The Best Scope for 450 Bushmaster Reviews

The 450 Bushmaster, which was released in 2007, was initially developed to provide a heavy and large bullet for modern AR rifles. Its purpose is to hunt a larger game like a deer and that’s because of its power.

Initially, the 450 Bushmaster’s purpose was also to get a larger round for an AR 15 that 5.56 mm NATO rounds used to conquer. It was intended to be fired in a semi-automatic rifle for hunting big game within the 250 yards territory and also to meet the legal requirements in certain states on hunting big game like deer using straight-walled cartridges.

But if you’re a hunter looking to get the most out of the 450 Bushmaster’s performance, you’ll need an equally powerful scope for your rifle.

In today’s guide, I’ll be featuring the best scope for 450 Bushmaster along with the most important considerations to look into to find a powerful sighting device for your hunting pursuits. By the end of this post, we do hope that you can decide on the right 450 Bushmaster scope for you.

Do you need a special scope for a 450 Bushmaster?

This round isn’t meant for long range shooting and has flat trajectory, typically for 100 and 150 yards, although some hunters use it for ranges up to 250 yards.

The best scope for 450 doesn’t need to be very powerful in that you don’t need so much magnification in it if you’re using it mostly for short range hunting. Ideally, a scope for 450 Bushmaster with power between one and three times would be sufficient.

Nevertheless, you don’t need a special scope for the 450 Bushmaster, but a simple and quality one with efficient performance would be enough.

You don’t need to go for one with lots of bells and whistles, which in the end you won’t use. Keep reading for what you really need to look for when shopping around for a good scope for your 450 rifle.

Things to Look For In a .450 Bushmaster Scope

To find the right scope is not simply buying the first one that pops up in searches. Otherwise, you might end up in a less satisfying scope for the 450 Bushmaster. That can be disappointing especially if such a sighting device doesn’t have quality lens or doesn’t work well in inclement weather.

So here, let’s check out the most important considerations when shopping for a quality scope for the .450 Bushmaster.


A good scope is built to last. In the outdoors or in the wild, the situation can be unpredictable. What could look good now might not be later. When hunting, you’ll be dealing with different types of shooting environments.

That’s why it’ll definitely pay off to find the right scope with fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof performance. It must be the sighting device for hunting that can deal with the harsh outdoor elements as well as dust, oil, and other things that can degrade the integrity of your scope.

Choose a scope that can withstand varying temperatures and weather conditions so that it can continue to function and give you clear and crisp images no matter what.

The best scopes for the 450 Bushmaster also have quality and durable lenses created with protective coatings, which can significantly improve light transmission. It is particularly helpful especially during low light.

Summing this section up, avoid cheaper scopes made of plastic materials, but get better value for your money with a high quality scope, which is typically more expensive than ordinary scopes. This can help you save money in the end, knowing you don’t need to replace it every now and then.


You don’t have to go for a complicatedly designed reticle for this round because it’s not rated for a long range application. If you’re looking for a straightforward reticle, a duplex reticle can be sufficient, or the simple to use and understand BDC reticle is also fine.

The duplex reticle also has thin lines in its center, avoiding any distraction that will block your view. It is also more visible in that its lines thicken from its middle.

On the other hand, the BDC reticle type comes with marks right below the scope’s center, compensating for bullet drop over a certain distance.

Nevertheless, choose a simpler reticle for short range shooting if you’re typically shooting up to only a few hundred yards. But if you’re using your scope for other cartridges that can shoot long distances, there are also more complicated reticle designs.

Now, if you’re planning to shoot in dark lighting conditions, you’ll find the best illuminated rifle scopes, which are more ideal to use in these situations that also include hunting at dusk or in the early hours of the morning.

And more about reticle – there can be numerous options, such as non-illuminated, illuminated reticle, ballistic Plex reticle, and dead hold BDC reticle. All you need to do is to choose which one is most comfortable for you.

