Best Leather OWB Holster Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

A leather holster has been a classic favorite among gun owners for different reasons. For instance, the best leather OWB holster offers comfort like no other, while also not hindering a quick draw and reholstering.

Leather holsters are also available in different designs for concealed carry. They also provide user comfort and style, while not compromising that perfect fit for a gun.

best leather OWB holster

However, the market can be saturated with so many leather OWB holsters. That’s why choosing one for the first time can be time consuming and challenging.

As the demand for leather outside the waistband holster continues and so are more options becoming available every day. Not to mention, the outside the waistband style of carrying a gun remains as one of the most popular when it comes to personal preferences of gun owners.

In today’s guide, we’ll be featuring the most popular leather OWB holsters for your reference so that you can make a better decision for your concealed carry holster. After reading, we do hope you’ll be able to pick the right outside the waistband holster for you.

Leather material suitable for an OWB holster or IWB holster?

Leather material is suitable for an OWB or IWB holster just like a Kydex, which is another choice for a holstering device material for its sturdiness, lightweight quality, and weather resistance.

Back to leather, belt holsters, pancake holsters, paddle holsters, or any other holster styles made of leather offers users with a lot of benefits, aside from having a durable holster.

Leather is a traditional holster material that is preferred by gun owners, mainly for its organic and natural qualities that makes it unbeatable by other materials.

Primarily, leather can conform to the shape of one’s firearm, offering a secure and firm seat for one’s gun and retaining it properly in place.

The best leather OWB holsters offer superior durability; thus, the best value for money. It is flexible and rugged, which makes it long lasting for years of use. Some can even last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Nothing beats the comfort of leather holsters OWB, and that’s thanks to its natural quality of molding itself naturally to your gun and body unlike Kydex holsters, which for some can be stiff; thus, they can be uncomfortable.

Leather OWB holsters are also soft when compared to other materials. This is also why it’s chosen  for manufacturing IWB holsters and pocket holsters, which can hold to one’s body firmer and tighter.  Leather holsters won’t also rub on your skin.

The best OWB holsters made of holster are also classic looking and naturally beautiful.  In fact, it becomes more elegant over time whether it’s an open or concealed carry holster.

Considerations when choosing a leather OWB holster?

There are many kinds of leather OWB holsters on the market, and choosing a premium leather holster to last you long for open carry or concealed carry can be a daunting experience if this will be your first time. So, what makes the best OWB holster made of leather?

Retention of an OWB leather holster

I’ve seen a lot of leather outside the waistband holsters using an active-retention device like the use of a thumb break that’s noticeable in the design wherein there is a leather strap wrapping around the rear portion of a firearm.

So before drawing a gun, the user will need to break the closure using their thumb, making way for minimum friction between the weapon and the leather. It can offer a smooth and quiet draw.

Good firearm retention will keep your weapon secure and adds extra protection to it especially when someone tries to disarm you. It can also help with retention even with movements, like running.

Modern holsters have locking systems or fasteners, too, to delay a draw.

There are also modern OWB holsters that use friction as retention. However, it can be more appropriate for an IWB leather holster, which is fully concealed, and thus, it can lower any chances of disarmament.

You’ll also find leather holsters that have an adjustable retention pressure through retention screws, which can increase or reduce the tension on the gun, giving you a balance of both draw speed and firearm retention based on your personal preferences and for your comfort.

Re holstering

To re holster in a leather holster must be quiet and easy. So aside from considering features like belt loops, attachment clips, thumb break, or sweat shield, to name some, the manner of re holstering your weapon into the holster should be smooth and easy.

Fortunately, quality holsters made of leather are at an advantageous position of being smooth and quiet to use.

In most cases, there is not any audible click to know that the firearm is fully secure in place, whether you’re wearing strong side or cross draw positions.

Although not all firearm users will appreciate this lack of a positive click retention system, this can actually help them re holster their gun in place quietly.

Thickness and durability

The right holster is no doubt made of high quality materials, like leather that isn’t derived from pliable and thin material, but of thick and durable leather.

It must be made of thick and strong leather that can secure your weapon in place and give it a nice hold. It cannot be deformed easily unlike thin leather.

Speaking of rigidity of the best OWB holsters, they must also not be collapsing when it’s not holding your gun. Otherwise, you cannot do a single hand reholstering if it collapses when you draw your firearm out of it.

