Top 10 The Best Tactical Wallet In 2021 – Best Choice For You

In this modern period, fashion is growing and being appreciated more. Fashion is not only interested in women but also men.

A men’s wallet is not just a wallet anymore; it needs to meet all elements of aesthetics, convenience, and fashion.

However, most men today have not taken this issue seriously, which makes this item not fully promote its effectiveness and use.

I was like that until I learned about tactical wallets. What a surprise! It was quite interesting.

Right now, let’s take a look at some military wallets that I have purchased. I want to share some reviews, which could help you find the best tactical wallet to accompany you.

My Top 10 Best Tactical Wallet

1. Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet 

Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet 

Check price here

I want to put this at the top of my list because it is very budget-friendly. With around $10, You can buy this product on amazon.

It was chosen by many people and receive a lot of nice compliments. This wallet has a basic design but owns excellent functions.

When traveling for business, I love to carry it because this accessory is designed to hold multiple cards. The large and sound money clip folds over the card slots securing up to 30 bills folded in half. 

Speaking of the money clip in more detail, it has four Rare-Earth magnets, a particular type of interest made from an alloy of rare earth elements.

Besides, to increase security, it also has RFID protection. So, when I carry it, I don’t worry about dropping my money.

This product has a wide range of colors. I can freely choose the color to match most of my clothes.

However, the slots are a bit tight, so sometimes I find it hard to take my cards.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Slim design 
  • Comfortable in the front pocket
  • High-quality leather


  • Tight slots

This product is much more than I expected for the price. I really love this combat wallet. The magnetic money clip works nicely, and it holds what you need.

2. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet 

ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet 

Check price here

Well, I like the Minimalist. This is the main reason why I put this product on the list.

From a design perspective, Minimalist – focuses on the features of the product. Not redundant, every element is needed. Simple shapes and lines are always more prominent than intricate motifs. Therefore, simplicity is more valuable than anything else.

ROCO Minimalist Slim aluminum wallet is a modern, minimalist, and futuristic, perfect for any modern man. The wallet is made of high-quality materials to ensure it has an excellent appearance while having maximum durability. 

The wallet is made from durable aluminum that gives it a nice glow and flexible silicon to provide flexibility but not lose its stability and strength. 

Although it is thin and small, it can hold up to 20 cards, including business cards, debit cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. Because of its small design, I can place it in your front or back pocket. 

Well, I have a lot of outstanding features. What I like most about this product is RFID blocking capability. An RFID blocker is included in the wallet to help prevent hackers from obtaining my credit card information. 

However, I don’t really like rubber bands. From my perspective, they are too thick and powerful. In some emergency cases, I find it hard to remove the rubber band quickly.


  • Slim and stylish
  • Light to carry​
  • High security 
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price


  • Hard to access the cards without removing the rubber band

Despite that, ROCO Minimalist is worth to buy. I think it is the best tactical RFID wallet with the price under $15. Personally, this looks stylish and suitable for young people in business who have to carry a lot of cards by his side.

3. Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet 

Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet 

Check price here

This is a tactical wallet made in the USA, so you don’t have to concern much about its quality. 

Look at this product with a tremendous distinctive design; it is an excellent option for your daily activities.

Dango D01 Dapper EDC Wallet is a small, fashionable, high-quality aluminum frame combining natural and beautiful lines on soft leather.

With a compact design but the product can contain a variety of ATM cards, credit, … sure silicon wire holds the card securely suitable for outdoor activities, thrilling sports.

The quality metal parts are smooth and free of blemishes, made from 6061 aerospace-grade CNC’d aluminum. The rubber band is pliant and flexible, but firm. 

I very impressed and amazed round the hole in the handy left corner. Not many wallets have it. Sometimes I wear trousers without a pocket; I can hook into the keychains, belt, etc. firmly and neatly.

Besides, durable leather material keeps colors stable, not peeling, waterproof helps me own durable products.

Dango EDC can hold up to 12 cards and five bills, but it does not have any card organizer. It also has RFID blocking to keep your information secure.

Speaking of the downside, It doesn’t have any extra features cost. Some other products are designed with a saw blade, a knife, a 10/15 hexagon screwdriver, a phone holder, a ruler, etc. However, it is just a simple one without any extra functions. 

Maybe It can be the best choice for EDC, not for a survival journey.