First or Second Focal Plane

Would you like an FFP optic or second focal plane optic? This is another factor to consider when choosing a durable scope for your 450 Bushmaster. Some hunters would prefer a first focal plane scope because its reticle changes in size as they change the magnification setting. FFPs also feature holdover points, which can remain precise as you’re changing the zoom.

On the other hand, there are second focal plane reticles that other hunters choose because the reticle doesn’t change in size even if they alter the zoom settings.

However, it has one downside, though. Its holdover point can only be precise in a certain magnification range. In this case, you must calculate the true windage and elevation for each magnification chosen.

But then, it’s still your preference that wins in the end when it comes to choosing between the first focal plane or second focal plane. After all, you must choose whichever you find comfortable to use.

Magnification range

The 450 Bushmaster is not a long range round only with about 250 yards for its maximum ranges ideally, although some hunters shoot with it up to 500 yards with a long range scope. But ideally, the round must be used in short range shots for the best results.

In this case, you don’t need an extra powerful scope or higher magnification power but low powered variable optic.

If you like getting clear and crisp and perhaps more defined pictures, you might also want to go for a red dot sight with unlimited eye relief.

I also suggest that a magnification setting between 1x and 3x variable magnification would be enough, but 4 times is also fine. But for the maximum, the varying ranges can go between 6x and 9x, which would suit your 450 Bushmaster, too.

Optical clarity and quality

All the features of a scope won’t have any much use if the optics quality is poor. After all, getting a clear sight picture is our primary purpose of buying a sighting device.

It should be aiding our eyes to see our target clearer and as if closer to us. Both the lenses and the coatings of the lenses should matter.

First of all, you’ll need lenses made of high quality, fully multi coated optics. To help you figure this out, choose reputable companies that are serious about manufacturing quality scopes.

Lens coatings help in reducing glare because they can filter the light before entering through the lenses. This action can eliminate any light wavelength that leads to glare and at the same time aids in good light transmission.

So without even saying, it is as important to find scopes for the 450 Bushmaster that have quality lenses and lens coating, which can improve color fidelity and image definition.

Choose 450 Bushmaster scopes with fully multi coated lenses, ensuring they’re designed and created with different coating layers to ensure quality performance.

High quality scopes, although more expensive, typically have durable, clear, and high quality glasses with fully multi coated lenses.

Eye Relief

As a general rule for people who have been using scopes all their lives for hunting, they know the importance of a longer eye relief as it is safer and it offers a comfortable view of the image and that’s without straining the neck when trying to get closer to the scope.

And most importantly, a good eye relief can protect your face, eyebrows, and eyes from getting hurt especially due to heavy recoil coming from .450 Bushmaster.

This recoil action pushes the rifle and scope back when you shoot, so you could imagine the possible injury you might get if the scope you’d choose has a short eye relief.

Nevertheless, looking for a scope for .450 Bushmaster with generous eye relief is essential. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself and get injured in the sensitive area of your face.

More eye relief can ensure that your scope will have sufficient space to move without hitting you. Go for a scope with at least three inches of it.


Most scopes meant for 450 Bushmaster use are corrected for a phenomenon called parallax at a certain distance up to 150 yards. However, it will still be wiser to check the specifications of the best scopes for 450 Bushmaster to determine if they have parallax settings at shorter or longer distances.


Yes, the brand of the scope for 450 Bushmaster matters, although not as significant as durability. Still, a reputable brand can give you peace of mind that you’re buying from a serious one that is committed to offering their customers quality scopes. Some of them I’ve featured here.

Battery Life

This part of the scope’s performance is affected by how high end your sighting device is. So if your red dot sight, for instance, has more advanced electronic features, expect a shorter battery life. It’s because they will draw more power from the battery, so it won’t last long, usually only up to several hours.

For this, you should consider spare batteries to avoid problems when shooting for longer hours. You might want to check a scope with an auto off switch or automatic brightness adjustment if you want a more electronically-advanced scope.