Holsters for different weapons that deform or collapse when empty can be dangerous, as it might get into the trigger guard when you make a downward stroke. This might lead to accidental firing  that could cause self injury or injury to other people.


You must also consider comfort in a high quality leather holster, especially when wearing it for longer periods of time.

You’ll need an OWB leather holstering device that doesn’t rub on your skin or that doesn’t require constant adjustment.

It’s a good thing that leather holsters can offer comfort when compared to other types of holsters like Kydex holsters. It is because leather as a material has the natural ability of conforming to the shape of your body as time passes by.

When compared to IWB or OWB holsters made of Kydex or thermoplastic, leather also offers superior compressibility.

Doesn’t scratch the surface or finish of your gun

When looking for the perfect holster for open and concealed carry, look for one that has soft inner materials, so there would be less holster wear on your gun. This can also ensure that it won’t rub or scratch the finish of your weapon.

However, I suggest choosing an OWB leather holster that fits your specific gun model because one that is loose will invite debris or other materials to enter it and eventually scratch your gun’s surface.


This extra feature can help add durability to the holster. In many cases, quality holsters will have a welt that is made using thick leather strip/s and then are sewn or stitched at the end of the holsters, adding rigidity and strength to it. Nevertheless, it’s reinforcing leather in the holster that a manufacturer uses to enhance a holster’s integrity.


OWB holsters should be compatible with gun belts that they would be used for. So before choosing among the best leather holsters, you must ensure that it’s compatible with your gun belt, which also promotes secure and safe carry.

A compatible holster will help contribute the weight of your weapon, while also ensuring it’ll stay in the same position. Otherwise, a thin belt will be more prone to sagging and deformation.

You also need to consider the belt loop or belt clip size and check that it will fit into your belt.

Best Leather Holsters OWB

1. Best Leather OWB Holster For Glock 19: 1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 19 Holster

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If you own a G19 and would like to keep it secure in place all the time, this 1791 GUNLEATHER holster can be a great choice. It is made for this specific firearm by holster craftsmen to ensure a glove-like fit, ensuring your Glock 19 will fit exactly into it.

This Glock holster is also flexible enough to fit other Glocks like the 23, 26, and 27 as well as Springfield XDS and H&K VP40, to name some. I suggest checking first before buying this one for your satisfaction.

In terms of comfort, I give it top marks because it does keep its promises of a comfortable and lightweight yet thick leather holster.

I also discovered that the premium steerhide leather is both reinforced and double stitched for a safe every day carry holster.

I also liked that it is handcrafted that ensures not just a nice fit but also protection for the firearm. It doesn’t scratch the gun or rub the skin, something that I am really looking for in leather holsters.

It’s a good thing that the hand molding also makes this OWB holster one of the best when it comes to superior durability and retention.

It can keep the firearm in place, while also ensuring a smooth and quiet draw unlike some cheap holsters.

This modern concealed carrier holster is also designed for convenience for its simplicity. There is no obstruction in the design to hinder a draw. That’s why duty officers, tactical people, and personal preservation enthusiasts choose this 1791 leather holster. It’s indeed one of the best belt holsters around for daily carry.

Lastly, I liked that this product comes with a lifetime warranty, giving more peace of mind and confidence in every purchase.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Less printing and convenient carry
  • Smooth and quiet draw
  • Enhanced durability
  • Nice leather feel and look


  • A bit pricey

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2. Best Leather OWB Holster For Glock 43: 1791 Gunleather G43 Optic Ready Holster

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Looking for OWB holsters for the Glock 43? You might want to check out this optic ready holster for the G43.

It is not a universal cheap holster that doesn’t conform to the shape of one’s gun, but it is a high quality holster that offers that perfect fit for the Glock 43.

That is why it is the preferred choice for more pistol owners who don’t like a loose or tight holster for their gun.

I don’t doubt why because a holster that is loose will not be able to secure the firearm in place and might even invite debris to cause accidental firing or damage to the gun.

It is also not tight to scratch or rub the gun’s finish.

So for users who want to upgrade their carry to their G43 with laser attached or sights compatible, this 1791 holster is a must-have.

I also liked that it is made from quality leather material that is both reinforced and double-stitched to offer a durable construction.

This leather holster OWB is also lightweight, which makes it comfortable for wearing all day long. The comfort it offers is also remarkable especially because it doesn’t also rub on the skin, which might cause irritation.

In addition, this 1791 holster has excellent craftsmanship, giving it a really nice look and appeal. It is also made to be ready for a red dot optic attachment.

