8 Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting

Coyotes are smart nocturnal animals with a strong sense of smell and sharp eyesight. They’re extremely clever and they’re not that easy to hunt. So when hunters succeed in hunting, they can earn an honor badge for conquering the creature. Now if you’re interested in night hunting coyotes, do yourself a big favor by using the best night vision scope for coyote hunting.

Coyotes are interesting to hunt, as they’re challenging and can earn you respect among your group of hunters. But what makes coyote hunters special? Coyote hunting requires special skills, perseverance, patience, and courage to hunt these predators in remote areas where they should also protect themselves from attacks. So if you want to hunt effectively and get the most out of the hunting activity, you need night vision equipment, such as a vision scope for coyote.

That’s exactly the reason I put up this guide where I’m going to show you the best night vision scopes for hunting coyotes in complete darkness.

How does night vision scope work?

The best night vision scopes allow you to see a coyote or any other game, people, and objects for up to 1,000 yards away in complete darkness. Many of these also come with superb features, such as photo capturing and video recording. They further your ability to see better in the dark than without their aid.

These vision scope devices are designed and made to work best when used in low lighting conditions or dark environments, making them suitable for hunting in the wild. A scope for coyote hunting is a telescoping device, which can either be mounted on a rifle or another firearm or a handheld or freestanding one. A night vision scope can be a monocular or a binocular, too.

When is coyote hunting season?

Predator hunters hunt coyotes throughout most of the year, but many of them do it in the winter season, which is the best time of the year to hunt these animals. In the winter, they become less nocturnal when searching for food and tend to travel as a group.

For the best weather conditions, hunters do it on overcast days with a slight haze or fog. During these conditions, coyotes become more active even during the daytime. Hunters who want to hunt coyotes on a clear weather condition time the activity when the wind is calm and the temperature is cool.

10 Best Night Vision Scopes for Coyote Hunting

1. AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL3 Medium Range Night Vision

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AGM Global Vision night vision riflescope is a clip-on system scope for easy carrying and use. It doesn’t only have a clip-on system for easy use when hunting for long hours. I find that it’s also a useful scope for middle range nighttime shooting. The glass is clear and reliable, giving me a clear sight picture of the target, which is what I want.

Surprisingly, the night vision scope for hunting nocturnals is more affordable than other scopes on the market. It gives me the most for my buck, while delivering a performance and versatility that one must be looking for when buying rifle scopes or any sighting device for that matter.

Initial use can be easy, too. Comanche 22 can be quickly mounted to a Picatinny or Weaver rail in front of a day scope, and it will turn into a night vision device for night hunting. It also features LED indicators for low battery and excessive light conditions.

For beginners, re-zeroing can be a concern. The good thing is that this device doesn’t require this, allowing one to use it on demand. In addition, I can use it with a day scope of up to 7x magnification, improving its performance. More so, I appreciate its wireless remote control and it comes with a quick release mount.

On the downside, it’s quite bulky and heavy, but if a bit of weight isn’t an issue, you might want to consider it in your options list for a scope with a good detection range.


· No re-zeroing required

· Clear glasses

· Can be used effectively for medium range sighting

· Versatile enough for mounting

· Convenient clip-on system


· A bit heavy

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2. Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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Digital scopes like this Sightmark Wraith NV rifle scope are easy and convenient to use especially among newbie coyote hunters. The HD 4-32×50 scope features an advanced sensor that improves anyone’s success, delivering an excellent high resolution imaging and a video recording capability.

This optical system, which features five different weapon profiles, also offer up to 32 times magnification. However, a memory card isn’t included.

Especially when used at daytime, the scope for hunting coyote offers total clarity of colors. Users will also love viewing options, like black and white or emerald, depending on their preference.

As you see, this sighting device to hunt coyotes is made perfectly for the serious hunters looking to get the most out of their scope, which can be perfect for day or night use.