Versatility and functionality

If you’re planning to use the 450 Bushmaster scope for a few hundred yards more from medium to long range shooting or hunting other than close range shots, it would be wise to choose a sighting device that can work at those distances as well.

The durable scope, aside from different magnification levels, should also have adjustable brightness settings. It would also help if they have night vision compatibility if you’d like to use it for night hunting.

Check the reviews featured here to compare your options of versatile and functional scopes for 450 Bushmaster.

1. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight (Best Red Dot)

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When choosing hunting scopes, one of our primary considerations is crisp and clear images. After all, it is why we need a scope for 450 Bushmaster for. It should be able to aid our shooting eye so that we can have a quick target acquisition.

In this case, we need a scope that doesn’t only deliver maximum light transmission but also has a superior quality lens. One of those that we can depend on for max range clear shooting is this Vortex scope with four MOA red dots.

It is the durable scope that is best for bright images and is a red dot style or holographic sighting device that has a fixed magnification of one for short range hunting. The objective lens is just sufficient at 30 millimeters to gather light optimally and transmit it to the scope for clear images.

Another thing that makes it the brightest scope for the 450 Bushmaster is its 11 illuminated reticle settings to choose from, so you can easily switch the brightness depending on what the situation is calling for. I also liked that the scope is night vision compatible, making it suitable for nighttime hunting.

The Strikefire II scope is also very functional while also being pleasing to the eyes for its classic design. Its controls are easily accessible because it is positioned at the scope’s rear end.

In addition, I tested this scope in the field and was surprised with the long battery life it offers. Hunters looking for a reliable scope that has superb battery power might want to look into this scope that can have up to 80,000 hours of performance at the 6th setting.

The 450 Bushmaster scope also offers an undistracted view, while giving me clear and bright images. This model also has unlimited eye relief, offering quick transitions.

Durability is also in the quality scope for its single-piece construction, while remaining lightweight and compact. It can also offer shockproof performance, making it suitable for whatever it would face outside.

Overall, the high performance sighting device for 450 Bushmaster is worth-considering for its waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof performance and superior quality lens for the best sight picture. The Strikefire II Red Dot is not only reliable for the clear images but also the functions of this device, including its night vision compatibility.


  • High performance and night vision compatible
  • Super bright images
  • Easily accessible controls
  • All-weather performance
  • Reputable brand


  • The buttons can be hard to push initially

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2. NIGHTFORCE SHV 4-14x50mm F1 (Best High Magnification)

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Nightforce is another reliable brand for high quality scopes for 450 Bushmaster, which is known for heavy recoil and taking down big game like a deer. You need a superior scope that can deliver you the best power possible, and this Nightforce scope is one of those to look into.

This scope is in the first focal plane, which I appreciate, because it can give me the option to accurately get elevation and windage no matter the magnification range or setting I have chosen, and that’s thanks to the intelligent reticle.

When it comes to power, the Nightforce SHV is also dependable that it offers between 4x and 14X magnification, delivering more versatility to the use of the scope of the 450 Bushmaster. I can choose just the right level of magnification, allowing me to see the target clearly. That’s not all because this scope also combined high power with excellent field of view.

And when talking about power, I can’t help but mention its large 50mm objective lens, which works by delivering the best light transmission and better sight picture no matter the time of the day. That’s very helpful considering that we can’t really predict the light condition especially with the changing weather.

While offering more power in my scope, I liked that it’s also lightweight at only 30 oz and overall length of 14.8 inches, keeping my rifle balanced and not burdening me even for long hours of hunting.

The repeatable and reliable 450 Bushmaster scope is also made durable for its 30mm main tube. This Nightforce SHV scope is also with maximum versatility to work for a wide range of applications, such as big game hunting, target shooting, and varmint hunting.

Moreover, this scope has 1 MOA elevation and windage markings to provide a more accurate range finding as well as hold-offs even for smaller targets at long distance shooting ranges.

