Best Glock Night Sights: Buying Guide & Top 10 Picks 2022

Finding night sights review to pick the best Glock night sights? Want to improve target acquisition and shooting accuracy? Chances are you reached this website to look for an ideal Glock night vision sight for your gun. We’ve got you covered!

A Glock 19 is probably one of the most popular concealed carry guns out there. Unfortunately, their factory sights are often average, merely doing anything to improve precision and offer quick target acquisition.

Especially that you trust your life to your Glock pistol, you want its best performance to help you in your mission. That’s why you need to use the right Glock aftermarket parts that will up your game and make your shooting more accurate than ever.

Here’s for you. In today’s buying guide, I’m discussing the top picks for a Glock night sight. Use it when choosing yours so that you can eventually use the right sight or even suppressor height sights particularly when you’re suppressed and during emergencies.

1. AmeriGlo Classic Tritium Three-Dot Night Sights for Glock

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Some of the best night sights for Glock 19 are produced by AmeriGlo, a USA-based night vision sight manufacturer that helps enhance and promote accurate shooting of the members of the firearms community. They produce the AmeriGlo Classic Style Green Tritium 3-Dot Night Sights compatible for the Glock 17-19.

The night vision aftermarket sights help pistol owners aim at their target accurately even in low light conditions and in different situations, such as home defense, EDC, long-range shooting, or competitive shooting.

This night sight set features a three-dot operation, each sight part is painted with white dots, which are more visible in low lighting conditions, making the sighting easier and allowing target acquisition in no time.

This Glock model sight comes with two rear circles, drawing the user’s eyes and focusing them on the rear sight. Such allows them to see the front sight and focus it on the target.

These pistol sights are engineered with green tritium, further improving one’s shooting accuracy even in the darkness. At daytime, the bright green sight works as regular three-dot sights, though. Nevertheless, these best night sights glow in the dark perfectly, helping users aim at their target with ease.

For the night sight for Glock’s material, I must mention plastic sights aren’t as durable, though. If possible, avoid plastic sights. This night vision sight is CNC machined from steel and then assembled using Swiss-made tritium. It is also compatible with Gen 5 Glock from 17-19, 26, and 45.

My only complaint is its standard design that might not appeal to all users. Overall, though, I liked this night vision sight as it improves vision in low lighting situations accurately.


· Made in the USA

· CNC machined steel

· Swiss-made tritium

· Works perfectly in low lighting conditions

· Suitable for competitions, military, and other situations


· Classic standard night sights design might not appeal for some

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2. XS SIGHTS F8 Tritium Night Sight Glocks

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XS sights are a reliable sight set that improves shooting accuracy because they feature self-illuminating tritium vials in both its front and rear sight, allowing me to focus better both for day and night use.

Its front sight also features the Glow Dot, a proprietary orange photoluminescent dot, which supplies the perfect high contrast color in bright light and glows sufficiently in low lighting situations. I noticed that it can also absorb ambient light, limiting any distractions from the surroundings.

Focus is also important to improve the performance of your Glock models pistols. I appreciate that XS sights use a two dot alignment picture that greatly enhances front sight focus and aids to see the target better.

Its tritium light is also large, glowing brightly and preventing any distraction coming from either the front or rear dot. And when in situations like an intense back lighting, this night sight is designed with a rearward angle on its rear sight preventing any glare.

It is also one of the best gun deals on night sights I found because it can fit a lot of holsters. In addition, I liked its steel construction that will make it last for years because it can be protected from impact and drops.

The nightlight or daylight shooting sight is also resistant to different chemical cleaners, be it acetone-based or ultrasonic, furthering its durability. I also noticed that gunpowder is quite easy to remove and that I only need to wipe it off with a clean cloth.

It is certainly one of the best Glock night sights around because it allows quick sight acquisition. It can be easily aligned so that I only have to level the top of its front sight with the top of the rear sight through equal gaping on the front blade’s front portion.

It is also noticeable that the enhanced sight gap does allows the front sight’s top edge to become more visible in reducing the level of lighting when compared to a regular tight sight picture.

Overall, XS night sights are great for improving focus and targeting in extremely low lighting conditions, although it works a bit average for daylight.


· Solid and durable construction

· Allows for quick sight acquisition

· Easy to align for accurate picture

· Resistant to chemical cleaners

· Effectively prevents glare from surrounding light


· Works just fine for daytime use

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3. Votatu GN901 Night Sight w/ Front Sight Tool

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When looking for best Glock night sights for pistols, including Glock models, check on the compatibility of the night sights. VOTATU GN901 is a versatile rear sight that can work perfectly with different Glock models, including Glock 17, 23, 24 and so on.

