straightforward to use, as one only needs to align the reticle of their scope with the gun’s barrel, resulting in improved shooting accuracy. It can also save money because I don’t need to waste shots anymore unlike if I’d use visual aiming methods.
The Xaegis Boresighter offers quick sighting in, so I can get back to action quickly, while improving my overall shooting experience. It also has a beautiful design and has quality optics comparable to more expensive laser sights.

On the downside, its plastic components might not last as long when compared to aluminum made ones. But overall, the bore sighter works just fine and it comes in a complete package along with a protective plastic case and a manual.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Lightweight and beautiful design
  • Comes in a complete package
  • Saves money for not wasting shots versus traditional sighting methods
  • Compatible with a wide range of firearms

Cons: Plastic material may be flimsy

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3. EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Bright Green or Red Dot BoreSighter

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The EZshoot Bore Sight Kit is another top choice among shooting professionals and hunters for its reliability and durability. It is also not caliber specific, meaning it can be used for a wide range of rifles and handguns. The bore sight is compatible for .17 to .54 rifles and pistols for shooting and hunting.

In addition, the accurate laser bore sighter installs straightforwardly. It can install in your equipment’s barrel quickly, and it can project a laser beam from the bore axis center. That’s why even beginners won’t have a hard time using it the first time, provided that they install it properly.
The green laser sight is bright and clear, too, making it easy to use no matter the weather condition. And even with low visibility, it helps me to aim accurately for the longer range of its sighting.

I also liked that it comes with 2 sets of 800mAh upgraded long life batteries, adding to its durability. This model also has a big button switch that’s easy to control while being accessible to switch on or off.

The target point green laser also comes with nine different adapters, ensuring I get to choose the right adapter all the time. This laser bore sight works so easily that it also includes the tools needed to operate it.

It is also a class IIIA laser beam with a power output of <5mW, ensuring standard operation and user safety. However, it is not the most durable option around. Overall, you’ll appreciate the quality materials and simple structure design of this bore sight 223.


  • Very affordable for anyone just beginning in hunting/shooting
  • Compatible with different types of rifles and pistols
  • 9 different adapters for easy fit
  • 2 sets upgraded CR2 batteries
  • Easy to install and straightforward to use with its big switch

Cons: Not the most durable option around

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4. StrongTools Red or Green BoreSighter

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The red or green laser bore sight from StrongTools is another excellent option for hunters and competitive shooters looking to use a reliable and high performance bore sight kit. I also find that it’s easy to tighten the tail piece of my firearm because this tool has an alignment line, ensuring operation accuracy once the battery has been installed.

The laser bore sights accurate work to help me zero my rifle without any inconvenience. Also, it comes with pre-installed adapter screws, adding convenience. This model also has an updated taper design that will fit larger calibers, including a 12GA barrel.

Also, it is compatible to work with multiple firearms from .177 to 12GA caliber rifles; thus, I don’t need to buy a bore sighter for every rifle I have. More so, the StrongTools boresighter comes with a customized adapter bag with very easy to see instructions helping me identify each adapter conveniently.

Furthermore, the StrongTools laser sighter is one of the best laser bore sights around for its outstanding module, which is made with quality electronic components, extending its lifespan. I also saved a lot of time and money using this because it greatly improves speed and accuracy. Thus, I can avoid spending a lot of time and ammos during fire tests.

Overall, it is a high-quality and top performance bore sight that offers different features to make the life of the hunter and shooter easier. The price is just right for its components and characteristics. However, I’d like to note that the instructions could have been improved to help users understand them better. Other than that, this bore sighter is worth the money.


  • Comes with different adapters to fit one’s rifle
  • Outstanding laser module and quality components
  • Plastics not getting stuck in the muzzle
  • Saves a lot of time and money at the range
  • Comes with a customized adapter bag

Cons: Instructions can be improved

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5. MidTen Bore Sight Kit, Red or Green Laser Boresighter

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Just like a wheeler professional bore sight, this sighting tool is reliable as it can deliver high performance and it comes in a lightweight package. The MidTen bore sight kit is another to consider if you’re looking for a green laser bore sight that allows you to see visibly no matter the lighting condition, either for daylight laser target or nighttime use.

This model also has a long battery life inside a durable compartment. It is surprisingly easy to install and operates for long hours. The battery of the professional laser bore sighter can be locked into place, avoiding it from overturning. I also noticed that this battery can offer up to five hours of continued use, which is longer than other bore sights on the market. I also liked that it has a push button that lets me operate it with ease and without any hassles.

The bore sighter is also compatible to use for a wide range of firearms, such as handguns and rifles. I also like to mention that it also comes with nine pieces of adapters, making it highly adaptable for a wide range of handguns and rifles. Not to forget, this sighting device also has a red laser that works effectively when it comes to a more accurate sighting of my firearm.