In addition, this 450 Bushmaster scope also has the ZeroSet feature that works accurately in terms of quickly going back to my latest zero, regardless of the adjustments I’ve made. This feature especially suits beginners who are still familiarizing themselves with the different adjustments of the sighting device.

However, some people might not prefer its analog illumination that requires manual adjustments. Overall, this best scope for 450 Bushmaster is reliable and repeatable. It is also easy to use and dependable even in low light.


  • Durable and waterproof performance
  • ZeroSet for going back to zero fast
  • Works even in low light
  • Lightweight and keeps the rifle balanced
  • Ideal for big game hunting


  • Can be blurry at a very long distance

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3. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope (BEST FOR DURABILITY)

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Leupold scopes are known in the hunting world for their precise and quality scopes. They’re a reputable brand that commits to the performance of their optics systems. The Leupold VX-Freedom rifle scope is a great scope for the serious hunter and shooter.

It is loaded with useful features of what can be considered as the best scopes for 450 Bushmaster. For one, it is durable and like in standard scopes on the market, Leupold has created this with aluminum material that is both long lasting and lightweight.

It can take on the challenges that you will throw at it out there, and it can deal with all types of weather conditions, without adding bulk to your hunting bag.

I also noticed that this is designed with an eyepiece lock ring, allowing me to lock in a setting that works best for my eyes.

This VX Freedom scope also features the Leupold Custom Dial System, delivering every user a customizable ballistic solution all the time.

The CDS offers me the ability to personalize my turrets according to the shooting conditions and ballistics, improving shooting precision, and that’s what I exactly need.

When it comes to ease of use, nothing beats Leupold scopes, too, and this one is one of my personal favorites. Even beginners would appreciate it.

More so, the VX-Freedom 3-9×40 offers a wide range of magnification settings aside from its rugged performance. Choose from three to nine times the power while also getting a bright picture all the time. Scopes like it are also known for its true light transmission while also reducing glare.

This product is also slim and has an ergonomic design. Now, that’s aesthetics and function combined to deliver a superior performance. There is really so much to like about this quality Leupold scope for the 450 Bushmaster without breaking the bank when compared to other scopes.

And to ensure more quality, this scope is made in the USA, so you can have peace of mind of the premium materials, assembly, and craftsmanship of this optics system, which can deliver unprecedented accuracy and superior lenses.

On the downside, the Leupold 450 Bushmaster scope has no night vision capability that could have made it more complete. Nevertheless, it is the best in class for its optimum light transmission and all-season performance. You might want to check it out for yourself.


  • High magnification range 3-9x
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight and has an ergonomic design
  • CDS to customize turrets
  • Durable aluminum material


  • No night vision

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4. Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Riflescope (Best Budget)

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Of all the budget scopes on the market for the 450 Bushmaster, this one has captured the attention of fellow hunters. While it is a budget scope without the bells and whistles and other features of high-end scopes for close range or long range shots, it doesn’t disappoint.

And if you’ve just started looking for a hunting scope for your new hobby of taking down small or big game in the woods, open fields, or the outdoors in general, you might want to check out this Bushnell Banner variable magnification affordable scope.

This particular Bushnell Banner scope offers between three to nine times magnification power, which is pretty useful if you’re planning to hunt at longer ranges, too.

The scope also has a fully multi coated lens, which is a standard in quality scopes for the 450 Bushmaster. This ensures a clear picture even at a farther distance.

More so, let me just share that the sighting device has a waterproof construction, making it ideal to prevent fogging and resist moisture that would otherwise affect our vision using the sight during harsh weather conditions. This waterproof ability ensures that we can use it even on a foggy day, too, as it can always deliver a crisp and clear image.

I also tested this in the field at dawn and I could say that it still performed and delivered its promises of bright picture. Good thing that Bushnell designed it to function at dusk or dawn or low lighting situations.

