Best OWB Holster for Sig P365: Buying Guide & Reviews 2023

You deserve only the best OWB holster for Sig P365 9mm handguns, whether you’re a law enforcement officer, a competition shooter, or an ordinary yet responsible gun owner. After all, the Sig Sauer P365 is one of the best subcompact pistols you can ever own.

Why settle for a mediocre-quality holster when you can carry your firearm in the best system?

Choosing an outside-waistband holster for the Sig P365 can be daunting for first-time gun owners. Conflicting reviews and customer experiences can also complicate the selection process.

I tested tens of OWB holsters for the Sig P365 to shortlist those you might find favorable. Like any other merchandise, no pistol holster is 100% fault-free. There will always be downsides.

You can expect this review of the best OWB holsters to be as comprehensive as possible. Hopefully, you can choose the best product for your subcompact handgun after reading this article.

Can You Conceal Carry with a OWB Holster?

Let’s address one nagging question from first-time gun owners before we look at the best holsters for Sig P365 subcompact pistols.

I’ve had newbie gun owners ask me if outside-waistband (OWB) systems are ideal concealed carry holsters. The answer lies in how you define “concealed carry” and preferred carry methods.

We know that deep concealment is stealthy – other people around you won’t know you are concealed carrying a firearm. Most folks prefer a carry method that allows them to “hide” their guns under their shirt. After all, you don’t want to alarm others when you carry guns.

Some would use ankle holsters as an ankle carry. An ankle holster wraps around the gun owner’s ankles, covered by the pant legs. This concealed carry holster is perfect for owners of small-sized handguns, such as the Sig P365, Glock 43, S&W M&P9, and Walther PPS M2.

Others would use belly band holsters, safely covered by a t-shirt for the perfect concealed carrying mechanism. This carry position allows users to wear sweat pants, drawstring pants, velour jogging suits, and gym shorts without revealing their firearms.

Belly bands are also more affordable and comfortable than other holster options  because most feature a neoprene band. Unsurprisingly, many novice and seasoned gun owners pick belly bands over other holster types.

I am not a fan of a belly band, but some gun owners do. It is very convenient to apply and is concealable by baggy clothing.

While a belly band holster is perfect for some gun owners, others prefer a pocket holster. As the name implies, pocket holsters have a super-low profile, allowing gun owners to secure their firearms in their pockets. It is one of the best holsters for concealed carry.

Some gun owners prefer more tactical carry positions or methods. For instance, a modular holster system or hybrid holsters allow for optimum versatility, enabling gun owners to stash a spare magazine and other accessories. Crossbreed holsters also make it easy for users to cover their concealed carry with almost any wardrobe.

The best holsters for concealment are IWB holsters. These holster options allow users to hide their handguns inside the waist instead of an open carry. They come in various types, including crossbreed holsters, hybrid holsters, appendix holsters, and others.

Inside-waistband or IWB holsters have a lower profile design than other concealed carry holsters. An IWB Kydex holster allows you to go about your business like you don’t have any handgun at all when you carry IWB.

The pants conceal most of the best IWB holster, secured by a belt clip. Meanwhile, most OWB holstered gun units secure to belt loops, although some have integrated belt clip.

You can untuck your shirt to cover the best IWB holsters, enabling you to mingle with the crowd without causing an alarm.

Unfortunately, OWB products are not as inconspicuous as IWB holsters. They are like shoulder holsters that are noticeable when you move your arms. It is worth noting that concealed carry needs stealth – people around should never suspect you have a handgun.

On that note, converting OWBs to shoulder holsters is not a bad idea. You can purchase a gun belt, insert it through the slots, and you have an instant shoulder holster.

Although I am not a fan of shoulder holsters, some do. Detectives are fond of a shoulder holster because of its maximum comfort.

OWBs are not the best tools for addressing your concealed carry needs. However, they are more comfortable than most IWB holsters.

The good news is you can be more creative in concealing an OWB holstered firearm. You can wear baggy or loose shirts, a coat, a jacket, or a similar wardrobe.

And if you’re tired of securing the holster on two belt clips, you can always convert it into an appendix style or ankle holster.

Is P365 Too Big for Pocket Carry?

It might surprise you to learn that Sig Sauer designed the P365 with the modern pocket in mind. Its user controls are engineered to avoid snagging, and its suppressor height sights and other elements are extremely-low profile.