This VOTATU night sight is a compact hunting, airsoft, competition, and shooting accessory that can improve your night sight picture and allow you to acquire your target quickly for its high performance features.

One of the things I would like to note about this is its durable design and construction of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and convenient to use. It is built to last and perform even under the toughest conditions, allowing you to perform your task with utmost precision.

These Votatu Glock night sights glow in the dark naturally, so it doesn’t require any batteries, meaning no need to replace or charge any battery. One can use it anytime, as it is ready to face any challenge. I observed that it only needs natural lighting or flashlight light to work properly.

It also has a snag-free design, not catching on any clothing. There is no hassle to its use. I also appreciate that it can suit different standard holsters, so I don’t really need to buy a new one just to use this.

However, it might not be the best night sight for nighttime use. It doesn’t belong in the tritium night sights category. Overall, it is good especially for beginners for its sufficient performance that is better than Glock stock sights.


· Snag-free design doesn’t catch on clothing

· Glow in the dark naturally using artificial or natural lighting

· Compatible for different Glock models

· Ideal for different applications, such as competition, hunting, and shooting

· Durable aluminum construction


· No tritium, not the best night sights for low lighting situations

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4. Crimson Trace CTS-1550 Ultra Compact Open Reflex Pistol Sight

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The CTS-1550 is one of the best night sights because it is compact, lightweight, and high performing. One of the things to appreciate with the CTS-1550 is its durable and long-lasting Led, which can serve you for the years to come

This best open reflex sight for Glock handguns and pistols features a surrounding light sensor, automatically adjusting front and rear sights according to ambient lighting.

Then, I also noticed that the sights work better than factory sights because it can turn off when the cover that comes with it is not in use. This feature effectively extends the battery life, which is one of the most important features of night sights.

In addition, this night and day sight’s battery for Glock pistols can run up to 20,000 hours, meaning more hours for you. I’d also like to note that its battery is strategically placed underneath the front and rear sight accessory.

Its notch allows for co-witness even if it has a small size, giving users an additional security especially in worst situations, while allowing different aiming options. Before I forgot, I’d mention that this optic device is also with a lightweight polymer construction, reducing its weight and offering user convenience when using their gun.

These night sights also have a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle, allowing for easier target acquisition, which is a significant advantage.

Overall, the Crimson Trace CTS-1550 is a reliable, high performance night sight to consider even if it is a bit pricier than other products in the same category that can be bought at about half the price.


· Lightweight polymer construction

· 3.0 MOA Aiming Dot

· Long lasting LED technology

· Battery life up to 20,000 hours

· Adjusts to ambient lighting


· A bit pricier

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5. CREATIVE XP HD Red Dot Sight 3 MOA Reflex Sight for Day & Night sights for glock

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The RD EAGLE reflex sight for day and night use is another option to consider when looking for reliable HD night sights for concealed carry, hunting, shooting, tactical, and military uses. These night sights are also compatible with rifles, shotguns, and other pistols other than Glock models.

The black device that gives sight immediately enhances shooting precision. You’ll appreciate its HD glass in the design, offering supreme shot visibility, which is definitely the reason we’re buying a day and night sight.

It offers 10 different brightness levels, which can be easily adjusted according to the situation or lighting condition. If you love range shooting, hunting, and joining gun competitions, a night vision sight like this is a must-have in your arsenal.

The sight alignment device, which has eight day and two night settings, is made with high quality glass and optics. I’ve read that it’s been tested for 1000 rounds and still held to zero. I tried it for 10 rounds and yes, it did held up even to strong recoil.

Glock owners searching for an easy to mount optic device might also want to take a look at the CREATIVE XP HD Red Dot Sight. Its solid and compact design allows for quick installation, suiting most setups, for its weaver mount style.

Also, it has a lightweight design and construction, adding to ease of use, as well as easy to access controls, allowing for no-hassle operation.

My only complaint is its switches, which can be confusing to power on and off initially. But overall, I got the hang of it and definitely you will, too. What’s best is that you can get your hands on a real deal on the best night sights.


