Best Thermal Scope for Coyote Hunting Reviews & Buying Guide

Coyotes are some of the smartest, toughest survivors in the wild. They’re not ordinary predators that just wait for the good days and food to fall from trees. They look for and grab it with the right opportunity and perfect timing.

So, if you’re hunting coyotes at night, you don’t just need any night vision devices but the best thermal scope for coyote hunting to dominate the game and hunt these nocturnal animals with keen sense of sight and hearing.

You can outsmart them using the right thermal scope with many features that may include but are not limited to remote control, external battery pack, superior quality glass lenses, higher magnification power, broad magnification range for short to long distances, and smart mil dot reticle, to name some.

I got you covered with the following reviews of scopes for coyote hunting. They will help you outsmart coyotes and even other predators in the wild. Use them for reference to compare your choices and pick what night vision thermal scope suits your needs and fits your requirements.

Thermal scope features?

Thermal scope has evolved through the years and hunting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, and tactical guys have witnessed the changes that it has undergone from its introduction up to now. In the past, thermal scopes for predator hunting, patrolling, and other applications used to be expensive.

While some thermal imaging scopes with thermal sensors and excellent shooting range are still not within the reach of the public, innovation incorporated by brands in their offerings have significantly made these scopes more affordable, leading to introduction of cheaper and smaller thermal imaging devices.


Remember that a higher magnification may reduce the image’s resolution, while its refresh rate is being slowed down, too. Thus, going higher is not always good. Optical magnification will be at most five times and digital up to eight times. A lower or minimum magnification can give you a wider view field and helps you identify the real size of your target.

Sensor and resolution

Check that the thermal sensor is with 640×480 for a clear image. It is not enough that you know the resolution of the scope, which can be 800×600 but with thermal sensing power of only 320×240.

Back to resolution: You must remember that a higher resolution may also increase the price of the thermal scope for coyotes. Strike a balance between resolution and your budget to have a satisfying buying experience.

Reticle pattern

Should you pick a thermal scope with multiple reticle patterns? If you’re going for night hunting with your device, I suggest going for the four-line reticle. Usually, the sights of these devices are mounted on the firearms using a bracket.

A thermal scope, aside from varying reticle patterns, may also possess a sighting profile. For a monocular imager, it may differ when it comes to shock load resistance and reliability. At the end of the day, choose a scope that has a reticle that you’ll feel comfortable using.

Refresh Rate

The thermal rifle’s refresh rate refers to its ability on how often the image is being rendered on your screen. It’s how often the image is refreshed by the computer components in your scope. You’d want to go for a particular scope that has a higher refresh rate, especially if you’re trying to capture a moving target, say a coyote or a varmint. But there’s one caveat. Higher refresh rate can consume more power.

Detection range

Up to what distance can the thermal scope detect heat from an object? The answer to this will give you an idea on the overall effective scope’s range. So you might think about recognition range as one of the primary factors when looking for a coyote hunting scope.

Battery life

All the features of the best thermal scopes won’t make much sense if the scope doesn’t work long enough when you’re out there hunting. The life of it is in the batteries. Choose a thermal sight that is equipped with long lasting batteries, and much better, the one that comes with an external battery pack.

Things to consider when predator hunting

Adrenaline rush and respect from your group of hunters are two of the rewards of being an effective hunter who can hunt and take down coyotes, varmints, and other game. It’s thrilling and rewarding especially if you also want to protect your land or livestock. Now, here are some things to consider.

Coyote Hunting

For the time of the year, you can actually hunt them all year round; however, changing seasons also require changing up setups, calls, and techniques. But if you’re hunting them for pelts, you might want to do it in the winter when they flaunt the most beautiful coats.

Coyotes rest during the day and hunt at night. Time your hunting at night. It can give you better results than hunting in midday.

If you’re not hunting in your territory and you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, drive on some of the dirt roads where you want to go hunting. Dirt roads as well as logging can give you insights about these nocturnal animals like where they move about the landscape or area.

