Best IWB Holster: Buying Guide & Reviews 2023

Choosing from among the available concealed carry holsters on the market can be really tricky because there are so many options of IWB holsters on the market. The best IWB holster for your gun is important because the best concealed carry holster should keep your gun secure in place when holstered and must offer you quick and easy access to your gun.

Best IWB Holster

A concealed carry holster should also prevent any accidental firing, so ensuring that nothing touches the trigger is essential. The IWB holster must also allow for a total grip so that you can draw your handgun quickly. In addition, the holster should maintain its durability and structural integrity over the years.

And if you’re comparing choices of the best concealed carry, one of the critical factors to check is the holster’s ability in concealing your firearm, while avoiding printing. Most importantly, the holster must not hinder movement and be comfortable to wear for hours.

In today’s buying guide, I am featuring the best concealed carry holsters, each with different features and qualities that make them to the top of the list.

What is an IWB Holster?

An IWB concealed carry holster is worn inside the waistband by users that want to carry a concealed weapon and keep it secure in place while they’re doing what they need to do in their everyday lives, like for people in the military, law enforcement, security, tactical, personal defense, and/or hunting.

An IWB holster is simply an inside the waistband holster that is a popular choice for users that want to carry a self-defense handgun. It is available in different materials, like plastic, leather, and even synthetic and can be in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are custom fit for a specific handgun model.

These holsters are also secured to the person’s waistband with a loop/clip, providing quick and easy gun access, either side of the body – left or right.

Thing to consider for an IWB Holster

When carrying a concealed firearm, one of the most important aspects involved in it is ensuring it remains concealed. This is where a good holster comes in.

However, it is not enough for you to buy the first one that pops in searches. In the following are some of the crucial points to remember in comparing IWB holsters.

IWB holsters: Common Types 

You’ll find different combinations in concealed carry holsters; however, many of them are categorized based on the manner that they’re worn and their material. Here are some of them.

Strong side IWB holster

This refers to the way of carrying one’s handgun on the side, which is near one’s dominant hand. It allows you to quickly draw your firearm when needed.  The strong side’s opposite is the weak side. This means that you are carrying your holster in a manner that you’d need to reach your weapon across your body.

Appendix carry holster

This refers to carrying your holster by the appendix carry position. Typically, it’s located in your abdomen’s lower right side.

This type of carry is preferred by those who want to position their firearm in an easy location and provide them with a natural draw. You’ll find two types of appendix holsters – one being only holding the weapon and the other having a component that can fit a knife/magazine. However, the second type is uncommon because it is not that comfortable to wear.

Kydex concealed carry holster

Kydex is a material typically used in holster manufacturing because it is known for its durability to last over the years. It is also easy to maintain and clean and is also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Hybrid IWB holsters

Hybrid holsters combine materials to manufacture a holster, meaning it’s not only made of Kydex or leather, but a combination of two materials.  In many cases, the exterior of a hybrid holster is either a nylon or leather material.

On the downside, this type of holster, which is made of either nylon or leather on the outside, may be moisture absorbing. Some reports that it can also wear out after some time.

Good hybrid holsters use a Kydex shell, which works well in trigger protection, and have a softer material in areas that comes in contact with the user’s body.


When looking for a holster, check for its material that has to do with the holster’s ability in keeping its integrity for the years to come. Typically, options include Kydex, nylon, or leather.

Kydex and leather holsters are both popular choices in the concealed carry world.

Leather holsters have been around for ages and are available in different styles. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, while also being comfortable to wear. However, they need upkeep and care. To maintain their integrity and appearance, users should apply and use leather lotions and creams on leather holsters.

Today, you’ll find a lot of options in Kydex construction material for its ability to keep up with pressure, temperature changes, and a whole lot of factors that will affect the performance of the holster.

Kydex holsters may also be able to offer better retention to hold your gun in place, while also allowing you to quickly draw it when the need arises. On the downside, some people find it rigid and a bit uncomfortable to wear for hours on end.

At the end of the day, material is really all about personal preference. What works well for some may not work for others.


