What is the Smallest Gun a Woman Can Carry?

If you’re looking to carry a gun for self-defense or everyday carry, you might be thinking about what the smallest guns available there are for women. In today’s article, we’ll highlight certain things to remember when choosing your concealed carry weapon, smallest gun options, and factors to consider when carrying a small gun. Keep reading and learn more.

What is the Smallest Gun a Woman Can Carry?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Concealed Carry Weapon

Below are important considerations to think about before buying a concealed carry firearm.

Physical characteristics and comfort level

Considering the type of concealed carry weapon (CCW) you want to carry is an important consideration when looking to apply for and get a license to carry a firearm.

Think about the size and comfort level of the weapon you are eyeing on. For women, they typically prefer a small and light gun and one to fit their grip comfortably.

You’d also want to choose a CCW that you can use expertly, as you’ll have to defend yourself in the event of an emergency with it. In addition, it would be wise to find a CCW that is easy to handle and one that is reliable and accurate.

Consider your body frame and physical ability of carrying the added weight all day as well. It won’t be a good idea to carry with you an already heavy bag, while carrying a big handgun, too.

Availability and accessibility of the weapon

There are many handguns available on the market, but the one you’re looking to buy must be accessible in many locations. Or else, you might have a hard time  looking for it in stock.

Legal restrictions and regulations

Review the local and state laws regarding license to carry because laws per location or territory can be different. You won’t want to put yourself in trouble, so you should follow local and statewide laws.

That’s why you need to research and thoroughly understand all of these before even buying a small gun so that you can own and use one legally.

The legal restrictions and regulations also matter if you’re planning to move inter or intra state. You need to know and learn about the new and updated gun laws in order to keep yourself out of trouble.

Fifty states allow for concealed carrying, either with or without a permit, although the level of difficulty for obtaining a permit to carry a loaded and concealed firearm varies from one jurisdiction to another.

The Smallest Gun Options for Women

When considering a handgun for women, you might be thinking what smallest guns are available out there. Here are three of them.

Pocket Pistols

As the name suggests, a pocket pistol can fit into one’s pocket because it’s very small, has a thin profile, and is remarkably lightweight.

One of its primary characteristics is its ability to be drawn easily from your pocket, and some of these pistols are in calibers like the 380 ACP, 25 ACP, and 22LR.

When options are unavailable, a pocket pistol can be a great self defense option for women provided you choose a nice holster for it.

Today, most of these handguns are semi-automatic and are commonly smaller than an average and traditional firearm, making them perfect for concealed and everyday carry.

Subcompact Handguns

Smaller than compact handguns, subcompacts are lightweight and are preferred by women who want a backup gun or a deep concealment weapon.

However, take note that due to their small size, they tend to have less firepower and shooting accuracy than a compact handgun. But then, they can have more powerful recoil than a compact handgun, although they weigh less. In addition, they tend to have more muzzle rise than a compact pistol.

But as you improve your skills, though, you can shoot with speed and accuracy with a subcompact.

Mini Revolvers

Just as the name suggests, mini revolvers are mini guns that make them ideal for women who want to be armed, but don’t want to be troubled about what to wear in order to keep it out of sight.

Mini revolvers offer women the option of carrying their weapon all day without adjusting the way they dress as well.

They are typically designed with a few components, although one can also find aftermarket gun accessories like holsters and grips, depending on the model and brand.

Factors to Consider When Carrying a Small Gun

Here are important things to know about when carrying a small handgun.

Clothing and clothing accessories

Women carrying a small gun won’t really have to worry about clothing and clothing accessories, nor have to buy larger clothes to accommodate a gun holster for their small firearm.

But for the most part, clothes for women are on the thinner side and tighter than clothes for men, so women thinking about concealed carrying a handgun in general might want to think about buying patterned and thicker fabrics and those with snap closures.

Holsters and draw technique

How you draw your small gun is linked directly to the manner in which you’re wearing a holster.

Then, the way you’ll move through the draw is dependent on the position on where you’re drawing your firearm from.

A smooth draw will depend on three important factors – including practice, the right gear (e.g. holster), and location of the gun on your body.

For the quickest draw holsters, which can give you easy gun access, the experts suggest shoulder holsters, chest rig holsters, and belt holsters because they’re quick and easy to grasp and open.

Concealment and accessibility

Concealment gives you a better ability to surprise an intruder or attacker when you need to.

This also helps you protect yourself from any untoward or unfortunate event, like exposing your handgun to the people around you and then being reported to the police for carrying a gun. Consider concealment when carrying a small gun.

Then, there is accessibility that gives you the ability to easily access your handgun in different situations, like when seated at a table, driving, walking out the supermarket while carrying grocery bags, or when carrying a baby. Visualize these scenarios to help you pick a concealment carry method for a small pistol.


Hope today’s article has shed light on what to consider when choosing a concealed carry gun for women, what small guns are good options for you, and things to remember when carrying a small firearm. Finally, remember your physical characteristics and comfort level, the availability and accessibility of the gun, and legal restrictions and regulations when choosing a concealed carry weapon. Remember all these and you’ll be fine.

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