Don’t get too close to the coyote den, or they will scatter if they catch wind that you’re there. Don’t also stand up against the skyline, and be sure to use a cover like a shade.

Play the wind. Coyotes will circle when they hear your call but from the downwind portion.

Use hand calls or automated calls. Practice a closed reed hand call because it is more effective for more variation than an open reed hand call. Or, you may opt for electronic calls, too.

Predator Hunting

Check for track along the game trails, trail systems, and wooded roads. When scouting the location, you must also look for abandoned fields. However, make sure to ask permission when hunting in larger open properties or agricultural land.

Think about setting up in wooded spots that have a broken cover, including woods, which can be bordered by salt marsh edges or brushy fields.

Predators have a strong sense of smell, so they can detect your presence if they get wind. So when hunting, position yourself downwind.

Attract predators. Use a mouth call to attract raccoons, bobcats, and other animals. However, ensure you identify the target clearly before making the shot. Use your long range thermal scope to do that.

Varmint Hunting

Hide your vehicle and keep it invisible in places where you will encounter your target, which may find it suspicious to find your ride close to their house. Park at least 200 yards from the setup.

Use the terrain wisely and do not skyline yourself. Be very quiet when positioning the call or making a setup.

It is best to set up between 50 and 100 yards downwind of the call you’re using. Predators like coyotes will normally circle downwind in order to verify with their sense of smell what they hear.

Consider a high elevation when trying to set up, lime a ridge or point, and then set up downwind while overlooking the place where to call and hunt.

Time your hunt based on the weather. Hunt tight to cover or hunt in deep canyons on a windy day. If you want to hunt bobcats, it will be best to wait until it’s a warm day. But if you want to hunt coyotes, remember that they will move all day during the cold weather.

Different types of night vision devices

Night vision monocular: It looks like a tube, which you’ll have to look with one eye and is typically more affordable than binoculars with night vision. This has a reliable design, allowing for one-hand operation. Its primary job is to collect and amplify the resulting light.

Night vision binoculars: It provides you vision with two eyes, delivering a more realistic assessment of what you can see; thus, it can be more expensive than a monocular. Many of them provide a better sight picture.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG): They’re made of two similar channels for the left and right eye. They are convenient for night driving because they can produce a stereoscopic image. They are lighter than a binocular and rather cheaper.

Night vision rifle scopes: They have the same optical systems like an NV monocular, but they’re with a reticle, mount, and alignment mechanism, to name some.

What makes a thermal scope good for coyote hunting?

Coyote hunting scopes should have enough power to offer you a clear sight picture even in the rain, snow, or fog. The lens must be high quality glass that can deliver crisp images all the time.

Thermal scopes for coyote hunting should also come with a strong thermal sensing technology and an excellent identification range. They must also be able to record videos and images and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. And of course, they should be rugged to resist impacts, shocks, and pressures they’ll encounter out there.

Best Thermal Scopes for Coyote Hunting

1. AGM Rattler TS25-384 Thermal Imaging RifleScope

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AGM RATTLER TS25-384 is a solid and compact thermal imaging scope that possesses all the features that predator hunters could want in their sighting device. One of the things I liked about this scope is its long operation of up to 24 hours, and that’s no matter the kind of weather it would meet outside.

The AGM Global Vision scope runs with two pieces of CR123 batteries that operate long enough up to four and a half hours of continuous operation. Adding to its battery life reliability is its external battery pack/power bank that I can quickly connect via a USB connector, increasing its time of operation.

The thermal optics system also comes with a Wi-Fi module. This allows me to record images and videos as well as go live video streaming via the available and dedicated app. In addition, I noticed the two objective lenses that I can interchange easily. For example, I use the 35mm lens for medium range and the 25mm for short distance shooting.

Thermal scopes like the RATTLER TS25-384 are powerful enough to give us a clear sight picture. It has a 384×288 thermal detector along with a reliable 1024×768 OLED monitor that works well even in harsh weather conditions and different situations, including dust, fog, smoke, rain, wood, camouflage, and snow. That’s exactly what I need for coyote hunting.

