Best Scope for 300 Win Mag: Buying Guide & Top 9 Picks

What is the best scope for 300 Win Mag? The 300 Winchester Magnum remains on the top list of hunters and shooters of today. It’s pretty obvious from the fact that a lot of rifle-manufacturing companies, such as Winchester, Remington, and Browning manufacture 300 Win mag rifles.

The 300 win mag is the perfect range shooting cartridge to serve hunters when the need arises. This hunting cartridge can fire the 30-caliber bullets with precision, so it becomes an instant hit among shooters, hobbyists, and even military personnel.

It’s designed and made to fire heavier bullets at an effective short, medium, and long range when hunting just about any big game. Any rifle meant for the Win Mag to hunt a black bear, deer, moose, and elk can do its job better using the best scope for 300 win mag. In this buying guide, I’ll help you search for a best long range scope for 300 win mag to improve your performance.

What kind of scope for 300 win mag?

The 300 win mag is one of the most popular choices among hunters and shooters in the category of versatile cartridges because of its high muzzle velocity and energy to the point that it could help you take down any big game in North America up to Zimbabwe.

The cartridges are also favored by the target shooting, marine, and military communities for their excellent ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity, allowing for flat bullet trajectory.

A good scope for this mag is one that can allow firing at shorter ranges for big game hunting and long range shooting from 50 to 1000 yards. In addition, it should be able to hold zero even with the high recoil round of the magnum.

Rifle scopes for a 300 win mag come in a wide variety, making the selection process a bit hard and challenging especially for beginners looking to get their hands on the real deal sighting device for their rifle or handgun designed to use the 300 win mag.

There are expensive and affordable varieties; each with unique features and characteristics to make the life of a hunter or shooter easier.

One of them is the expensive Swarovski scope for 300 win mag, like the SWAROVSKI Z5 3.5 to 18×44 Ballistic Turret scope. It’s a premium scope for people not concerned about the price. It offers a magnification range from 3.5X to 18X, excelling at all types of ranges from close, middle, and up to long ranges.

You can also find a Thermal scope for 300 win mag, another premium rifle scope with a higher price tag compared to more pocket-friendly ones. Typically, thermal imagery scopes or thermographic weapon sights combine an aiming reticle with a thermographic camera, which can be mounted on a wide range of small primary arms and a couple of heavier weapons.

However, if you’re not ready to use an expensive rifle scope, you’re in luck because there are sighting devices for your rifle that cost between $100 to $1000+ depending on the brand and features. But still, the price shouldn’t be the only factor to compare and buy your ideal rifle scope for the 300 win mag.


The best scopes for 300 win mag should be durable to deal with harsh environments, elements, and pressure. They must also be able to keep up with force, submersion, and temperature. Of course, this will be complete with preferably a lifetime warranty.

Magnification power

Used for both long range shooting and big game hunting, the 300 win mag is a versatile round. With that said, find one that offers more capabilities for variable power. Typically, the basic magnification is from 1.5-5x or 2-7x.

On the other hand, if you’re using the scope for long distance shooting, you can go for a higher range in terms of magnification adjustments provided that you pick a sighting device that is made with high quality optics. Nevertheless, I’d go for 3-15x magnification for a 300 win mag scope to be sufficient.

It would be a better idea to choose quality scopes that offer between two to seven times magnifications especially if you’re not planning to shoot at long distances. But if you’re mostly shooting long ranges, you might want to stick to scopes of 4-16X.


Especially if buying a quality scope with wide zooming capabilities, you’ll need quality glass and lens coating, as it can significantly contribute to light transmission as well as image quality. Scopes with a better quality coating also tend to have more resistance against damage from water, scratch, and other elements.

Check for HD glass, ED glass, or fully multi coated lenses if that’s something you can afford. Any of these would work better than a traditional scope having only a single coating layer. For example, a fully multi coated lens means having multiple layers on all air to glass surfaces.