A good holster is comfortable to wear and you should be able to wear it for a long time. When comparing your choices, also check if the holster is comfortable in that as if it’s part of your clothing, allowing you to not be conscious that you’re wearing it.

A slim profile is a wise choice because it can reduce printing issues and bulkiness, which would otherwise make you feel uncomfortable when worn for many hours.

The best concealed carry holster must allow you to adjust your gun to a desired ride height. This will allow you to move freely and as you do.

Look for holsters with adjustable cant and ride height so that you can select the best positioning of the holster based on your body’s shape and size. This holstering device must be able to let you keep that position when you attach it to your belt.

Holster Fit

Your holster should not be too tight or too loose but must be the right fit for your gun.  That is why I also advise not to buy a one-size-fits-all nylon holster because it doesn’t keep the gun well in place. Cheap nylon holsters also have a retention scattered all over.

You need a holster that is custom fit or molded to the pistol model you’re using.

Kydex proves itself to excel in molded fit, while also offering many advantages. It can absorb shocks and protect your gun from scrapes and bumps, while also having the ability to deal with corrosive chemicals.

It is also water resistant, which is an important factor especially if you’re living in extreme climates.

Kydex can also protect your gun from the changing weather and temperatures. And as it’s snugly fitting your firearm, your gun will not move even when you’re moving. This can also reduce any risk of scraping your gun’s finish.

A Kydex concealed carry holster is also good in keeping moisture that can damage your ammunition’s internal parts out.


Every gun user’s body is different. That’s why adjustability is important, like in terms of ride height and cant. This will ensure that it can offer you with more options in terms of concealment.

Quality construction

You might have to pay a higher price for a quality holster, but the service it can give you can last for years unlike if you settle for cheap and flimsy holsters. It is not just about a matter of durability here, but also performance.

The least that we would want is a holster that couldn’t keep our gun well secure in place. This can compromise not only the security of our person but also others around us.

When choosing shoulder holsters, appendix holsters, or just about any concealed carry holster, don’t just look at the price tag but also the quality of what you’re getting. You may refer to the reviews we’ve presented here for reference.

Safety and security

One of the reasons we’re buying holsters is to ensure it can conceal our firearm properly while also securing the gun all the time.

In addition, we’re getting one to ensure that it can cover the trigger guard in order to prevent accidental firing or keep any object like our clothing or finger from reaching it.

Check that the concealed carry IWB holster fully covers the trigger guard through a solid and durable material that will not collapse as time passes by.


Especially when in a tough situation, we need to make quick decisions and be able to draw our firearm quickly. A bad holster won’t let you do this, and it might put your life in danger because you might have to struggle in drawing your gun.

Look for good retention in an IWB holster that  allows for adjusting the cant angle and ride height. Make sure it also allows quick drawing when needed.


Look for an inside the waistband holster that allows you to easily fit it under your clothing and one that is convenient to wear and remove. Belt clips are important in this regard. It must be easy to use, though.

Dominant hand: Left or right?

You must also consider this before buying a holster because a lot of holsters are not interchangeable for your left and right hand, meaning not ambidextrous. Consider your dominant hand and buy a holster that is designed for it.

Pistol model

I recommend getting a custom fit holster for your pistol to ensure it fits correctly, not loose or tight. Avoid buying universal nylon holsters, as they will not be able to hold your firearm well.

In addition, be sure to get a holster based on the type of your gun’s features. Does it have accessories like raised sights, laser sights or accessory rails? So when comparing choices, check that the holster allows for these accessories.

Local and state regulations

Laws vary from one territory to another. Research about local and state carry laws and regulations because they may differ from your area to another. Stay updated with regulations to keep yourself out of trouble.

IWB Holster Benefits

Maybe you’re asking why get an inside the waistband holster for concealed carry. I have some answers for you.

Firearm control and safety

An IWB holster allows you to take full control of your firearm even in situations when an attacker would try to snatch your gun.


Carrying your firearm inside your waistband can offer better concealment of it; however, this can be best achieved if you would buy a slim profile holster that doesn’t cause any bulge or leaves any printing marks. The people around you won’t even know that you’re carrying a weapon. Definitely, IWB holsters excel in this department.