Not to forget, the affordable scope’s configuration is a classic for hunting. It doesn’t only have a variable magnification range up to 9X but also designed with six inches of generous eye relief.

Then, it also has a fast focus eyepiece along with easy to use and reset windage and elevation adjustments. How do eyepieces work? This fast focus eyepiece allows me to adjust the reticle to my eyes based on what’s comfortable for it.

In this case, I can focus on the target while also ensuring that I can see it clearly. And then for hard use and bumps, I liked that this scope’s turrets are capped.

In addition, I liked the Multi-X second focal plane reticle that speeds up the target acquisition for delivering a classic view of the image. It’s also easy to see even in a low light, increasing my chances of hitting my target.

That’s not all but this best scope for hunting is made with anti-reflective coating to further enhance the quality of the images.

And to remain waterproof and fog proof, it’s argon purged and o-ring sealed, ensuring that the internal components are always dry even if you accidentally drop it in water. This sighting device for 450 Bushmaster is rated IPX7 for up to 3 ft up to 30 minutes.

But then, some beginners might find it the multi-x reticle complex, though. Overall, the Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Riflescope is dependable, bright, and precise. I recommend it for those who have a limited budget but still want to get their hands on quality optics for hunting.


  • Broad magnification ranges
  • Durable but affordable
  • Fast target acquisition reticle
  • Argon-purged and o-ring sealed
  • Dusk and dawn performance


  • Multi-x reticle can be complex for newbie users

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5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Rifle Scope

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If you’re looking for the right scope, it should have a generous eye relief, quality glass, and durability, to name some. All these and more you can find in the Vortex Optics Crossfire II.

One of its primary features that make it my ideal scope for the 450 Bushmaster is its Straight Wall BDC MOA reticle. It’s designed and optimized for the straight cartridge of 450 Bushmaster, 350 Legend, and 45-70 Government.

When used with the 450 Bushmaster, it can offer and deliver holdovers for distances like 150 and 300 yards.

This budget scope offers magnification power from 2X to 7X and has 32mm objective lens diameter, offering optimal light transmission for short range shooting.

It is also durable for its one-inch tube construction made with aluminum, which is a mark of quality scopes.

More so, the Crossfire II is equipped with the dead hold BDC reticle, which I recommend for shooting and hunting at different distance ranges especially when calculating holdover could be an issue.

In addition, I noticed that it’s used aircraft grade aluminum that increases its strength and makes it more resistant from drops, bumps, and shocks. That said, I can say that this can last a long time.

Not to forget, this model is also nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed to keep the internal components free from moisture and to deliver a waterproof performance.

This Vortex Optics Crossfire II also has a generous eye relief for protection from heavy recoil as well as better view of the target.

The fully multi coated lens and anti-reflective coatings can deliver clear and crisp images. This means that we can get a vivid sight picture, allowing for fast target acquisition.

The only downside is the possible edge distortion at a higher power. Overall, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II is an excellent scope for the 450 Bushmaster for its waterproof performance, variable magnification settings, generous eye relief, to name some.


  • Affordable and quality lens
  • Straight Wall BDC MOA reticle
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Reputable optics brand
  • Shockproof and waterproof performance


  • Edge distortion issues at a higher power

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6. Leupold VX-Freedom 450 Bushmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope

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The VX-Freedom 450 Bushmaster is a duplex reticle scope, which is newbie friendly because it’s simple and straightforward and not distracting your view.

I also noticed the wide magnification range of this rifle scope from three to nine times, which is preferred by most hunters for versatility and function of the scope. It can be used for short to longer range hunting.

Moreover, I noticed that this Leupold scope is so lightweight only at 12.2 oz. and has an overall length of 12.39 inches. Also, this variable power rifle scope has a main tube diameter of one inch, which is usually the size of quality scopes.

This sighting unit also has a long eye relief of 4.17 inches (low) and 3.66 inches (high) that can protect your eyes and face from being hit by the scope due to heavy recoiling firearms.