I also liked that it is quite versatile to fit many optic systems. More so, the leather holster for outside the waistband wear can offer that superior retention that adds protection to the gun and the wearer.

Overall, the 1791 GMR RMR holster is a highly recommended leather holster for its superior convenience, comfort, and concealment. You might want to check it out yourself. This product is also backed by lifetime warranty.


  • Classic elegance and look
  • Durable handcrafted leather OWB
  • Secures the gun well in place
  • Custom fit for the G43
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Slow draw

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3. Best Leather OWB Holster For 1911: Galco Combat Master Belt Holster for 1911

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If you’re looking for a new holster, don’t miss out on this Galco Combat Master Belt Holster that can offer you with the comfort and convenience that you’re looking for in a holster. It is made of soft and smooth leather with a nice interior that doesn’t scratch the finish of the pistol.

In addition, this Combat Master holster is made in the USA, so you can have peace of mind that is high quality.  The material is also premium quality leather. It is only sourced from the top two percent of American leather.

This gun holster is also designed to fit other gun models like Colt, Para, and Kimber.  So if you own one of these guns aside from the 1911, you might want to take a look and consider it for your handgun.

In addition, this Combat Master is with double-stitched seams for added durability, while also having a molded fit to offer a superior quality holster.

Moreover, this holster can offer your weapon with secure retention, and that’s for its top open design that offers this while also providing users with a fast draw.

This is one of the features to look for in a holster for added protection to your handgun especially when an attacker tries to grab the gun from you.

I also liked its concealable and comfortable pancake design that has an open muzzle. For easy concealment, it has a butt forward cant design that can accommodate and conceal even a large pistol. Also, this model can fit gun belts up to 1.75 inch belt widths.


  • Durable and high quality construction
  • Premium leather material
  • Can fit belts up to 1.75 inch widths
  • Fits other handgun models
  • Smooth and soft leather


  • A bit expensive

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4. Best Leather OWB Holster For M&P Shield 9mm: MASC Leather Paddle Holster

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Masc is a reputable holster brand that has been manufacturing quality leather holsters, making them one of the go to choices among pistol owners that want a reliable and rugged OWB holster that does the job of securing their handgun in place, while also offering supreme comfort for gun owners especially those wearing their holster for long hours.

MASC paddle holsters are not only great looking but also offer safety and security.  It doesn’t only have a nice and practical design that doesn’t hinder a draw, but it can also provide excellent gun protection and security.

The material is made of 4-4.5 millimeter thickness, which adds to its integrity to last for many years. This holster can retain its shape and durability for the years to come, ensuring you don’t need to buy a replacement soon. That said, you can also save money for buying a quality OWB leather holster like it.

It also has a classic feel and look, and that’s thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of skilled holster men.

For quick drawing and access, it has an open top design, too, providing users with easy access to their gun when needed.

I also liked the high concealment that it can offer for added concealability. In addition, this model has been designed with a sight rail space that works to protect the muzzle sight and leather itself.

There is also an adjustment in this holster, allowing users to adjust its carry angle. The only thing you need to do is to adjust it using the two screws on the paddle holster to change between vertical and horizontal stances.

Its paddle design also allows for quick and easy wearing and removal of the holster. It is also versatile that it can be used with or without a belt, which can be from 4 – 4.5 cm belt widths.


  • Quality leather material
  • Simple design for easy gun access
  • Fits up to 4.5 cm belts
  • High concealment design
  • Adjustable carry angle


  • Breaking in required

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5. Best Leather OWB Holster For Sig P365: 1791 GunLeather 3-Way P365 Holster

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This 1791 GUNLEATHER 3-way holster, which is a left or right handed gun holster, is another choice for quality leather OWB holstering gear. It is compatible with the Sig P365 as well as SW Bodyguard and Ruger LCP 380.

This size 2 gun holster offers a remarkable fit for your gun, so there is no need to worry about it falling out of place or slipping out of it.  It is why this holster is highly recommended for that perfect concealed carry wear holster.

You can also choose from three available colors for your OWB leather holster, so you’ll have more options on which color captures your eyes. It is available in stealth black, classic brown, and signature brown colors.

Another thing I liked about this leather outside the waistband holster is the three different concealed carry positions you can choose from, like cross draw, left hand draw, or right hand draw.