However, everything depends on one’s pocket. Some pockets are large enough to accommodate the P365 and its pocket holster without creating a noticeable bulge or sag. The key here is to use a slim-profile pocket holster to minimize the pulling effect on the fabric.

Moreover, a pocket holster with a retention strap is necessary to secure the P365 while it’s in the pocket. The retention strap should offer P365 owners peace of mind as they nestle their handguns in pocket holsters.

You can check out the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster, one of the best holster products on the market. You can also convert it into an appendix holster for a more secure appendix carry.

Best OWB Holsters for Sig P365: Indepth-reviews

1. CYTAC CY-P635G4 Sig P365 Micro Compact 9mm OWB Holster

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Here’s one of the best holsters for Sig P365 pistols that delivers impeccable performance and smashes any expectations, even from seasoned handgun owners.

To say I am impressed with this P365 outside-waistband holster is an understatement. I am blown away by its remarkable craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and unquestionable performance securing the Sig P365 while retaining the pistol’s full functionality.

Although this holster doesn’t feature leather, its polymer construction is solid.

It’s robust, allowing it to secure the Sig P365 like a cradle while giving the X-factor to anyone who wields it. It has hidden buttons that add to the holster’s stealth and a skid-proof stripe that is pleasant to the touch. It can even function as an appendix carry holster.

I like this concealed carry holster’s Level II retention, giving gun owners confidence in securing their pistols without the danger of someone pulling the firearm out of its cradle. But when it comes to a quick draw, this polymer holster never falters.

Tension is adjustable. However, it can be tedious for lazy heads like me, requiring an Allen wrench to modify the pressure. Still, it’s a charm when set to the ideal tension.

I appreciate this Sig P365 holster, especially its ability to accommodate the RomeoZero 1x24mm red dot optic. However, it cannot handle other targeting systems, such as laser sights and lights.

The paddle is a welcome bonus. I am glad it has a smooth back for more comfortable and convenient clipping into any belt. Attaching the OWB holster to the paddle is a charm, giving Sig P365 owners ready and reliable access to their firearms. You can also use this as an ankle holster or an appendix holder.

I must caution buyers to choose the correct Sig P365 holster handedness. This product comes in right- or left-handed designs, unlike other brands with an ambidextrous form. Left handed shooters should pick the left-handed variant, while righties should pick a right holster.

It’s a minor inconvenience obscured by this Sig P365 holster’s impressive performance.

You will never go wrong with CYTAC holsters. And if you get this Sig P365-specific carrier, the joys of running and shooting down the field should be readily available. The sense of security it offers is also priceless.


  • Fully adjustable tension
  • Accommodates red dot optics
  • Level II retention
  • Robust military-grade construction
  • 360-swivelling paddle attachment


  • Not ambidextrous

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2. We the People OWB-49 1000-L Sig P365 Micro Compact 9 OWB Kydex Holster

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Fans of IWB Kydex holster products will love this carriage system for the Sig P365 Micro Compact 9 mm pistol. Although I still prefer the CYTAC CY-P635G4, this holster still deserves attention.

Unlike some brands that automate their holster manufacturing processes, this company handcrafts every OWB-49 1000-L. Its artisanal nature makes each holster one of a kind, although the differences might be too subtle to appreciate.

Customizing the Sig P365’s position relative to one’s preferences is also a breeze. I am glad this holster allows for cant, ride, and retention adjustment for impeccable personalization.

Although I prefer CY-P635G4’s military-grade polymer construction, I must also commend this holster’s Kydex material. It hugs the Sig P365 like a vise, except it allows the user to manage a quick draw without snagging any holster component. It’s a tough shell, perfect for shooters out in the field.

I appreciate this holster’s open-end muzzle design, enabling gun owners to slide a threaded barrel. The undercut trigger guard ensures a secure and firm grip on the P365, allowing gunslingers to beat bad guys on the draw.

It might not have a Level II retention, but I would give this holster an 8/10. Drawing the pistol from the holster is a breeze while reholstering the handgun is never a problem. The best part is your Sig P365 will never leave its receptacle unless you purposely draw it out.

I will give this Sig Sauer P365 holster a 10/10, but only if the company redesigns the paddle. Most brands have a solid plate free of slats and unnecessary ornaments. Folks with flabby skin might feel a pinch when they slide the paddle inside the waistband or use it as an appendix carry.

But of course, I could be wrong, and you’re more than welcome to check this holster for your Sig Sauer P365.