· Intuitive design for operation ease

· Compact and lightweight profile

· Can hold to zero

· Suits a wide range of applications

· 10 different settings


· Initial operation might be tricky

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6. XS SIGHTS 3-Dot Tritium Night Sights for glock

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Aiming in low light situations can be a real challenge with low light conditions. That’s why it pays off to use an illuminating device that can provide sufficient brightness without distracting one’s view for quick sight acquisition.

The best night sights for Glock 43X, which work better than ordinary stock Glock sights, are compatible with Glock models 17, 19, 22-24, and 41, to name some.

The orange XS SIGHTS for hunting and tactical operations are not just compatible with a wide range of handguns but also works excellently for its self-illuminated green tritium lamps in both its rear and front sights, taking visibility to a notch higher, whether day or night.

The battery-free operated Glock night sights can work even in low light and offer a visible sight picture for its Glow Dot. It can provide you with high contrast visibility in bright lighting conditions, while also absorbing surrounding light. In addition, this Glow Dot is gunpowder and cleaning chemical resistant and is long-lasting, giving you the most value for your buck.

On the downside, it’s not as powerful as the battery operated options I tested. But nevertheless, it’s from a reliable brand and the product itself is durable to withstand different challenges.


· Dual illuminated front sight

· Features Glow Dot self-illuminated tritium lamps

· Can be used on a wide range of applications

· Fits many Glock handguns


· Not as powerful as battery-powered options

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7. TRUGLO TFX Pro Xtreme Handgun Sight

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If you’re looking for a reliable fiber optic sight, you might want to take a look at the TRUGLO TFX Pro tritium fiber optic sights especially designed and made for Glock pistols, such as Glock 17, Glock 17L, Glock 43 X and Glock 19, and many more.

The fiber optic Truglo tritium sights are ideal for military, tactical, and hunting and have a lightweight of only 0.06 pounds, making it convenient to carry in your gun.

When looking for the best night sights, one must also consider its ability to withstand demanding situations so that they can improve their shooting accuracy. This fiber optic is designed to provide superior reliability and brightness given any lighting condition.

These Glock sights feature a FOCUS LOCK ring technology, allowing for an even faster focus even under tough situations. In addition, this fiber optic sight, which features TFX sight technology, also has a tough capsule design that improves the night vision sight’s durability, while providing the sight with optimum protection against the elements.

These Glock night sights also come with a Fortress Finish that serves as a protective and permanent coating, resisting chemicals, oils, cleaning chemicals, and even cleaning involving ultrasonic methods.

It has a U shaped rear sight that allows for quick target acquisition, along with the unit’s angled edge offering better access during one-handed and emergency situations. Ultimately, I appreciate its suitability for a wide range of holsters.

On the downside, some filing of the front sight might be required to secure it firmly. But overall, it is one of the best Glock sights for its optimal design and durable construction and works much better than ordinary Glock OEM night sights.


· TFX sealed capsule protecting it from shock

· FOCUS LOCK ring technology

· Compatibility with many Glock pistols

· Fortress finish protecting the steel from rust

· Resistant to chemicals, gun powder, and other elements


· Some filing of the front sight might be needed

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8. Feyachi NS16 Night Sights

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Feyachi is one of the best brands for rear and front sight devices that greatly enhance sight picture even in the dimmest conditions, especially needed in combats, competitions, night hunting, and other applications.

One of their offerings is the Feyachi NS16 that works well for a wide range of Glock handguns, including Glock 17L, 37, and 38, and many more.

One of the best suppressor height sights, the Feyachi night vision device is made of CNC machined steel, making it more durable to withstand tough situations. It can definitely be worth someone’s investment because it won’t need replacement sooner.

And to make it longer lasting, the manufacturer added a Fortress finish in it, providing the device maximum protection against damage from the elements and chemical cleaners. I believe that this feature is one of the most important to look for to ensure that the night sight will last longer.

In addition, this model is designed with a 0.15 inch of notch width, ensuring protection even from heavy recoil. It is also something that plastic sights cannot keep up with. In addition, I noticed that the suppressor sight can fit many standard holsters, so it is basically easy to use without having to worry about it catching on the holster.

The best part about this alloy steel green night sight, which has a Glock mounting type, is that it can also offer a nice brightness level after strong natural light or daylight exposure. Its night vision is absolutely helpful especially during emergencies.

Overall, it can offer a precise aiming point that improves shooting accuracy and performance. The only issue I have with these big dot sights is it’s a bit larger compared to others.