Choice of clothing

You’ll find holsters that follow your body’s contour or shape; thus, they will allow you to wear any clothing of your choice. This adds to the comfort of using IWB concealed carry holsters.

But generally of course, you must not wear tight pants if you decide to conceal carry with an IWB holster. I recommend wearing larger pants than you commonly wear for comfort and more room for your holster.

In terms of top clothing, I recommend wearing loose shirts or button up shirts that you can wear open over a shirt. This again will provide you with more comfort and concealment. 

8 Best IWB Holster for Different Type

1. Best IWB holster for sig p365: Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

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First on our list for IWB concealed carry is the Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster that works best for the Sig P365.  This pistol is known as the ultimate concealed carry weapon (CCW) and offers just the right balance of concealment and capacity.

It also has great ergonomics and shooting ability and possesses a really nice trigger and compact size. P365 gun owners also love its capacity of holding 10 rounds in its magazine and another one in the chamber.

This gun deserves an equally reliable IWB holster like this Fierce Defender Kydex holster.  One of its superb features is its tough and thick 0.08 Kydex material, which is perfectly fitting for my gun, while also being rugged to withstand extreme pressure, weather changes, and elements.

If you’re deciding on a Kydex holster for your Sig P365, maybe you don’t need to look any further. This one is impressive – and it’s worth noting that it is specifically molded for the P365. Thus, it can hold your firearm extremely well, and it is neither too loose nor too tight.

And if you’re a seasoned appendix position carry user, you’ll find this especially designed holster comfortable. I’d also like to mention that this one is made with an adjustable retention, which makes it easy to adjust it for the perfect fit. This firearm retention is available for both your weapon and its magazine.

Reholstering should not be an issue as well. This Fierce Defender IWB holster is engineered to have this flared opening. This feature adds to the convenience of using this holster when compared to other concealed carry holsters I’ve tried.

For precision and consistency of fit and performance, this model is CNC machined. Not to forget, wearing it for hours at the range or out in the field won’t be a hassle, too, because it is not bulky but lightweight at only 0.6 pounds; thus, you might not even notice that you’re wearing it. Although I must say, wearing it while driving may need a little getting used to.


  • Durable Kydex material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy re-holstering
  • Nice molding and fit
  • CNC machining offers precision and consistency


  • Needs a little getting familiar to achieve comfort

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2. Best IWB Holster for Glock 43: CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Holster

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The Glock 43 or G43 is legendary, precise and reliable 9mm caliber pistol, which is one of my favorites in terms of concealment and accuracy, regardless of the hand size of its user. This gun lets me acquire both a tight and high grip for its integrated beaver tail in the design.

And in terms of deep and ultra concealment, it is a highly recommended pistol that allows me to keep a Glock on me all the time if I want to.  This subcompact is nevertheless a suitable pistol for concealed carry, and I find this CYA Supply IWB holster the most suitable holstering device for it.   Here’s why.

It is versatile and flexible. This holster is not only for a Glock 43 but also for Shield Plus 3.1-inch barrel 9mm pistol and other pistols, but you may have to check whether it is compatible for your gun before buying.

However, users who own a gun with attachments might have to check another option because this one is not compatible for light or laser attachments. But if you don’t use any accessories for your pistol, then this should not be an issue.

A noteworthy feature of this holster is its quality and durability for its Boltaron construction material. It is 0.08-inch thick, making it pretty durable and rugged for whatever I’d throw at it. This material is also resistant to the elements and temperature changes.

Based on what I discovered, Boltaron is highly resistant against extreme heat deformation, making it really indestructible. Not to forget, it is also maintenance-free, and that’s a plus for me since I am typically having busy days. I prefer a concealed carry holster that will always be ready for action.

This holster is impressively lightweight, too, while being rugged to keep up with anything. Wearing it is comfortable and convenient because it doesn’t also cause a bulge in my clothing.

The holster also has a shape-retaining design, making it perfectly suitable for keeping my firearm in place. I also feel no rocking motion or unnecessary movement in it no matter how much I move.