  • High security
  • External slots
  • Lovely design for easy travel​
  • Durable


  • A bit expensive
  • No extra features

All in all, it is a primary wallet that you should purchase. I think it will be a lovely gift that you can give to your family or friends because it is easy to use and convenient. 

4. Aluminum Metal Wallet 

Aluminum Metal Wallet 

Check price here

Well, have you ever heard about this aluminum tactical wallet?

When I saw it for the first time, I think it is a “tiny lounge” that can carry my cards. How lovely it is! 

With me, when it comes to aluminum mental, security is the priority, and this product is incredibly secure. I love that. 

I am not scared of someone can steal my wallet or get wet. The cover is made from aluminum and high-grade plastic and 100% waterproof.

Besides, it is equipped with RFID repellent technology that keeps my information secure.

Many people say that they don’t like its style and design. It is not slim and dedicates. But, in my opinion, it is suitable for the main purpose that it is designed. So, I don’t have any complaints about this.

However, I have to admit that most of my time when using it, I often put it in the bag because I don’t feel comfortable in the pocket.


  • High Security
  • Top-notch RFID protection
  • Water-resistant


  • Uncomfortable in pockets
  • Only holds cards

Well, if you pay mostly in cards and rarely use cash, this product is a deal for you. This tactical metal wallet can help you to protect the card safely and carefully. 

5. Radix One Black Steel 

Radix One Black Steel 

Check price here

Radix One Black Steel is also one of the best minimalist wallets I have ever used. 

This wallet is an ultra-thin wallet, but I can still carry from 4 to 10 cards: identity card, driver’s license, business card, credit card, etc. 

When it comes to the quality, the material is sleek stainless steel, ensuring the wallet can be used for many years without being corrupted by other impacts. 

I am a sucker for Minimalist, so I love its design. Radix wallet has a sharp, slender design that attracts lovers of contemporary. 

It is much thinner than a traditional wallet. It is especially light, less than 28.35 grams, so it will not cause unsightly lines on clothes that you cannot even feel.

Small but spacious. Although the wallet has a thin edge, it can hold up to 10 cards. Make sure you can bring in the necessary tags. It also has a place for you to pay by cash.

However, there are some downsides that I find necessary to mention.

The steel plates continuously rub against the top and bottom cards every time I slide them out. It hasn’t caused any loss of functionality in the cards yet. However, it will cause some damage after the time of use.

Besides, it also has RFID Blocking Protection, but I think it is not high security. It will still allow hackers to steal information.


  • Durable
  • Easy access to top and bottom card
  • Remarkably Slim


  • Rough on the top and bottom cards.

It is a slim tactical wallet in my collection. As I mentioned above, It has several cons when using. However, Radix One Black Steel is very comfortable to carry every day. It also helps you look more professional and stylish.

6. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet 

Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet

Check price here

I want to introduce another product of Dango Brand with more extra amazing functions. It is a tactical front pocket wallet. In my opinion, it is one of the best outdoor wallets. 

Dango Tactical EDC wallet has enough convenience as an extremely versatile wallet thanks to the toolkit inside. This wallet is made of leather and metal and has 12 card slots. 

This wallet is made from genuine leather, so it is not only durable but also sleek. The metal part material is CNC 6061 aluminum – stable, good corrosion resistance. 

It consists of a set of internal tools: a saw blade, paracord-survival bracelet, a knife, a 10/15 hexagon screwdriver, a phone holder, a ruler, etc. They can help you handle household chores conveniently. Even in difficult situations when traveling. I think it is the most outstanding feature that makes me impressed.

When it comes to the biggest advantages, it is very suitable to carry when traveling. I feel safe, confident about the security of this wallet. Because it has built-in RFID protection, it prevents people who want to gain personal information. 

Besides many great extra functions, It also has a downside. I want to share the fact that It cannot pass the security check at the airport. 

The reason is that it has a multi-tool kit with sharp objects; it will not be allowed to carry on the plane. So you probably have to send it first, or you can leave it in your checked baggage.


  • Removable multi-tool
  • RFID Blocking
  • More than 14 functions (smartphone stand, saw, knife, etc.)
  • Durable 
  • Unique design


  • Very few organizational slots
  • Not cheap

In general, It owns a unique design. With this durability and certainty, it will accompany you anywhere on the street or adventure journey. Although it is a bit pricey, it is truly one of the best wallets for outdoorsmen.