Tube size

Typically, a larger tube is better in terms of durability and it has an equally larger range of internal adjustments in its turrets, although bigger tubes are more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

A larger tube is a wiser choice if you’re shooting mostly long ranges because such requires more adjusting of the elevation and windage. A larger tube is at least 30mm. It is also designed to come with a larger objective lens.

Objective Lens

Choose a larger objective lens if you’re using a higher magnification in targeting your subject, while a smaller one if you’re using lower magnification. But again, larger objective lenses tend to be pricier and heavier.

Eye Relief and Eyebox

A bigger eye relief makes your eyes safer from heavy recoil, but it can also be a disadvantage since it will put you in an uncomfortable position for your head and eye. The standard ones are from three to four inches. But of course, we know that the 300 win mag can result in high recoil. I suggest choosing an eye relief between 3.5 inches to 4.2 inches.

What about the eyebox? Some scopes have a small eyebox, meaning only having less than an inch of wiggle room for the placement of your eyes. This can lead to frustration when in the field, and this can become an even larger problem if you’re using a higher magnification.


MOA and Mil dot types are favored if using the ideal scope for distances beyond 800 yards.

Focal Plane: First or Second?

First focal plane varieties are usually more expensive and can be rarely found on cheap rifle scopes. They are better for reticle holdovers on all levels of magnification. Meanwhile, the second focal plane might only be accurate mostly only at the highest magnification. So if you’re planning to shoot long range, choose first focal plane scopes.

Reticle illumination

Choose one with a good illumination because it will help with faster target acquisition, as it will make the reticle more visible.

Reticle and turret matching

See if the turret markings match that of the MOA or mil dot reticle you’re using. So if you’re picking a mil-dot reticle, choose mil dot turrets.


They must be repeatable and precise and must be finger adjustable especially if you’re shooting at long ranges. But then, turrets shouldn’t be too loose, or you’ll make unintentional adjustments. You might also want to look for a zero stop/reset feature.

Parallax adjustment

This is especially important if you’re doing more long range shots because these help you reduce the need to align your eye to the sighting device and improves shooting precision.

What power scope should I put on a 300 Win Mag?

When looking for the best hunting scope for 300 win mag, you must also think about its power. One of the factors to consider is your distance.

What are the common distances you’re shooting? This will help you address the amount of power to put on your 300 win mag.

A scope with variable magnification settings is good, but you don’t have to go higher if you’re shooting mostly at short to medium length distances.

For many hunters, the most common distance is between 200 and 300 yards, meaning magnification between three and nine times will be enough.

But then if you’re using your scope for long range shots up to 1,000 yards, magnification at least 10X will be the wiser choice.

1. Vortex Optics Viper HS Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

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The Vortex Optics Viper rifle second focal plane scope is an ideal scope for shooters and hunters because of its high performance for short to long range targets for its Dead-Hold BDC reticle especially in situations where a hold-over would be difficult.

The best vortex rifle scope for 300 win mag can be better than other rifle scopes because it offers a wide range of shooting configurations and has a broad range. It also comes with XD glass, an advanced optical system.

This ideal scope can render a clear and sharp image that helps you aim at your target with precision. It works by capturing as much light no matter the lighting condition. I also noticed that it has a four times magnification range, allowing me to see the target closer.

The good quality scope also has turrets that allow quick resetting, letting me re-index my zero once sighting is done. I also noticed that this Vortex scope is built with a 30mm tube that increases both elevation and windage to allow for maximum adjustment.

The Armortek coatings are also scratch-resistant and improve durability and its anodized black finish makes it look more appealing.

The glass might not be as clear as other options, though. Overall, the Viper HS is one of the best scopes for 300 win mag. It’s designed for ultimate user experience, whether for hunting elk and other big game.


· Quick reset turrets

· 30mm durable tube

· Armortek coatings protect exterior lenses

· Hard anodized finish for style and added durability


· Glass might not be the clearest of all

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2. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopes

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A better scope with a nice price and quality is one of the considerations of hunters and shooters who are buying a riflescope for the 300 win mag. This Diamondback tactical scope doesn’t disappoint for its assistance on long range shots and fast focus eyepiece while also having a reasonable price.