In addition, this model is made with a class III laser module with power output of less than 5mW. I’d like to add that it can also be carried and stored easily for its lightweight and compact design, while also being durable and rigid to meet my demands. More so, it comes with a lovely case where I can store it when not in use.


  • Easy to carry and store
  • Long battery life for continued use
  • High performance and quality materials
  • Red laser class IIIA laser is safe to use
  • Comes with nine different adapters for easy compatibility with rifles and handguns

Cons: Can be challenging to use initially

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6. LaserLyte Universal Laser Bore Sight

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If you’re looking for bore sighters that can offer superb target adjustment systems, you might want to check out the LaserLyte bore sight that works just as good as a Wheeler Laser boresighter.

It features a 5mW peak class IIIA red laser that performs as expected, allowing users to see more visibly when trying to sight in their handgun or rifle for an effective performance at the range or the woods.

This hunting bore sighting tool is one of the best around for its completeness and performance that anyone can rely on to improve their shooting accuracy.

LaserLyte bore sighters are known for their ease of use, too. This one can fit into an unloaded firearm’s barrel simply by using one of the included adapters.

These adapters make the sighting device compatible with a wide range of firearms, including pistols and rifles. Every purchase comes with adapters to bore sight 223, .03-06, and .300 Whisper, and many more, giving me more value for my spending knowing I don’t have to buy a caliber-specific bore sighter for every rifle I have.

This LaserLyte bore sighter offers supreme laser visibility, allowing me to zero my rifle faster than using traditional sighting methods or visual aiming methods. I also noticed that this one comes with the things

I need from the start, such as a convenient case, extra batteries, four arbors, four screws, a daylight target, and a hex wrench. It is also lightweight and convenient to carry even for travel and can be used in different conditions.

On the downside, it might come with missing components, but contacting their customer service is easy. And overall, this bore sighter for different types of rifles is a reliable pick because it comes with complete accessories, is lightweight, and is easy to install and use. Check it out yourself if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced but highly functional bore sighting tool.


  • Can be used in almost all types of environments
  • Lightweight at 0.54 lbs for traveling
  • Comes complete with all the accessories needed
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Affordable but high quality

Cons: Missing parts

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7. Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

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This Wheeler professional laser light bore comes with a whole host of good features, such as a magnetic connection system, a molded plastic storage case, nice power output, and a highly visible laser unlike more bore sights.

This Wheeler Engineering Professional Laser magnetic bore sight is designed with a powerful red laser, making it one of the best laser bore sights on the market. It also features an innovative magnetic system to its barrel, allowing for quick bore sighting results.

In addition, the Wheeler bore sight is as reliable as a good Sightmark boresight because it can help me with a more precise alignment, and that is without damaging the bore. This is in comparison to many arbor style bore devices on the market.

Its body is made with an aluminum body, adding to its durability and ensuring it could be used for the years to come without having to replace it soon. Its aluminum construction also has a soft rubber over molding that is what holds that laser module. I also noticed that it is well-calibrated out of the box, and that is one thing that can prove this brand’s attention to detail, ensuring durability and performance.

This aluminum made extremely bright green laser bore sighter is also lightweight at only 0.95 pounds, making it convenient for traveling, too.
However, it is more expensive than some red lasers. Overall, it is a powerful green laser that still works even in broad daylight, and it can also run on a single battery, which is included in the purchase. The controls are also easily accessible for turning the switch on and off.


  • Precise alignment for easy sighting in
  • Comes with a molded plastic storage case
  • Machined aluminum body for durability
  • Long life lithium 123A battery
  • Delivers quick bore sighting results

Cons: More expensive than some red lasers

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8. SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

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Another option not to miss in your list of options is the Sitelite mag laser boresighter that is designed and made to last and perform even under demanding situations. The SL-100 is easy to operate and use out of the box, as it already comes with two pieces of button cell batteries.

This model can offer superior bore sighting accuracy because it uses the most modern technology and a superb system coming with adapters and o-rings fitting from 22 to 50 caliber handguns and rifles as well as muzzleloaders and 12 gauge shotguns.

SL-100 has an accurate ballistic targeting system that is why it is chosen by the marine, navy, and military. There is no doubt because this SL 100 features their ballistic targeting system program, allowing the creation of a custom laser bore sighting target that suits a specific ammo or rifle. What’s even better is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring you’ll get help when you need it. That is kudos to the brand that takes their job seriously.

The SL-100 uses the latest laser technology to provide superior performance. It features a class IIIA laser that is less than 5mW, which is compliant with the law and is safe to use. In addition, this unit comes with a scope leveler, allowing to level the crosshairs prior to bore sighting.
But my only complaint is that the batteries do not last that long. Overall, the SL 100 is one of my favorite bore sighters on the market for its superior performance and quality. You should check it out if you want a feature-rich bore sighter that has the features that you would love to have in one.