As reliable as Night owl optics, Sightmark optics like this digital scope works well in hunting other types of game, such as deer and hog. I also love the nine different color choices and 10 reticle options, which greatly improve my precision.

This digital night vision scope also features an IR illuminator that works with a detection range up to 200 yards. In addition, it comes with four pieces of AA batteries that can work up to four and a half hours.

Overall, Sightmark night vision devices are reliable and high performing even if they are a bit bulky. Anyone looking to capture a coyote in one shot or two should definitely take a look at it.


· IR illuminator with up to 200 yards detection range

· Suitable for hunting other types of game, like boar and deer

· Adaptable for day or night use

· Advanced sensors for improved precision

· Comes with batteries


· Bulky

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3. Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

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Hunt coyotes more effectively with a reliable rifle scope like this high resolution Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 scope. I noticed that this scope for coyotes is equipped with a 42mm lens that enhances its light gathering capability for optimal light transmission.

In addition, the medium to long range night vision scope features a 3x magnification, offering picture clarity and vividness that allows me to see my target clearly. Thus, even long range targets can be easier to capture with Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 scope.

This scope for hunting coyote also features a lightweight and durable titanium construction, making it super heavy-duty to resist impacts and shocks from heavy recoil. This solid build also makes it more resilient from harsh weather conditions.

This scope for coyote hunting is also designed with a flip up lens cover that protects the optics from the elements. It also has multi coated optics for superior sight picture. In addition, the NVRS 3×42 scope is a high power rifle scope that has sufficient power to enhance image details, while also increasing my viewing range even in complete darkness.

Overall, I liked this Firefield Rifle Scope for its solid features and quality construction. The only complaint I have is it is not as bright as other scopes.


· 42mm lens for superior lighting gathering

· Suitable for medium to long range targets

· Multi coated lens

· Durable but lightweight titanium body

· Illuminated red duplex reticle


· Might need ambient light from the moon and stars

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4. SiOnyx Aurora I Full-Color Digital Night Vision Camera

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The SiOnyx Aurora I scope is another reliable choice that you might want to check out. This scope for predator hunting comes with superb features, such as water resistance, GPS capability, and compass.

The night vision monocular scope for coyote hunting features an IR sensor that is suitable for boating, hunting, and outdoor, airsoft use, and military applications. It is a versatile night vision device in color or monochrome for superior nighttime performance and delivers top performance in very dark conditions.

The good night vision scope also offers a remote viewing functionality through synching it to a smart device through the brand’s dedicated app, allowing for wireless video streaming. It can be used as a game camera and as a boating navigation device.

In addition, the night vision rifle scope is water resistant rated IP67, making it useful even during harsh weather conditions. I can submerge its camera three feet for 30 minutes. It also includes two lithium-ion batteries.

This scope for hunting is also rifle-rated at 4,000 rounds. With the Aurora scope, you can improve night vision experience and users can easily switch between their rifles with just a quick lever release, making it super reliable in all types of situations.

However, the batteries of the scope are not long lasting, though. Nevertheless, the SiOnyx Aurora I night vision scope is a versatile and high quality scope that even newbie hunters can appreciate.


· IP67 water resistance rating

· Features accelerometer, compass, and GPS

· Ideal for boating, hunting, and other applications

· Low-Light IR NV Camera


· Not long battery life

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5. BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

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Complete and highly-innovative, this best night vision scope for coyote hunting can be what you need for day or night hunting. It is equipped with a camera and a five-inch portable display screen.

The particular DIY digital night vision riflescope works well for rifles and has a Picatinny mounting type. In addition, this scope that is reliable like a night owl optics system I tried is suitable for night hunters who also love hunting in the day. At day, this can provide you a clear view for a good sight picture.

This model also has an HD camera lens and its camera can be rotated in order to adjust the image focus until it’s clear. Its laser IR illuminator comes with a larger zoom area. And most importantly, its LCD screen also provides larger and clearer images.