7. Trayvax Element Wallet  

Trayvax Element Wallet 

Check price here

Here comes my other pick for the best RFID tactical wallet; this is Trayvax Element Wallet.

I think you have heard about this before.

The Trayvax Element wallet is equipped with RFID technology to protect your personal information while traveling. 

It is made of stainless steel, durable and can withstand rainwater and other impacts. I think this is the most remarkable feature I like and explains why I want to carry it everywhere.

Besides, It has a unique design that suits a variety of costumes. It has a slim design with lots of space. Though thin, it can hold up to 15 cards. And I can still comfortably carry it in your pocket or hand.

It also comes with tools that most other wallets don’t have, such as a bottle opener and a clip for cash or bills. 

Unlike other minimalist wallets, It is also a tactical money clip wallet. Trayvax Element wallets are equipped with clips for you to carry cash or bills easily.  

Lastly, I have some notes about its metal frame. Rugged stainless-steel frame wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather with sharp edges can sometimes lead to discomfort.


  • Durable
  • Convenient with extra functions             
  • Rugged Good Looks   
  • Minimal Footprint
  • RFID Protection


  • Sharp edges can sometimes lead to discomfort.

Well, I have used it for a long time, and I love its durability. I think you should buy this tactical RFID blocking wallet to go camping or to a party because it is safe with RFID blocking and bottle opener.

8. USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet  

USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet

Check price here

If you are looking for a robust, heavy-duty tool, USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet is the best-rugged wallet in its price range.

What I liked the most about this wallet is its heavy-duty construction. This wallet is very flexible and extremely robust to withstand the harshest conditions; you can shake or move freely; nothing will fall out.

There are separate compartments for small tools, keys or coins, three elastic compartments to protect the memory card, a dividing board with a grid, and a separate magnetic cardholder right outside to access the protected areas.

Different from other wallets I mentioned above, this is a tactical nylon wallet. It is made of 6.6 Cordura Nylon 1000D.

Another distinctive feature of this pocket is its design. It owns a classic military wallet appearance. On the front of the wallet, it has an American Flat in the center. This is very special.

On a negative note, it doesn’t have RFID protection. So I think you should not put too many cards in this wallet.


  • Classic military designs and colors.
  • 18 compartments.
  • A Transparent ID/photograph window.
  • Three Elastic compartments.
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and rugged


  • No RFID protection.

I think this product features 18 compartments that hold everything you may need yet fits in back pockets. If you want a sound and secure wallet, this is perfect for you. The price is also very budget-friendly, so why not buy one?

9. Ekster Senate – Slim Leather Wallet 

Ekster Senate - Slim Leather Wallet

Check price here

First of all, I want to give a nice compliment to this wallet because of all the innovative features that I will tell you right now.

This is truly a tactical card wallet. The most noticeable characteristic is EASY ACCESS. It can eject the card itself from the wallet thanks to a function button at the bottom. 

I have searched for more information about this product in the Online newspaper when I find this product. Ekster Wallets uses a special mechanism, which has been studied and tested for years, to be able to eject the cards in their wallets in a specific top-down order without ever getting shot out of the wallet.

It can hold at least 12 cards, a large money compartment, and a small rear pocket to store additional accessories, cards, or change or coins.

And things else?

Yes, of course. Like other smart wallets, it also has Ekster Tracker Card. This helps to locate the wallet’s location in real-time, determine the distance between wallet and smartphone. 

When approaching, you can use your smartphone to make the wallet ring. When the wallet is out of range, a notification will be sent to the smartphone, including time lost and place lost.

I am not a careful person, so this function is beneficial for me. I love this so much.

Besides two great functions above, it also has RFID protection and NFC to prevent card data theft via a wireless connection.

Still, mistakes happen even to the best of us, and this wallet is not an exception. During my rigorous testing, the pop-up button occasionally sticks. However, it is not a big problem.


  • Excellent card ejection “pop-up” mechanism
  • Beautiful leather with careful stitching
  • RFID protection
  • Multiple functions
  • Premium materials


  • The pop-up button occasionally sticks.

Again, I really love this tactical credit cardholder. It is the first smart wallet I bought. Until now, it still works very well. If you want to own a wallet with multi-purpose, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

10. Dango P01 Pioneer EDC Wallet 

Dango P01 Pioneer EDC Wallet

Check price here

Typically your work needs to take notes quickly, take notes anytime, anywhere, a set of wallets with a notebook is an indispensable accessory. And Dango PO1 Pioneer EDC wallet is an excellent option for your choice.