In addition, I find it really comfortable to wear, and that’s due to its premium, soft leather material. It is made using only 100% steerhide leather, which is reinforced and double-stitched for enhanced integrity and durability.

This safe and lightweight gun holster can also offer maximum convenience and concealment at the same time. You can choose to conceal it in either the left or the right.

The design is also simple and practical and doesn’t obstruct a quick draw. This is why it’s one of the most chosen leather holsters among many Sig P365 owners.

Overall, the OWB leather holster has a quality craftsmanship, which can offer security and safety to you and your weapon all the time. It also has a molded exterior that can provide the ultimate retention and integrity.

Finally, the premium leather holster for Sig P365 is backed by a lifetime warranty for more confidence in buying it.


  • Easy draw for its simplistic design
  • Superior concealment
  • Lightweight for all day wear
  • Molded exterior for retention
  • Available in three colors


  • A bit tight initially

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Which is better, leather or Kydex?

There has been a constant debate on this topic, and no single answer could satisfy everyone because it can be subjective. It can rely on preferences regarding the material of OWB holsters. Some would favor the best leather holsters and the others the best Kydex holsters.

Outside the waistband holsters or OWB holsters are still the popular choice among gun owners looking for the perfect security for their handgun whether for open carry or concealed carry. These holsters allow them to carry their pistol safely and securely, be it a revolver or a pistol, all without compromising easy access to the gun.

Now to answer which one is better, leather or Kydex, know that quality holsters can offer a user with different benefits like quick draw, comfort, accessibility, ability to conceal, and durability.  Other features they can offer are a nice appearance and easy customization.

A leather holster is made from horsehide, cowhide, and other animal hides and has been the standard for concealed carry or open carry holsters.

On the other hand, Kydex, which was introduced in the 1960s, is made from acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite. Today, it’s been gaining in popularity as a sheath material in the holster world.


Softer leather material may print less than Kydex. However, there are now quality Kydex holsters that are custom molded and have a slim profile to make less printing, too.


Leather offers a classic look and appeal, so it is still preferred by those looking for a classic look.  Good thing that a lot of Kydex OWB or IWB holsters are also available in other colors aside from black.


Kydex is heated and formed so that the gun fits into a specific holster made for a particular gun model, providing a custom fit to the gun.

Meanwhile, leather holsters are often hand molded to fit a particular firearm. However, Kydex is less expensive than leather holsters, which can offer a glove-fit to the gun.

Accessibility or quick draw

You must be able to access and draw your gun quickly and smoothly when you need it because slowing this down would hinder the retrieval of your pistol or revolver. For this department, Kydex proponents praise the low friction texture of the material for a smooth draw.


Kydex holsters often rely on custom fit for its retention, while a leather holster from a retention mechanism, like thumb break.

The retention of the holster will keep it to one’s gun belt. In a Kydex holster, users have the choice between belt loops or belt clips.


Both Kydex and leather holsters can offer safety to your gun and you, but there are some differences. Leather mouth tends to deform over time due to wear or moisture absorption, possibly interfering with holstering. Kydex is less likely to deform because it is water resistant and rigid.


Leather holsters are softer than Kydex holsters and won’t scratch the finish of the gun. They also tend to be more comfortable for wearing for long hours especially for duty officers and law enforcement personnel.

But when it comes to comfort, this is really a matter of personal preference. Some pistol owners would favor Kydex for it.

How do I determine the right fit for my specific firearm when choosing a leather OWB holster?

To determine the right fit of the OWB holster for your firearm, read the manufacturer specifications.  Typically, the compatibility of a particular holster to a gun is included in the product description.

Before buying paddle holsters, pancake holsters, leather holsters, or any other types of holsters, read it carefully to ensure that one will fit your pistol or revolver.

Although you might be able to find a universal hybrid holster, I still suggest getting a custom molded or handcrafted leather holster for a nice fit.

You should also ensure that the holster will fit your gun belt width size for the  best results.

Final Thoughts

Great leather holsters are form fitting to your gun and conform to your body shape. They are also made of thick and high quality leather material, like cowhide or horsehide, and are handcrafted to ensure the perfect fit.

One can also offer superior comfort, concealability, and extra security for the wearer and other people. It also offers sufficient protection for the firearm, doesn’t scratch the gun’s finish, and provides great retention capability.

Certainly, the best OWB leather holsters are made to give the very best in open or concealed carry. Refer to the above guide for useful tips and top reviews of outside the waistband holsters for a better decision.

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