Night hunters will also find its versatility for use in a wide range of applications like surveillance aside from coyote hunting at night.

On the downside, batteries are not included. But overall, there is nothing more I could say when it comes to the benefits that hunters can get from this device, always delivering that good visual experience that they can count on.


· Quality images even in complete darkness

· DIY scope with camera and GPS

· 360-degree adjustable camera

· Large and bright LCD screen

· Works with a Picatinny mounting rail


· Batteries not included

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6. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

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Night hunting is easier with innovative thermal scopes like this ATN night hunting scope, which is one of the best around that offer clear and visible light even in total darkness. I’ve tried several ATN X Sight scopes that have long ranging visions, and this one certainly deserves applause.

I’m glad that I’ve also given this night mode scope a try. This thermal optics system features advanced heat detection sensors that let me see in darkness, which is an ideal condition to hunt coyotes. Using it, I can clearly see no matter the weather condition and in remote areas with heavy vegetation.

It is not the most lightweight scope device around, but it’s one of the easiest to carry because it only weighs 1.4lbs. And even if I hunt for hours, the long battery life is quite surprising that the battery stays powered long enough to assist me through the night. The good thing is its low power consumption technology.

I liked that this scope for hunting coyote functions as it should. It can detect body heat of coyotes through fog, smoke, or crops. In addition, I noticed that the thermal scope doesn’t need visible light at all to come up with a sharp image. And best part, it features a one shot zero function that saves ammunition and time.

The only downside I could find here is its eye relief that has a small focal point. Overall, the ATN thermal scope is certainly worth the investment. It is an innovative and reliable night hunting scope for coyote to check out.


· Advanced heat detection thermal scope

· Durable 30mm aluminum alloy tube

· One shot zero function

· Broad magnification settings

· Advanced heat detection sensors


· Expensive

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7. Yukon Sightline Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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Yukon Advanced Optics has been manufacturing night vision devices through the years, and one of the go-to brands among hunters, tactical shooters, and military alike. This Sightline scope is one of their offerings on the market.

It is a digital night vision scope that needs minimal external illumination, making it ultra reliable for hunting at nighttime for its superior nighttime sensitivity. This night vision scope also features a quick startup time, which is one of the best in the category. I also liked the strategic positioning of the buttons that enables easy and convenient operation.

This model also has a built in IR illuminator, adding to its operation ease. Users will also appreciate its picture in picture mode that allows for more precision when targeting their subject. More so, this night vision scope is designed with Stadiametric Rangefinder that helps hunters identify range to common targets like a rabbit, wild boar, deer, and so on.

Then, I also tested its power supply and was quite amazed that it can be installed and removed quickly. This night vision rifle scope has 1280 x 720 HD sensor along with a powerful magnification from four to 16X over 400 meters of a viewing range at nighttime. And aside from precise zoom zeroing, this scope is designed with three different shooting profiles.

However, it feels a bit flimsy, though. Overall, the high definition night vision scope is powerful, precise, and dependable in all situations. Users can count on it for an improved coyote hunting experience.


· Three different shooting profiles

· Rechargeable power supply

· Need minimal external illumination

· Super fast 3.5-second startup time

· Picture-in-Picture mode


· Feels a bit flimsy

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8. TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro Smart Day/Night Scope

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The ATN X Sight 4k night scope is another rifle scope to consider when searching for a reliable NV device. It features ballistic calculator, smooth zoom, full HD video recording capability, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth functionality.

When it comes to Coyote hunting, there is nothing more I could ask from this day and night hunting scope for its essential features, and one of them is its dual stream video recording capability. I can also turn on both video recording and Wi-Fi streaming of this ATN scope and yet it doesn’t affect function and performance.

ATN scopes like this one also come with a ballistic calculator that increases the chances for a kill in every shot. Thanks to its innovative function like adjusting the point of impact automatically while also considering the environmental data, range to target, and ammo type.