Handcrafted and assembled in the USA with vegetable-tanned Italian leather make this product looks very delicate and agreeable. I was impressed by the outlook of this tactical leather wallet.

Like other Dango products, it is made from CNC’d 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, which is very durable and rugged. It also has RFID blocking, which is very safe to keep the money.

The most outstanding feature that makes me buy this one is that I can hold up to 20 cards. Very spacious that I can carry all my cards and cash. 

Well, I am taking a bit about the notebook attached. I have 48 pages. With me, It is beneficial because I usually take note of some vital information such as phone number, account bank, etc. 

When it comes to its price tag, it’s not something that I can brush lightly over. It is highly-priced, but not without reason. If design and convenience are your priorities, then you can be sure it is worth it. 


  • Top-quality material and Cutting-edge design
  • Very comfortable in the hands
  • RFID blocking work effectively
  • Durable and flexible


  • A bit pricey

This is the most expensive and the best EDC wallets in my list. If you are looking for something which is spacious and durable, you can not skip this product.

Everything You Need to Know About Tactical Wallets (and More)

  • What is a tactical wallet, and who is this for?

A tactical wallet can be defined as a piece of equipment that is designed to hold your cash and cards as other wallets but not waste any space and have a function on every single corner. 

Most people think that it is carefully designed to meet a specific military end to use in a survival situation with more extra functions included.

However, nowadays, tactical wallets are trendy. Many people have bought it because of its minimalistic design and given extra functions. Every single square centimeter of space is carefully designed, and all of the material and fabric are useful in a specific way. 

The military wallet has a simple appearance and sturdy material, so it is more suitable for men than women. Thanks to the durability and versatile in use, it is for the outdoor enthusiast, soldiers, trailers, police, and other people that love to keep things clean and needs to have tools easily accessible.

  • Types of tactical wallet

Like other wallets, the tactical wallet also divided into different types based on the design and purpose.

Bifold Wallet

The foldable wallet is neither small nor too big; this is the perfect size wallet for everyone, so it’s no surprise that this is the most used type of wallet.

The bifold tactical wallet is usually rectangular and folded in half, so it’s quite trendy and compact. Usually, there is a long open pocket with a zipper to hold banknotes, and many different slots to store credit cards, identity cards, even bills. The wallet also has a drawer for coins in it.

With a slim design, it is easy to fold to fit the jacket pocket, the pocket behind the pants, and in bags, briefcases.

Trifold Wallet

Like the bifold wallet above, the trifold wallet is a classic design that is also very popular with men. 

Therefore, if you tend to carry more cards, then this is the best wallet. However, if you hold too much, your wallet will swell and will make you uncomfortable when sitting down for a long time. Therefore, you must clean your purse more often, removing unnecessary documents and cards.

Most trifold wallets can hold up to 10 identity card slots and credit cards. It also contains many paper drawers.

Slim wallet

Slim wallets are manufactured especially compact, and they usually can hold cash, international currencies, and about 8-10 card slots, even when folded in half.

With a slim enough design to fit in the front pocket of jeans, it is less bulging than other wallets. This wallet is thin but contains more things than you think. 

It is not only convenient and attractive but also rugged and practical. If compactness is what you want, the same slim design is what you need; a slim wallet would be the perfect choice for you.

Money clip wallet

It seems that this is a wallet with a strange name to many people, but because of the convenience and style, this male leather wallet is increasingly favored by men.

This type of wallet is for men who like a minimalist lifestyle and just want to hold what they need. A tactical wallet is trendy because of its compact and simple structure. The basic features were retained, and the tactical wallet could have some money and cards. 

Usually, the amount of paper money is about 40-50 sheets. The card compartment has only one or several compartments, which can be a bank card or identification.

Large wallet (the long wallet)

For money purse, the long wallet does not follow the classic folding style; it has other, more modern uses. So instead of just being able to pocket, the long wallet can be held in hand, showing off a very stylish fashion sense as well as helping users to organize their papers very neatly without being bent. Or on the corner when placed in the slim wallet.

Travel wallet

A travel wallet, or a passport wallet, can help you keep all your essential travel documents.