This OWB holster’s main draw is its handcrafted design, ensuring the mold fits the Sig Sauer P365 like a glove. Of course, its reliable fixation is a game-changer among veterans, and the holster’s undercut trigger guard is worth it.


  • High-quality handcrafted P365 holster
  • Adjustable holster positions
  • Durable, precision-molded Kydex construction
  • Open-end muzzle design
  • Dependable retention


  • Odd paddle style

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3. GUN & FLOWER Sig P365 OWB Paddle Holster

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This brand might be an ode to one of the music kingdom’s most celebrated heavy metal bands of the 20th century. Its holster for the Sig P365 wows even seasoned gun owners for its impressive craftsmanship and performance.

I prefer this to the OWB-49 1000-L because its paddle is similar to the CY-P635G4 – solid without skin-pinching slots. The surfaces are smooth, and the edges feature non-scuffing materials.

Although this holster is perfect for an outside-waistband carry, its smoothness makes it an excellent appendix carry holster. You can also use it as a hip holster, a cross-draw carriage, or a behind-the-hip system. The material will never hurt the skin or make it uncomfortable to use.

The paddle fits into almost any belt, even two-inch wide varieties. Its 360-degree swiveling design allows for optimum carrying adjustability.

I like its Level II retention, allowing me to feel more secure when going out with a concealed carry. Nobody can snatch my pistol from my person. But when it comes to a life-and-death situation, this holster’s Posi-Click mechanism is heaven-sent.

Releasing the holster from the paddle is swift and effortless, requiring only the index finger to push the mechanism. I am glad I will not fumble with a flimsy switch or knob.

Build-wise, this OWB paddle holster feels and looks rock-solid. The holster’s interior surface is smooth, allowing gun owners to retain the P365’s high-quality finish. After all, nobody wants to draw a handgun full of scratches and scuff marks.

You’ll be better off with the CYTAC CY-P635G4 if you have a Sig Sauer P365 with a red dot, laser, or light attachment. This omission is a bummer, given how I love this holster. Still, this holster makes a better choice than the OWB-49 1000-L.

It’s a toss-up between the CYTAC CY-P635G4 and this holster. Both have impeccable performances, although this brand’s inability to accommodate pistols with attachments might be a deal-breaker for some gun owners.


  • Level II retention with Posi-click mechanism
  • Comfortable surfaces and smooth edges
  • Uber-convenient to release
  • Non-scratching, fully adjustable paddle
  • Dependable construction


  • Not recommended for P365s with attachments

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4. DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide OWB Holster

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Leather holsters are a gem, growing more beautiful through the years, although they demand proper care and maintenance. That is what you will get from this leather holster for the Sig P365.

Interestingly, my brother once had a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.

This leather holster features premium-quality leather forming the shell protecting the Sig P365. It features double stitching to ensure the holster doesn’t burst at the seams. The leather’s tactile feedback is impressive, making it comfortable to hold.

The leather holster’s skin-like properties allow it to function in various ways. I can slip it inside my waistband or use it as an appendix carry holster, and I will never worry about scraping or scratching my skin.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a latching mechanism to secure the holster inside the waistband. That would be unsafe.

The belt slots can accommodate any belt up to 1.75 inches wide. It is not as impressive as GUN & FLOWER’s holster, but it’s sufficient.

I am glad DeSantis included a tension adjustment mechanism in this holster. It can be tedious but necessary. After all, no handgun owner should feel safe about a holster that doesn’t retain the pistol with maximum reliability.

Unlike polymer and Kydex holsters, molding this leather holster to accommodate the Sig P365 requires precision crafting.

Surprisingly, I am impressed with this brand’s craftspeople. They guarantee good retention without undermining drawing performance and reholstering ease. I will never feel insecure with my pistol cradled safely in this holster. The trigger guard is also exceptional.

As beautiful and elegant as this holster is, I cannot say I like its fixed cant and ride positions. Some gun owners might not find this design element a deal-breaker, but others might.

These leather holsters will feel right on your belt if you’re the former. However, I recommend a different product if you prefer a customizable ride and angle.

This OWB holster is not for everyone, although its leather material is always an excellent conversation starter. I suggest considering other options to carry your Sig Sauer P365 if you find this product a letdown.


  • Premium-quality leather material with double seams
  • Adjustable tension
  • Through-the-belt loop design
  • Accommodates 1.75-inch-wide belts
  • Good retention


  • Cant and ride are non-adjustable

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5. Bravo Concealment Sig Sauer P365 OWB Holster

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Rounding up our list of the best OWB holsters for the Sig P365 is this Bravo Concealment offering. It’s an impressive holster worthy of attention.