· Fortress finish for long-lasting use

· CNC machined steel

· Nice design

· Compatible with different handguns

· Great for low light situations


· A bit bulky

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9. Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set

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Trijicon HD night sights are some of the best on the market. This suppressor night sight set in particular is among my favorites because of its preciseness in improving my shots. Even if I have a good Glock, I know that it won’t do much without an equally good night sight like these Trijicon suppressor night sights.

For one, it can fit different guns from Glock 17-39 Models, making it really versatile and useful for anyone’s arsenal. The 3-dot irons sights surely do enhance night shooting accuracy better than traditional factory sights.

These Trijicon night sights do not also need batteries to operate, making them always ready for a battle or task. I also noticed that its housing is made of metal, protecting the internal elements and other components from damage and wear. Plus, this housing is enclosed within a silicone rubber, enhancing its shock resistance and making it longer lasting.

Every lamp of the iron sights is capped using a sapphire jewel, evenly distributing its light and at the same time protecting the lamps from punctures and chemicals.

And for added protection, I discovered that the device is made with aluminum cylinders, offering additional protection. More so, the lamps are mounted on the silicone rubber cushions, withstanding any shock as well as heavy recoil.

Furthermore, the Trijicon best night sights for Glock 19 gen 5 allow use with a suppressor as well as backup iron sight when used with a slide-mounted red dot, like the RMR.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a night sight that can offer a visible sight picture no matter the light situation especially for its green lamp and orange rear lamps, which do their job just fine. The only problem is it’s a bit more expensive than the other sights featured here.


· Silicone rubber cushions to resist shock and heavy recoil

· Allows use with a suppressor or as a backup iron sight

· Glock 17-39 Models compatibility

· Iron sights capped with a sapphire jewel

· Enhances shooting regardless of lighting condition


· A bit expensive

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10. Veteran Owned Company-DD119X Battle Flag Red Dot Reflex Sight Scope

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Not to forget in this list is the Dagger Defense DD119X. The DD119X has an ergonomic and solid design that allows for quick and easy adjustment and mounting, making it ideal even for those new in the scene. This design also allows saving space on the gun’s rail to make room for the other accessories.

Every package also comes complete, including a user manual, cleaning cloth, three pieces of batteries, red dot and green dot sight, and Allen wrench.

The locking screw set allows users to adjust and establish sighting, adding to ease of use. Also, I found out that the red dot is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, adding to its durability. I’d also like to mention its four reticle styles and two different reticle colors that add to its appeal and nice design.

Nevertheless, check out the big dot sight if you’re looking for a high-performance night sight for your mission and task. However, take note that it’s not for pistols built with slide cuts. Instead, it’s for a mil-spec 1913 rail mounting style.


· Locking screw set allows sight adjustment

· Complete package with manual, batteries, etc

· Ergonomic and solid design

· Durable materials


· Not for pistols with slide cuts

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How to install night sights on Glock?

Whether you’re using night sights with a green tritium or rear sight design, tritium sights, or other night sights, you should be able to improve your shooting accuracy by installing your device properly.

First, disassemble the gun to have only the slide remaining without the barrel or recoil spring. Then, get the nut driver out and then take the old front sight out.

Put the new sight and then dab on a small amount of a thread locker onto the sight screw. You might also want to put the screw first into the nut driver before applying it. Next, you must hold the front sight to prevent it from popping out.

And then, screw the front sight in. However, avoid torquing too much to prevent breaking the screw. Now, you can double check if the night sight is already straight. Adjust when needed.

Which is better: fiber optic or tritium sights?

To determine the answer to this question, think of this. The best Glock Tritium sights are generally for visibility in low light conditions and are often built for durability. On the other hand, fiber optics sights are designed for extreme visibility in bright light settings. That’s why they’re more recommended for sport shooting.

Can you see a red dot sight at night?

Yes, you can see a red dot sight at night no matter the lighting condition and its model and size.

How far can you shoot with a red dot?

Some shooters find shooting more accurately with a red dot versus iron sights especially when speed and distance are a major concern because red dots allow holdover for longer distance shots and still seeing the target clearly.

A red dot sight, however, is typically used at closer ranges, typically about 100 yards or less, providing a simplified aiming of the target for first time shooters.


The best Glock night sights can make a huge difference for all Glock handgun owners that want to improve their shooting accuracy given that plastic sights don’t work well or make any difference. And whether you want to see your target clearer or make aiming much easier, these top ten picks should help you get started. Each of them has their unique features and benefits that you should be able to compare to get your hands on the right target night sight.

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