It is also versatile and I can use it in other applications like personal defense and patrolling. Adding to its versatility, the best thermal scope for coyote hunting allows for use as a handheld monocular or a thermal sighting device.

This model with a great sensor for heat signatures also has 8x digital zoom that allows me to adjust it to see my target better from short to medium range distances. Also, it can support distance measurement and pallet switch, adding to its ease of use.

Overall, this AGM thermal scope for coyote hunting is one of the best that I’ve tested. It works as intended and delivers all the time, although might not be the best for long range targeting and shooting.


  • 8x digital zooming capability
  • Video/image recording and live streaming via app
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Works no matter the weather
  • Compact and smaller than other thermal scopes


  • Might not be the best for long range distance shooting

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2. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

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If ever you’re concerned about the bulk of thermal scopes, you might want to check out this unit that weighs only 650 grams, which is much lighter than other scopes of the same kind on the market. So taking it out there in the woods, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying with you a scope that will put much weight in your rifle.

Performance-wise, this one consumes low power, so I can use it for hours and hours without its battery going dead. This LT thermal rifle scope is operated by a Li-On battery that can run for at least 10 hours per charge. These thermal rifle scopes are dependable, not just lightweight and compact. Having one of these in your hunting arsenal could be a wise move.

This scope for coyote hunting that you can find on Amazon, Optics Planet, and other ecommerce stores, is unbelievably also very affordable versus other thermal scopes.

Good thing that ATN has broken the price barrier and has made this one within what most hunters can afford. But while it’s an affordable thermal scope, it doesn’t miss the most integral features.

For instance, it features advanced heat detection sensors, which is useful for varmint or coyote hunting. I can depend on it even in heavy vegetation that it can easily detect my target from far away and recognize it, too.

I also wanted to highlight its solid 30mm hardened aluminum alloy tube that can resist the recoil from different firearms. Although I must say, it quite struggles when used with heavy recoiling weapons.

Being lightweight, this scope can keep my rifle balanced, eliminating any distraction that would otherwise make me miss the shot. It is agile and highly reliable regardless of the situation, delivering top performance and its one shot zero function saves me a lot of ammunition and time especially when zeroing it in my rifle.

And before I forgot, the thermal scope is so easy to mount on my rifle, allowing me to attach and detach it when needed. The best part is the 30mm rings keep it to zero while transferring it.

Nevertheless, the ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope is lightweight, rugged, and highly dependable. It’s worth considering especially for newbie predator hunters who aren’t ready yet to buy a high-end and expensive thermal sight. The only problem I have is it might not be for heavy recoiling firearms. But if you ever encounter the same issue, the customer service would be helpful.


  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Advanced heat detection sensors
  • Affordable scope vs. competition
  • Simplistic and accessible design
  • Long battery life at least 10 hours per charge


  • Might not be for heavy recoiling rifles

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3. ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope

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The high quality thermal scope is loaded with useful features and offers high performance for the tough and serious hunter. Using it makes sure that you improve your chances of hitting the target not just for its super clear lens but also for its ballistic calculator that works so well all the time.

It accurately helps with determining the ballistics for accurate shooting, converting environmental factors, including humidity, temperature, wind, and other things like angle to target and range. This greatly improves shooting precision especially for long range shots.

When choosing thermal or night vision scopes, it would also be useful to look for a dual stream video recording capability. Thor 4 lets me stream video to my phone and at HD, while also recording to the internal SD card internal storage.

This thermal rifle scope also features an Obsidian Core for a recoil activated video, automatically recording it before and after the shot. I also liked its low power profile that its long battery life allows for at least 16 hours of continuous operation.

The ATN scope also comes with a super sensitive Next Gen thermal sensor. This makes the Smart HD scope capable of capturing crisp and clear images for a better sight picture even at long ranges and complete darkness.