This Leupold scope also features the Twilight Light Management System that can add up to ten more minutes of shooting light, while also reducing glare. This can ensure quality images, which aid our eyes to better see our target.

And as it’s equipped with this feature, it can balance light transmission and the image’s contrast and resolution, too.

In addition, let me highlight that the scope offers durability aside from rapid target acquisition, and that’s because of its waterproof build. This particular model also features ¼ MOA finger click adjustments to make it reliable and repeatable.

And just like other Leupolds, this model is made using advanced sealing methods that can deal with changes in elevation and temperatures. It is also shockproof, while remaining waterproof to ensure that moisture won’t get into the scope.

Those looking for night vision capability might want to go for another scope because this one doesn’t have that. Overall, the VX-Freedom 450 Bushmaster rifle scope is one of the most rugged and dependable sighting devices to consider for its superior performance.


  • Twilight Light Management System
  • Dependable and repeatable performance
  • Long eye relief
  • Lightweight only at 12.2 oz
  • Large objective lens diameter


  • No night vision capability

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7. Aimpoint CompM4s Red Dot Reflex Sight

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Not to forget in this list is the Aimpoint red dot sight that is packed with the solid features that you should be looking for when shopping around for a rifle scope.

This red dot reflex sight is manufactured and tested to deliver a waterproof performance. In fact, I discovered that it’s submersible by up to 150 feet. This can ensure that it can work no matter the weather and even on a snowy or foggy day.

The complete sealing also keeps the internal components free from any moisture, which would otherwise damage them. When you buy this, you’ll also get the included components, such as rubber bikini lens cover, Allen Key, anti-reflection device, QRP2 Mount & Spacer, and AA battery.

In addition, this product is made with rubber and aluminum, which can give us peace of mind that it can work for a long time to deliver the performance we expect from it. To enhance its durability, the scope is also with non-reflective and hard-anodized finish.

The high quality components can also ensure that it can resist the challenges that it will meet out there, including harsh weather conditions. I’d also like to note its long battery life of up to eight years of continuous operation with an AA battery.

Another good thing about the quality scope for 450 Bushmaster is that there is a wide range of accessories for purchase for those who want to customize their scope.

However, it might not be for people looking for scopes with variable power ranges, as this is a fixed power scope. But nevertheless, I’d recommend it to hunters looking to get a clear picture from their scope.

I would also recommend this rifle scope for people looking for a professional quality red dot sight that can be used in whatever shooting conditions. This is indeed a must-have in any hunting gear.


  • Clear image for quick target acquisition
  • All accessories included
  • Durable aluminum material
  • Great daytime rifle scope
  • Complete and innovative sealing for moisture-free internals


  • Not a variable scope

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What is the effective range of a 450 Bushmaster?

The effective range of the 450 Bushmaster round that packs a punch to shoot a deer is 250 yards, but it can also be effective slightly after that distance. It is because the round will drop dramatically after 250 yards.

Hunting With the 450 Bushmaster?

It is ideal for hunting deer and many companies even manufacture ammo lines designed for whitetail deer hunting.

It has a flat trajectory and offers better accuracy when used within its effective range of up to 250 yards.

Some sources, however, claim that zeroing a rifle at 200 yards will also help you shoot a deer to this distance without needing to adjust your hold.

How far is a 450 Bushmaster lethal?

You can shoot accurately in short ranges and up 250 yards, but it will depend on the rifle or firearms used.


Hunting will be a rewarding pursuit with the right tools and accessories. It’s exactly why you need to do your homework when shopping around for a rifle scope, which can either be illuminated or not, with night vision or none, and so many other features to check.

But at the end of the day, finding and using the best scope for 450 Bushmaster will help you take down a big game like a whitetail deer, and that’s every hunter’s dream.

To select the perfect scope with all the things you’re looking for, such as the right reticle, magnification range, material, quality lens, and coatings, refer to the reviews and buying guide above.

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