This Diamondback Tactical rifle scope for 300 win mag offers clear and precise images at the shooting range. It lets me aim at the target better than other scopes of the same size.

This First Focal Plane 4-16×44 scope offers a bright sight picture all the time with smooth light transmission because of its fully multi coated lens along with its low dispersion glass quality.

Tracking performance is also admirable for its exposed windage and elevation turrets. I also appreciate its precise optical system, which can deliver a crystal clear image that is what I need when I’m out there hunting.

Even at an extended range at least 1000 yards, this scope offers precision for its price point. In addition, this one offers a waterproof performance for its o-ring and nitrogen purging.

However, this is a bit bulkier than other choices in the category. Overall, the Diamondback Tactical rifle scope is one of the best scopes for a 300 win mag that I’ve found. You might want to check it out, too.


· Precise tracking for its exposed turrets

· Premium quality components

· Can withstand impacts and recoil

· Easy magnification changes

· Waterproof and fog-proof for its nitrogen purging and O-ring seals


· A bit bulkier at 2.5 lbs

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3. UUQ 4-16×50 AO Rifle Scope

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The UUQ 4-16×50 AO budget scope for 300 win mag features high quality optics that is for target shooters looking to improve their performance at the range either for long or close range shooting.

For use in some of the most versatile rifle cartridges, this best scope for the win mag 300 features a reflex sight and with an electronic button control, allowing for quick mounting and operation.

It also has an impressive green laser sight that reaches more than 300 meters, but even so, the image rendered is still clear. Thanks to its high quality optics. Adding to its ease of operation is its rat tail remote pad for switching it on or off.

This scope can also fit many standard 20mm and is versatile enough for mounting with its Picatinny or weaver rail compatibility. In addition, this best scope for win mag is made of aluminum alloy, whose tube is nitrogen purged, offering users with waterproof and fog-proof performance.

I also liked its red or green rangefinder reticle plus green laser and five brightness modes offering versatility. This red dot sight scope weighs only 750 grams, lighter than most scopes at least one pound.

In addition, this best scope for 300 win mag features an adjustable objective lens with a parallax reading from 15 yards and above. I appreciate this feature that this scope delivers precise sight picture even at longer distances.

Magnification is also stellar from four times to 16 times, so it is really an ideal scope for short distance or long distance shots.

On the downside, it has no night vision. If you’re hunting at night, this might not be for you. But nevertheless, these are high quality scopes that have essential features like high quality optical system and performance.


· High optical quality and performance

· Magnifications between four and 16 times

· Lightweight aluminum alloy and easy to setup

· Adjustable objective lens

· Waterproof and fog-proof performance


· No night vision

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4. CVLIFE 4-16×44 Tactical Rifle Scope

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CVLIFE is one riflescope manufacturer that has been around for quite a while and an instant favorite among hunters and shooters worldwide for its reliable scopes. This 4-16×44 Tactical Rifle Scope is one of their market offerings.

This great scope is made of a strong aluminum alloy one-piece tube that provides it with durability and strength from impacts and recoil. Shooting long range is also easier for its adjustable objective lens that creates a parallax-free view ranging from 15 yards and above.

It also has a focus that has a moderate damping. This feature allows for faster and more accurate focus. I’d also like to mention its sunshade component, allowing the scope’s use in any lighting condition while keeping water away from its objective lens.

Every purchase also comes with a free 20mm rail mount, providing users with ease in installing it conveniently. This scope with a basic magnification range also comes complete with fully multi coated lens with adjustable high magnification range settings from four to 16 times for a clearer sight picture, making it versatile enough for long, short, or medium range shooting.

The dust cover is a bit loose, making it fall off when you flip it open. Overall, this battery-operated scope with magnification and elevation adjustments is a dependable scope for rifles and handguns.


· High magnification range

· Clear image multi coated lens

· Parallax-free view from 15 yards above

· Easy to mount

· Compatible with rifles and handguns


· Dust cover is a bit lose

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5. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

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This scope with a 12-inch fast focus eyepiece and a magnification range from three to nine times features multi coated lenses along with a waterproof construction to deal with fogging. It allows for clear target shooting even in low lighting conditions, either at dusk or dawn.