The CYA Supply holster is also designed with an adjustable carry angle and retention pressure, which I believe is one of the most useful features to look for in a holster. This will allow you to adjust it to the right fitment for your gun and comfortable carry position or angle that suits you. Its carry angle is between zero and 15 degrees, so you have a lot of options here.


  • Adjustable cant from 0-15 degrees
  • Adjustable firearm retention
  • Boltaron material
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Custom fitting for the Glock 43


  • Issues with the screws loosening over time 

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3. Best IWB holster for Glock 17: Relentless Tactical Leather Holster

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The Glock 17 is known as a short-recoil and striker fire gun. It is superiorly designed for professional shooters due to its optimal magazine capacity, lightweight, and unparalleled reliability and operation ease.

The law enforcement, military, and professional users who own a Glock 17 use only a precise and custom fit holster for their G17, which is a full size pistol.

For the G17, I recommend this Relentless Tactical leather holster for its nice fit and superior precision and ease of use features. This model is handmade in the USA and made of only superior suede leather. I love that it doesn’t have any cheap or flimsy materials, which would otherwise affect its performance over time.

When it comes to choosing an IWB concealed carry holster, fit is critical. This one will not disappoint.  It is form-fitting, ensuring it can hold your firearm in place, as it is not loose or tight. While being a custom fit, the design is superb for concealment while not leaving out the importance of easy access to the gun.

The performance doesn’t stop there. This Relentless Tactical holster also offers all-day comfort, whether you’re a security or tactical personnel or a law enforcement officer, who may be wearing your gun all day long. You’ll feel confident and comfortable at the same time wearing this rugged IWB holster.

And if you’re the traditional type, this one may be perfect for you, too, because it is made of classic leather material, which looks pleasing and feels comfortable. While you will need to do a little breaking in may be needed at first (common for leather holsters), you’ll be surprised about how comfortable this would feel on your body.

It is also versatile for a lot of 9mm handguns, too, and this model is backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s added peace of mind, don’t you think? Nevertheless, this compact and sleek suede leather holster is one of the best choices out there for a Glock 17.


  • Versatile for most 9mm models
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All-day comfort
  • Ease of use and quality construction
  • Classic leather material adds comfort


  • A little breaking in required 

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4. Best 1911 IWB holster: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

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The 1911 is iconic and popular because it is accurate, durable, and reliable, offers high capacity, and is easy to conceal. The US military also likes its ergonomics, easy grip, single-action design offering a crisp trigger.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to like and own this gun, and you’ll like it more if you use an IWB holster like this Alien Gear holster, which is available in left or right hand models.  So whether your strong side is a left or a right, there is an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck for you.

One of its admirable features is that it can perfectly fit a 1911.  This is because the manufacturer has designed and created suitability and fitment for your specific pistol. I liked that this model is also useful for gun owners of a Springfield XD Mod.2 4-inch service pistol.

In addition, this concealed carry IWB holster is adjustable, so getting the appropriate cant and height will be easy in just the manner that you like it to be. Adjusting it doesn’t also require any special tools. Thus, this holster allows you to carry how you want to without any hassles.

When it comes to retention, I find that the pressure is easily adjustable, and even first timers won’t have any issues. All they need to do is to tighten the screws.

When choosing an inside the waistband holster, we also don’t need a complicated design that will hinder draw and access to the gun. What we need is a simplistic design like that of this holster that performs well in terms of comfort, concealment, and security, and that is all for its straightforward design.

Overall, this Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster is one or the best IWB holsters on the market. It is made in the USA, is made of tough quality materials, and offers ultimate concealment for security and comfort at the same time.


  • Superior quality materials
  • Available for left or right hand users
  • Reputable and trusted holster brand
  • Simplistic design promotes ease of use
  • Adjustable ride height and cant


  • Needs some time to be familiar with wearing it on and taking it off

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5. Best IWB holster for Hellcat Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

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The Hellcat is one of my favorite carry pistols around because it combines capacity and performance in a small package. To keep it secure and in place, you’ll need this Concealment Express IWB holster.

It is a sleek and compact minimalist holster that is made to last. Its material is a superior quality Boltaron material, which is known for its ruggedness for all weathers and temperatures.