This night vision scope also features a recoil activated video, its HD video recording capability. When it senses recoil, it automatically stores video on an SD card. And not to forget, I also liked its long battery life of up to 18 hours of active use, and that’s because of its low power consumption.

For its cons, the night vision rifle scope to hunt coyotes can be a little tricky to use for first timers, but mastering its use won’t take long, though. Overall, this 3-14x hunting scope for coyotes is one of my favorites on the list for its high technology and performance.


· High technology and smart night vision scope

· Recoil activated video

· Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality

· Ballistic calculator

· Smooth zoom


· Can be a bit tricky to use initially

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Tips on How to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Hunting active nocturnal animals, like coyotes, at night can be challenging if you’re not using the right night vision equipment, such as night vision scopes with top features like flip up lens, multiple reticles, IR light, wide eye relief, range finder, and heat detection.

For night hunting, you also need a scope for mid range or long range shooting, ability to record video, and a good mounting system, to name some. Use the best night vision scopes that will increase your chances of taking down your target in your night hunt. To make the most out of your hunting experience, here are some tips.

· Scout during the day with your best night vision scope. Look for places where coyotes hunt and live. Check for edges and transition areas where timer, croplands, and creeks come together. Consider this tip when scouting for night hunting.

· Consider the wind when selecting a location, along with a good vantage point. You should plan on hunting a headwind or crosswind in order to avoid the coyote, which still has an effective sense of smell even in darknes. Take note that the coyote will approach the coyote call from downwind.

· When scouting for a hunting area in the daytime, think about your light’s effectiveness at night. Check for small elevation amounts or open areas to use your light effectively. It can be difficult to hunt with foliage blocking the beam coming from your light and eventually blocking your view of the predator coming into the call you’re making.

· Use a high performing light to scan the hunting area. Scan, and then scan again. Identify the eyes reflecting from the lighting device you’re using. You can opt for a light with a handle or a weapon mounted light.

· Hunt with a partner, who can take care of the calling and run the light, and then you will take care of the shooting. Coordinate with each other properly. Use a protocol and minimize the talking.

· Using the edge of your light or its beam cast’s outer perimeter to follow the coyote. Keep lighting the creature and again look for the eye shine. Positively identify the target. Remember that raccoons and foxes will have the same eyeshine.

· For nighttime hunting, the best distance is a short range because identifying your target at long distances can be extremely challenging.

Do I need a thermal scanner and night vision scope?

Yes, you need them for successful night hunting of a coyote for improved viewing at night. Either a thermal scope or a night vision sight, or if possible, a monocular or binocular and a sight for better results.

How to Choose Between Night Vision or Thermal Optics?

It all boils down to personal preference, but you can think of this. Thermal optics features heat detection, day or night, and it can be really helpful when it comes to hunting, security, tracking, observation, and viewing.

The downside of it is you’re reducing the pixel count in half in every doubling of the magnification you’re using, pretty much like your phone camera wherein the image quality reduces as you zoom in an image from a farther distance.

Night vision optical systems use an image intensifier tube to give you a better sight picture at night, providing you with a real image view in the same way that a daytime only scope can deliver. Night vision scopes also need ambient light, moonlight, or infrared light to give you a clear image view.

Night Vision Scope or Red Hunting Light: Which Is Better?

Night vision scopes can make it extra challenging to scan and scout the whole field if you’re planning to use it for hunt tournaments. On the other hand, a red light will be able to locate active nocturnal animals because it has the ability of reflecting their eyeshine, and night vision doesn’t have this capability.

Final Thoughts

What night vision equipment and a good night vision scope you use for hunting at night can make a big difference in the results you’ll get. That’s why it pays off to have not only the right skills, determination, and patience for a night hunt, but also the best night vision scope for coyote hunting. Use the above buying guide and coyote hunting reviews of night vision scopes to help you compare and select the most suitable night scope for your next hunting expedition. Happy hunting!

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