This quality optics with anti reflective lens coatings also have a waterproof rating of IPX4 for a waterproof performance. It also has a second focal plane multi-X crosshair reticle that lets me see no matter the lighting condition. The low-light quality scopes that offer fog proof performance lets me focus on my target with clarity and ease.

The Bushnell quality scopes with a 40mm objective lens also have a fast focus eyepiece and easy to reset and capped windage and elevation turrets, offering bump protection. This model also has an innovative design and is lightweight at 0.81 Pounds.

The only issue is it fogs quite easily. Overall, I love the quality optics, which seems durable to last for years and its performance, especially for its dusk and dawn brightness.


· 3.3-inch eye relief to withstand recoil

· Bright even in low lighting conditions

· Multi-X reticle allows quick target acquisition

· Easy windage and elevation adjustment

· Superb image quality


· Fogging issues

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6. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Scope

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Certainly the best Leupold scope for 300 win mag, the VX Freedom is made with a top glass quality and designed for waterproof and fog proof performance.

It is a reliable, good scope made with advanced sealing methods to deal with changing temperatures, impacts, and elevation changes. Its internals are protected from the elements, delivering you crystal clear pictures all the time.

I’ve learned that the Leupold scope has been tested to survive and remain functional after at least 5,000 impacts on the recoil simulation machine, Punisher. It’s thrice the recoil of a .308 rifle. Not only that, this scope was tested to work at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Such a scope also offers an outstanding performance that users have been looking for in a lightweight package. The scope, which is also designed to work in low light conditions, has been assembled in the USA for quality.

I also appreciate that this scope, which is also reliable like the Tikka T3 300 win mag scope, features the Twilight Light Management system to deliver clarity and brightness through balancing transmission, while reducing any glare. In addition, this feature helps for image resolution and contrast for crisp and clear images all the time.

The scope for 300 win also has a large objective lens that is easy to use and mount. Ultimately, this UltimateSlam Scope is one of the most dependable around for its durable build and great performance. The only complaint I have is its price, which is a bit stiffer than others featured here.


· Clear and crisp image in all lighting conditions

· Lightweight and durable

· Can withstand at least 5,000 impacts from recoil

· Assembled in the USA

· Used advanced sealing methods


· A bit pricey

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7. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24X50 First Focal Plane Riflescopes

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I tried different scopes, like the Nightforce scope, in the past, so I’m quite familiar with what works. One of the best scopes for 300 win mag that gave me satisfaction is the ARGOS BTR Gen2, which offers a wide range of magnification settings from 6 to 24 times, making it an ideal scope for a wide shooting range, from short to long distances.

These best scopes feature premium characteristics that I only found in high-end scopes. The Argos BTR can always deliver a crisp image for its advanced multi coated lenses. This aircraft grade aluminum made scope is also with an XPL coating, protecting my scope from the elements, grease, and dirt.

The first focal plane reticle scope is also with the Precision Zero Stop System that lets me go back to my zero position and then dial back with a precise stop at my zero location. The finger adjustable scope also works intuitively by reducing the reflected light while increasing light transmission for a clear sight picture.

The APMR FFP IR MIL Reticle helps me improve my shooting performance at varying distances for its bright center cross and 0.5 mil hash marks on its three directions, giving me finer details for quick target location. It also makes finding a holdover position better.


· XPL coating protects the lens from oil, dirt, and other elements

· Parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity

· Fully multi coated optics

· Argon purged for waterproof performance and thermal ability

· Precision Zero Stop system to lock down zero


· Expensive

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8. Monstrum G2 6-24×50 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle Scope

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The Monstrum G2 6-24×50 scope is for short and long range shooting because of its powerful features, such as illuminated reticle and parallax adjustment. This heavy duty first focal plane scope is made of aluminum.