It is able to keep its integrity for many years. And for that, you don’t need to purchase a new one sooner because you can expect this maintenance free and durable holstering gear to keep up with heavy pressure and whether at the range or in the field.

While it is a tough holster, Concealment Express didn’t leave out features like comfort and lightweight. It is comfortable enough for wearing even all day long, especially among those who work in law enforcement.

The holster also has a thin profile, which makes printing less of an issue for many users.  No matter how you dress up, you can expect this Concealment Express IWB holster to conceal your pistol perfectly, protecting you and the people around you because others won’t even notice that you’re carrying a gun with you.

Another thing I liked about this IWB concealment holster is its flexibility for wearing in any position around my waist. It offers different wearing options, including back carry, hip carry, and even cross draw. Now, that’s comfort and convenience in one sleek holster!

In terms of setting it up, there is no problem because it is designed and made with positive click retention along with an easy to adjust cant. This said, you can choose to adjust your retention pressure and carry angle to match your body and preference.

It also comes with a full length sweat guard that works effectively in covering the gun slide. In addition, it is engineered with a rear sight shield to protect a rear sight. The sweat guard works to ensure that moisture and sweat will not come in contact on our gun.

I also noticed that the screws do not easily loosen unlike those that come with other holsters I have tried. This holster is made with quality hardware and screws, which are with a thread lock, ensuring they stay in place all the time.


  • Durable and thick 0.08 inch Kydex/Boltaron
  • Easily adjustable firearm retention and cant from 0-15 degrees
  • Full length sweat guard
  • All-day comfort of wearing
  • No loosening issues with screws pre-dressed with thread lock


  • Issues about receiving missing screws

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6. Best IWB holster for Canik TP9 Elite SC: CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster

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Canik TP9 Elite SC is a high quality pistol, which is fun to use and can fire excellently. This handgun is also reliable and highly concealable. Most importantly, it is remarkably affordable. If you happen to own this pistol, use a dependable holster that can keep it secure in place, and I recommend this CYA Supply IWB concealed carry holster for it.

Just like other top quality concealed carry holsters, this CYA Supply Co holster is made of rugged and weather resistant 0.08-inch Boltaron. This material is one of my favorites for many reasons, and one of which is its long lasting integrity.

It can withstand different weather elements, including rain, snow, fog, and other conditions, making it suitable for all types of weather.  In addition, it can deal with extreme temperatures, so it can work pretty well even if it will be exposed to different temperature changes.

This model is designed with a 1.5-inch clip for easy attachment to your gun belt and comes with a sweat guard to cover the entire length of your slide.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that this holstering gear is engineered with a POSI-click audible retention lock system, which alerts me when my gun is already secured in the holster.

This CYA Supply Co for the Canik TP9 Elite SC offers users with an adjustable carry angle or cant from zero to 15 degrees along with an adjustable retention, allowing you to set it up based on your preferred angle and firearm retention pressure.

However, this model is for right handed users, so you may want to check out models for left-handed users if you are a leftie. Nevertheless, it is an impressive holster that will not disappoint you for its performance in the field or at the range.


  • Quality and tough Boltaron material
  • Custom fit performance
  • Adjustable retention pressure
  • Weather and temperature change resistant
  • Easy to adjust cant angle from zero to 15 degrees


  • Not an optic compatible holster 

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7. Best IWB holster for Glock 23: Badger Concealment Kydex IWB Holster

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Glock 23 is a compact pistol, which offers us with a balance of both sub-compact and full-size pistols. It is good for personal home defense and everyday carry and can provide users with a precise and reliable Glock.

I liked that it is lightweight and has ideal dimensions, which make it suitable for either a concealed or open carry. To get more out of its performance, I’ve discovered this Badger Concealment inside the waistband holster.

This Badger Concealment IWB holster is also compatible with Glock 19 and 32, adding to its flexibility. If you have another gun model other than the Glock 23, 19, or 32, you may want to check out the other reviews I have featured here.

In addition, this left orientation holster is made with Kydex material, which is renowned in the holster world for its superior toughness that can last over the years. It just means that you won’t have to buy a new holster soon.