The Thor 4 Smart HD Thermal Hunting Scope, which features improved contrast and enhanced resolution for its high thermal sensitivity makes it worth considering for thermal imaging scopes. That’s not all though because this unit is unbelievably easy to learn, and even beginners would appreciate how it would give them a pleasant hunting experience.

The best thermal scope for hunting predators like a coyote or varmint is a classic. It has a generous and long eye relief for protection from heavy recoil.

The sight also allows for fast viewing and improved target acquisition, and that’s thanks to its ultimate power and performance that you’ll normally find in more expensive thermal scopes. Ultimately, the ATN rifle scope also features a laser range finder for identifying long distance targets.

Overall, there is nothing more I could ask from this low power consuming and classic sighting device for hunting. The only downside is it is a bit heavier versus competition.


  • Obsidian Core and recoil activated video
  • Classic look and feel scope
  • Ballistic calculator for improved shots
  • Super sensitive Next Gen thermal sensor
  • Easy to use


  • A bit bulky

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4. Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope

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If you’re comparing different thermal scopes on features, consider the Pulsar Thermion Thermal Scope on your list. It is one of the finest in terms of best image quality that improves shooting performance especially in the dark and in remote places with thick trees and heavy vegetation.

This scope for varmint hunting offers a digital magnification range up to eight times. This digital zoom delivers enhanced focus, so I can mind what matters. It can improve the target recognition no matter the situation, something really useful when it comes to predator hunting at night.

This Thermion scope, which has an excellent recognition range, is for every hunter. It has innovative electronics for a quick start, saving energy and extending operation time. It’s smart, too, that I can keep it switched off. It can be activated quickly when needed unlike other affordable thermal scopes out there.

Most thermal scopes don’t have a long battery life, featuring B-Pack Mini Combined Power System, which is a dual battery system. External and internal batteries can ensure extended running time because it allows users to easily replace them in a flash.

And even when there is rain or snow, this night vision sighting device works pretty well. It is IP7 weather resistant, making it dependable even in harsh weather conditions.

It is one of the most useful thermal scope features that enable versatility of use and adaptability for snow, heavy rainfall, and other forms of precipitation. It can also allow for up to three feet of submersion in the water for up to 30 minutes.

This Thermion thermal scope is also a Stream Vision App supported that I only need to connect to my mobile device, which I can use as a remote control or second display. This functionality also makes adjusting the settings, transferring the recorded files, and upgrading the firmware easy.

The Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope is also recoil rated by up to 6,000 joules, delivering flawless performance even on a larger caliber .375 H&H, 12-gauge and 9.3×64. In addition, this features different color palettes for settings customization.

Image and video recording in this thermal scope is also possible, giving me an opportunity to record and share the action fast. I also noticed that this one is equipped with a 16GB internal storage to store more photos and huge videos.

This scope for coyote and multiple rifles allows for storing up to five rifle profiles and choosing from 13 different reticles, which ensures I can select the reticle for the situation. And before I forget, the XG50 scope features a one-shot zeroing function for added convenience.


  • Allows for up to five rifle profiles for perfect zero each time
  • Quick and easy video and image recording
  • Large internal storage capacity 16GB
  • Weather resistant IP7
  • High recoil rated up to 6,000 joules


  • A bit expensive

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5. EPINFOPT Thermal Scope for Hunting EP35S Riflescopes

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Ruggedness is a top feature to look for when choosing coyote hunting scopes with a thermal sensor. This EPINFOPT EP35S is on top of its game when it comes to durability in the woods and remote places.

The EPINFOPT night vision monocular has an IR vision that allows me to see better in night hunting. It is an all-weather thermal scope with the capabilities I am looking for without breaking the bank. I liked that the night vision scope gives me a clearer picture even in the dark and when there is snow, rain, or fog.

This traditional rifle scope also lets me adjust its zooming in and out capabilities based on the situation. It is a high-performing thermal imaging monocular with a laser rangefinder, calculating the right distance from it to the target. It gives me a good starting point for an insight about bullet trajectory. This also eliminates any trial and error on my part, ultimately saving me effort, time, and ammo.