In addition, this long range tactical scope has a wide magnification setting from 6 to 24 times and a good eye relief of 4-4.5 inches that can help deal with recoil impact. Its wide magnification allows for targeting up to at least 1000 yards. I also noticed its rangefinder reticle that allows for quicker range estimation and holdover correction.

The Monstrum scope also has a large objective lens that offers an accurate sight picture, not mentioning its reliable bright lenses. This finger adjustable lens also gives me sharper image focus. Also, the first focal plane scope features a dial-controlled reticle illumination with different intensities for brightness, allowing for a much better visibility of the reticle.

Every package of the high performance first focal plane scope comes with everything one needs to get started, including Picatinny scope rings and a sunshade.

The eye relief, however, is a bit challenging when the good scope is set at a higher power setting. Overall, I appreciate the quality, durability, and performance of this scope that most hunters and shooters would also love.


· Adjustable magnification from 6 to 24 times

· Rapid illumination adjustment for its reticle illumination switch

· Adjustable and large objective lens for sharper focus

· Heavy duty aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction

· Etched and visible mil dot reticle with or without illumination


· Eye relief can be challenging at a higher power setting

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9. Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

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The Holographic rifle scope that is designed and made with a rangefinder illuminated reflex sight must be included in the list of the best scopes for 300 win mag for its admirable features like other scopes, such as the Vortex crossfire II on 300 win mag.

This ideal scope for a 300 win mag features five brightness adjustments for its green and red illumination. Its reflex sight has a bottom switch and has an accurate optic to deliver high resolution images.

Its 3 to 9 times magnification adjustments let me zero in on my target without any difficulty. I also find its fully multiple coated lenses to be helpful to protect the lenses from dust and grease, while also giving me a clear view of my target all the time.

Every package comes with a rifle scope, red and green dot sight, green laser sight, and riser mount, and many more. It includes everything you’ll ever need to use a reliable scope. In addition, this scope is quick to mount on to a weaver or Picatinny rail, so even first timers won’t have a hard time installing it.

On the downside, it has limited magnification adjustments unlike the others featured here that come with up to 24. Nevertheless, it is one of the best scopes that you can buy for its price. It delivers as it promised and helps me see my target clearly no matter the lighting condition.


· 4-in-1 scope with a green laser sight, green/red dot sight, and rangefinder riflescope

· Picatinny mount for easy installation to 22mm rails

· Multi coated lenses for a better sight picture

· Nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed for waterproof and fog proof performance

· Excellent light transmission


· Limited magnification settings

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What Size Scope Mount Rings Do I Need For Savage Ba 110 300 Win Mag?

The BA110’s extended rail system doesn’t have Picatinny slots where an objective lens is located, and it also has a reduced profile. In this case, you must use the lowest rings even with large objective sizes. This will allow the scope to sit low on the rifle.

Is It Easy To Install A Scope On A .300 Win Mag Rifle?

Mounting a scope of your rifle with the best scope mount for 300 win mag shouldn’t be difficult. You can easily do it properly with just a little time. What matters is to tighten everything down.

Does The Parallax Adjustment Matter When Firing .300 Win Mag?

You shouldn’t be concerned about parallax if you’re shooting to only about 300 yards, but it should be if you’re firing beyond this distance. So when choosing a scope for 300 win mag, you should look for one that has a parallax adjustment to aid in your line of sight.

What Size Scope Is Needed For 1000 Yards?

Ideally, the size of the scope you need to fire out at 1000 yards should be an optic that is designed to supply you with a clear sight picture up to a distance of 1000 yards.

Such scope is used by shooters, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts looking to get a high quality view even for long distance shooting. Some of the best scopes for 1000 yards are by companies like Leupold, Nikon, and Vortex. They manufacture durable scopes with clarity, making them ideal for shooting competitions and hunting.


The best scope for 300 win mag is a matter of personal choice and things like distances you’re commonly shooting over and whether you’re using the scope for big game or long range shooting should be accounted for. This buying guide on quality scopes for a 300 win mag should be able to help you get started finding one for your rifle or handgun.

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