The wallet is long and slender and has plenty of room to hold a driver’s license, boarding passes, currency, passports, credit cards, pens, and more. It is convenient and usually has a close magnetic button.

Therefore, this wallet is suitable for men who travel a lot, often travel, while ensuring style and comfort to carry anytime, anywhere. So, before traveling or traveling, consider choosing this particular wallet.

Wrist wallet

The wristband fits perfectly on your wrist; it was created to serve the gentleman or outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or jogging.

It fits snugly but comfortably on the wrist and can store items like keys, money, phones, identity cards, or even an mp3 player if you like. It’s usually made of an elastic band, so it can adjust to the wrist size, though they’re not big enough to hold items like a passport, they’re perfect for keeping the things you need in addition to exercise.

Wristbands can be easily seen, but can still prevent pickpockets because, in reality, it is difficult for bad guys to steal something on your wrist. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and hate big, bulky wallets, wrist wallets are the choice for you.

Zipper wallet

This wallet uses zippers, and these locks are usually made from leather, which means it is difficult to tear, break for a long time. You also can’t lose anything because the convenient zipper keeps everything inside, and it has a perfect inner pocket for paper money. This wallet type is not only stylish but also compact, unique, and attractive.

Belt wallet 

This type of wallet is actually a men’s belt with a secret compartment with a zipper to hold papers, bills, and anything.

It has the same shape and function as a regular belt. So it’s not just stylish, it also makes it easier for you to store things by bike or shop. The waist belt is located firmly on hips to help your hands relaxed every time you walk around.

Neck wallet

Along with the travel wallet, this hanging passport holder is also an option you should consider when traveling or working. If you wear it like a bag – that is, on your neck with a strap under one arm – it is most secure and comfortable.

This wallet is safe and convenient, and although they are slightly larger than many other wallets, they can hold more items than you think. This wallet has many compartments to help. This keeps your identity documents as well as protect your passport from being torn or crumpled.

Lightweight, resistant to abrasion, not wrinkled, less dusty, easy to clean preservation, and waterproof passport holder help you preserve better and safer goods when going in the rain.

  • Factors To Consider When Buying A tactical wallet.


Tactical wallets are made up of many different materials, such as leather, fabric, cotton, polyester, etc. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages, but the leather and metal frame are the leading material to create quality Tactical wallet

The materials of tactical wallets are often durable and tough. Allow you to work in rugged and rough outdoor conditions. 

It is essential to choose tactical metal wallets that are made of rust-resistant materials or water-resistant and lightweight.


Choosing a tactical wallet that fits your style of dress is also an important standard. A minimalist and dark-colored tactical wallet will give you more refinement if you often have to wear suits. A slim, compact wallet will be handy for you if you wear jeans or a sporty style.

Usually, choosing a simple, less detailed wallet is the first choice for men when buying a wallet. Instead of choosing colorful, cumbersome products, a smooth, minimalist wallet with details becomes much more masculine.


We recommend you to buy a tactical wallet that are suitable for you, do not buy too expensive wallets but your financial capacity is limited.


The purpose will determine how you choose a tactical wallet. You should consider the amount of money you usually carry or the number of cards, cards, etc. that you need to keep in your wallet.

When you buy a wallet, choose the number of compartments enough to hold the money and card you need to carry. Make sure to choose tactical wallets with transparent compartments to hold important cards that you need to display when needed, such as your driver’s license.


Some tactical wallets are designed with extra functions such as bottle opener, knives edge, etc. With multi-tools added, you can handle several tasks, depending on the particular model. Moreover, this factor solely depends on your needs and requirements. 


Nowadays, tactical wallets are also integrated with RFID technology. This means that your wallet will help protect information on credit cards and electronic passports, prevent cardholders from stealing information, and withdrawing money illegally.

A wallet with RFID protection will cost more than other wallets but will protect your assets and information much better.


A tactical wallet seems like a standard item of men but plays a vital role in partially showing their characteristics. So, choosing and using a wallet to express your style and meet your requirement is not easy.

The tactical wallet owns a minimalist design and durable quality. I think it is worth your money because it will be genuinely your companion for such a long time.

Above, I have shared my top 10 best tactical wallets. I hope my reviews give useful information that beneficial to you.

A good wallet not only helps you manage your finances best, but it is also considered a symbol of the class of men today.

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