  • Lifetime warranty and superior accuracy
  • Compatible with different calibers for money saving
  • Class IIIA laser, which is safe for the user
  • Easy to use for sighting in your rifle
  • Durable and quality components

Cons: Button batteries will only last only two hours with continued use

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9. StrongTools BoreSighter Brass Red Dot Boresight

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If you were impressed with the Wheeler professional laser bore sighter, you’re sure to like this StrongTools premium brass bore sighter that works with different types of firearms, such as 223, 45 Colt Caliber Rifle Scope handgun, and many more.

This one is for the serious hunters and shooters because this kit can offer improved speed and accuracy in bore sighting their firearms. It can save them a lot of time and money for not wasting any of its firing tests.

It is made of a brass material that is precisely machined for optimum performance at the firing range. It comes with seven different bore sights, too, and these include the 223 REM and 30-30 WIN. I also liked that it offers high efficiency and that it speeds up getting to the accuracy that I am looking for when sighting in my rifle. It is also made with top notch components, extending its lifespan, while not losing its consistency.

On the downside, this device is a bit bulkier than the others featured here, but it shouldn’t be a problem for serious hunters and shooters looking to get the most out of their device. Overall, this is a high performing bore sight that has all the necessary features making it a reliable choice.


  • Topnotch laser module with quality components
  • Class IIIA red laser for safety and visibility
  • Complete accessories
  • Reputable brand
  • Durable brass

Cons: A bit bulkier

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10. GUAWIN Bore Sight Kit

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Not to forget in the list is this laser boresighter that features a magnetic connection. It can be connected to the muzzle of a steel barrel easily sans any hard to use adapters. Thus, the user doesn’t have to push it into a barrel unlike other laser sights. Such would otherwise cause damage to the barrel.

I’d also like to mention that it comes with two pieces of rubber magnets, which can be attached easily to the magnetic cover. It can prevent any scratching on the muzzle, one of its cool features. In addition, this bore sighter is compatible to work with many rifles and pistols from 0.17 to 10 caliber.

Moreover, it has a bright, clear beam that is excellently visible no matter the time of the day, allowing for precise sighting even when being used during sunny conditions. The bore sighter is also easy to use out of the box even first timers will not have a hard time to set it up.

This laser dot bore sight is also made of durable aluminum that extends its lifespan. It is also designed with an innovative circuit board that can help in preventing malfunctions.

Overall, the laser bore sight can give anyone the confidence in buying it for its quality components and superb functions. It offers value for money, although there were isolated complaints of the laser not being very bright especially with a reflective target.


What is the best time of day to sight a gun with a laser bore sight?

Rifle bullets travel in an arc because of the gravity, and not in a straight line. Sighting in with your laser bore sighter allows you to adjust the sights so that you can hit your target easier. For example, hunters sight-in their firearms with a Sightmark bore sight or a laser bore sighter to hit their target at 100 yards or more.

Regardless of the time of the day, you must use bore sights before a hunt or shooting at the range with the ammunition you’re using, especially in the case of rifles with telescopic sights.

A laser bore sighter should be able to help you sight in a gun that might have been misaligned from the last outing. Using laser bore sighters, you can improve your hunting experience that could have been ruined by misalignment.

How far is bore sighting good for?

A bore sighting device improves shooting accuracy and helps you identify any issues with your firing technique. It also helps you identify the farthest range that will aid in shooting your target. Overall, it can help new shooters build their confidence and improve their shooting skills.
But how far is bore sighting good for? Laser bore sighting your weapon is more accurate than visually sighting in. While visually sighting may help you get on paper at 100 yards, using a laser bore will get you closer to the center of the paper.

You must be able to bore sight at 25 yards and then impact one-inch low when you’re shooting at 25 yards using deer rifles. And then, you should be able to finalize the zero on the target at 100 yards in a couple of shots.

Do laser bore sights work for pistols?

Yes, but the only way to do it is to use a laser bore sighter because it is almost impossible to look directly down at the pistol’s chamber to see if its barrel is pointing at the target. A laser beam bore sighter is the only way to boresight your gun.

Can you bore sight iron sights?

Bore sighting doesn’t zero your rifle, but the best bore sights can get you on paper. Don’t use a bright green laser on iron sights. Zero the iron sight to your eye. US-made rifles are commonly on the paper before being released. Take it to the range with 25 or 50 yards for iron sight in order to zero it. Use trigger discipline and squeeze the trigger. Use the pad of your fingertip and don’t wrap your finger around the trigger.

Final Verdict

There you have our top picks for the best bore sights on the market to choose from and use for your firearm. With the right bore sighter, you’ll improve your shooting accuracy and confidence, while also saving money and time. This list should be able to help you get your hands on the best laser bore sighter, whether it’s an in muzzle bore sighter or an in chamber bore sight. When in doubt, use the buying guide above for the factors to consider when searching for a perfectly aligned bore sight with your firearm.

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