The EP35S thermal scope is also equipped with 8X eyepiece magnification that further enhances the view for optimal target picture. What’s more is it comes with a digital compass and advanced image correction, too.

Finally, this scope with picture in picture is designed with an Objective Lens Diameter of 50mm, allowing for better light capturing into the scope. It leads to a larger exit pupil to come up with a brighter image of the target, while providing a great balance between lighting gathering capability and image quality enhancement.

However, it has a limited magnification range, though. Overall, the EP35S night vision scope with infrared vision is one of the most affordable thermal scopes and is a must-have in every hunter’s bag. It is packed with useful features while being affordable enough for people who have just started out in their hunting pursuit.


  • Large objective lens for better light gathering ability
  • Laser rangefinder for better shot insights
  • Durable construction for long lasting use
  • Easy to use and accessible buttons
  • Works well for every situation


  • Limited magnification range

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6. EPINFOPT 640/384 Thermal Scope

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Nighttime coyote hunting requires an ultra reliable scope that can deliver performance on demand. It is because hunting coyotes is not easy. These animals are smart and can detect you from far away, but we need to outsmart them with equally clever hunting equipment like this EPINFOPT 640/384 scope with thermal sensors. It’s not our average scope.

The scope that features a thermal sensor features the Infrared Array Sensor – 17μm that makes it ideal for any hunting condition. There is nothing quite like it when it comes to range detection.

It is unlike other scopes that might not work well when there is dense fog. This model is rated IP66 that makes it weather resistant, making it suitable to work even in harsh weather conditions. Now, there is no stopping every hunter who wants to conquer the wild.

This unit also works with one-hand operation and is lightweight for convenient carry. I also liked its good 50hz frame rate, which is fast enough to give me smooth images faster when I need it. There will also be no delay with the dynamic picture capture of this device that works well even in cases of a moving target.

This EPINFOPT 640/388 monocular thermal imager delivers not just smooth images but can also resist up to one meter drop, adding to its durability and longer lifespan. It is also dustproof, keeping its integrity even with heavy use. More so, this model features hotspot tracking as well as picture in picture that makes it really an innovative monocular for coyote hunting.

For its downside, it is not for long range targets, though. Overall, I liked this scope for its intuitive features like its excellent and advanced heat detection sensors. The manufacturer knows exactly what hunters need. It is intelligent and delivers superior performance all the time.


  • Smooth images and excellent 50Hz refresh rate
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry
  • IP66 rating weather resistant and dustproof
  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Ideal for predator hunting for its great thermal sensing technology


  • Limited magnification range (2x,3x,4x)

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How much magnification does a thermal scope need?

NV scopes, on the average, can provide up to 20X magnification, while thermal imagers can deliver at least 16X or more options for zooming. However, take note that some of these thermal imaging devices don’t have magnification.

Most thermal scopes don’t have high magnification. You don’t need too much magnification for your thermal scope because it has a range of more than 1,000 yards at night.

How far can scopes see?

High end thermal sights can see and help you see a target as far as 4,000 yards. For average thermal rifle scopes, this can be 1,000 yards or less.

Can you use a thermal scope in daylight?

Yes, you can use a thermal imaging scope at daytime as you can at nighttime even without ambient light, although much better if there is.

How long will a thermal scope last?

The length of time that a thermal scope or any other night vision devices will work depends on how you treat it and how often you use it. Then, there is the overall quality of material of the scope that can contribute to how long it will last.


Finding the best thermal scope for coyote hunting for high caliber rifles isn’t as easy as picking up the first thermal sighting device that detects infrared light or heat signatures or one with multiple reticle options. Check for features like magnification, resolution, construction, and battery life, among the others we’ve discussed here. Referring to these scopes for coyote hunting reviews and features to look for should be able to help you settle for nothing but the best scope for coyote that fits your needs.

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