I love this OWB holster, primarily for its fully adaptive design. I could buy the pancake wings and tuck the holster closer to my body, making me feel confident and secure about my firearm.

The accessory addresses the holster’s 10-degree fixed cant, allowing gun owners to adjust the pistol’s angle and ride height. It’s perfect for carry appendix style or any concealed carry position you prefer.

I could also buy the IWB belt clip and turn it into an appendix carry holster. It’s one of the stealthiest ways to carry the Sig P375. The material is not as comfortable as DeSantis’ leather, but it’s more than enough to prevent me from taking out the holster every so often.

The retention mechanism deserves special mention. It has a three-position retention screw system, allowing operators to choose between low, semi-firm, and firm retention levels.

A friend recently bought this holster, and I was lucky enough to test its pistol retention capabilities. The semi-firm is the sweet spot, allowing for effortless draws without increasing the risk of losing the firearm to someone else.

It is also perfect as a pocket carry or a hard ankle rig, given its ultra-low profile. I also won’t blame you for trying it as an appendix carry.

I recommend trying the three retention levels to determine your go-to setting.

I slashed one star out of five for these polymer holsters because they cannot accommodate pistols with attachments. Hence, I cannot fit my Sig P365 with the RomeoZero 1x24mm red dot or laser sight. I must remove these accessories first.

Although it can accommodate pistols with threaded barrels and tall sights with commendable clearances (0.6 inches and 0.355 inches, respectively), I still wish it could fit an optic-fitted P365. But that’s just me.

This holster has a robust build quality as the CYTAC CY-P635G4. Its greatest asset is the holster’s ultra-slim profile and exceptional versatility, making me want to revise my score to 10/10.


  • Fully adaptive design
  • Recommended for concealed carry
  • Three-level adjustable and dependable retention
  • Robust polymer construction
  • Specific for the Sig Sauer P365


  • Not for Sig P365s with pistol attachments

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What is the difference between the Sig P365X and XL?

As the name implies, the Sig Sauer P365XL is more sizeable than the Sig Sauer P365X. It outstretches the P365X by 0.6 inches (6.6 vs. 6 inches).

Surprisingly, both striker-fired 9mm subcompact pistols have the same height (4.8 inches) and width (1.1 inches). However, the P365XL’s extra length also adds 2.9 ounces (vs. the P365X’s 17.8 oz.) to its heft.

The longer Sig P365XL is a bit pricier by about a hundred dollars than its new brother. However, both pistols feature an enlarged carry grip module, allowing handgun owners to pack these firearms with a 15-round clip.

I recommend the Sig P365X for folks who want a more comfortable concealed carry firearm. Its shorter barrel should make it more convenient to slip into a holster and tuck in the waistband or outside and cover with clothing or a coat.

I would get the Sig P365X RomeoZero since it already comes with a 1x24mm micro red dot optic straight out of the box. Unfortunately, this contraption increases the pistol’s height to 6.43 inches. You might consider researching an OWB or IWB holster that can accommodate such a handgun setup.

How far is P365 accurate?

Any handgun or firearm, including the Sig Sauer P365, is only as accurate as the user’s skill level. Seasoned handgun owners say this pistol handles better and is more enjoyable to fire than the Glock 43. Its accuracy is also noteworthy.

For instance, the Sig P365 chambers the 115-grain FMJ for an average accuracy of 2.9 inches from 25 yards. Replacing the rounds with Black Hills 124-grain +P JHP and the accuracy improves by 0.4 inches at 2.5 inches at 25 yards.

Some competitive shooters put the Sig P365 to the test against the Glock 43. At 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, the P365 groups were tighter, about half the size of Glock 43 groups. Unsurprisingly, many seasoned gun owners consider the Sig P365 a highly-accurate, game-changing pistol you can conceal carry.

Bottom Line

Outside-waistband holsters make drawing handguns like the Sig Sauer P365 effortless. They are also more comfortable than inside-waistband holsters. You can spend the whole day with this holster clipped or secured to your belt, and you’ll never complain of skin irritation and other discomforts.

And when you partner one of the best OWB holsters with the small yet mighty Sig P365, you’ll have one of the most formidable duos in the gun-loving world. However, I recommend an IWB holster if your principal concern is concealed carry. An OWB might not be the best holster for such a purpose. The best holster for the job is an IWB.

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