Kydex is also waterproof, and it can keep its integrity no matter the weather condition. It is especially suitable for those living in extreme climate areas. Kydex is wear resistant, too, in that it can maintain its appearance and feel for a long time.

In terms of adjustments, this Badger Concealment holster also has an adjustable retention, which allows you to adjust it in order to achieve a custom fit.

This will ensure that your firearm will stay in place even if you constantly move. And as it is custom made for your gun, it is neither too loose nor too tight, meaning it will perfectly fit the contour of your gun.

It also includes a 1.5” belt clip that allows you to put it on or take it off easily without any problems. I would also like to mention that it is designed with a full sweat guard, covering the entire gun slide to keep it free from moisture and water.  This also allows for quick re-holstering, adding to the convenience of its use.

This holster is also incredibly lightweight, weighing only three ounces.

Overall, it is one of the best inside the waistband holsters on the market right now. You might want to check it out for a quality and durable IWB carry holster.


  • Rugged Kydex material for long lasting use
  • Comes with a 1.5-inch belt clip
  • Easy holstering and re-holstering
  • Custom made for the specific gun models
  • Wear resistant material


  • Can be a bit stiff initially

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8. Best IWB holster for M&P Shield 9mm:  Pro Carry LT CCW Leather Holster

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The Shield 9mm is one of the most reliable pistols out there, especially for everyday carry. This gun offers easy control and grip, which is why a lot of personal home defense users make it one of their top choices.

If you’d like a traditional looking and feeling holster for your M&P Shield 9mm pistol, you might not have to search any further. I personally use this Pro Carry leather holster for mine.

The IWB Leather Gun Holster, which is a right hand holster, is made of classy and quality leather material. It offers smooth operation and feels soft, too.

Aside from soft American leather, this Pro Carry holster is made with bonded polyester thread along with a durable metal clip, which has hidden retention prongs.

This IWB holster conforms to the shape of my gun pretty well, ensuring it stays in place even if I move a lot throughout the day.

I don’t also have any printing issues at all, and this holster doesn’t cause bulging under clothing. It is an excellent feature we’re looking for in an inside the waistband holstering device.

The Pro Carry LT holster is also affordable when compared to other leather holsters on the market, so even newbie users who would like to invest on their first gun holster while not compromising quality can rely on it.

I also liked the retention it can offer for my 9mm, and that’s thanks to the custom fitting it can offer for my specific gun model. It is also designed with a belt clip for quick and easy holstering.


  • Classic and slim profile leather
  • No bulging or printing
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Custom fit for perfect gun retention
  • Designed with a belt clip


  • Need some maintenance

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How comfortable is an IWB holster?

There are several factors that come into play in this department, including your body type, the manner in which you are wearing a holster, your daily activities, your choice of clothing, and whether you’re driving most of the time or not while wearing an IWB concealed carry holster.

Every user would be different in the position they’re carrying their weapon. Some are on their front or appendix, others behind their hip, and the rest on their hip. If you’re a new holster user, experiment with the different options of carrying to find the most comfortable for you.

Don’t be discouraged if the first time isn’t the most comfortable. You may just have to try different positions to identify the most comfortable carry position that works for you.

What is the best IWB holster for fat guys?

I recommend the  Pro Carry LT CCW Leather Holster for guys who are on the bigger side because it has a slim profile and won’t hinder movement. It is soft American leather that offers both concealment and comfort.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best IWB holster may be a bit challenging at first because thousands and thousands of concealed carry holsters are available on the market. But at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of your choice in terms of comfort, concealment, and security.

Make sure to get the most comfortable IWB holster for you for a pleasant experience especially if you’d be wearing your holster for long hours and daily. And if you’re a beginner, make sure to pick one that allows for easy putting on and taking off, reholstering even with a single hand, and minimal maintenance.

Choose based on certain factors, like construction material, adjustability, concealability, comfort features, and slim profile design. Also, you may want to refer to the reviews above for reference on great holsters from brands like Alien Gear, Relentless Tactical, and CYA Supply.

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